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[July Pilot] Contract 024: Arcia Cortel - Undercover, C-Class


The albino looked thoughtfully at the datapad in front of him as a frown crossed his face. This one would be difficult.

“Enter Ma’am,” he called out his finger twitching to get the door for his Captain. Arcia Cortel stared through her cybernetic eyes at her Chief engineer.

“So this is where you have been hiding at.” He voice sounded slightly irritated.

“Yes Ma’am, orders from Higher,” the albino spoke as he held the datapad out to the Prelate. Taking it without hesitation Arcia powered on the device.

Power On
Encrypted Data Contained, Fingerprint Verification Required
Print Acceptable
Sound File Play

“Captain Cortel, The DIA and the Office of the Shadow Lord request you go undercover and infiltrate the heavy cargo transport Wills End. The Wills End is a vessel in the Faust Weapons Corporation. The DIA recently learned that it has undergone heavy security and weapons modifications, however we are unaware of the reason for these modifications. The DIA requests that you acquire the reason for the modifications. The Office of the Shadow Lord has requested that you disable and destroy the functionality of this vessel. We can not in anyway be associated with this mission Captain. If you are captured you are to take your own life before being questioned. Good Hunting Captain.”

Sound File End
Open Data File

You are authorized to use any resource available to the DIA in your initial infiltration. However once your cover identification has been established and you have gained entry you will be completely cut off from assistance.

Close Data File
Open Dossier File: Faust Weapons Corporation

Name: Faust Weapons Corporation
Business: Weapons Manufacture and Sales
Known Clients: The One Sith
Current Classification: Dangerous, destroy vessels on sight
Intel: The Faust Weapons Corporation has recently begun allowing One Sith security forces aboard its vessels, as such their current classification has changed from untrusted to dangerous, destroy vessels on sight.

Close Dossier File: Faust Weapons Corporation
Open Dossier File: Wills End

Name: Wills End
Owner: Faust Weapons Corporation
Vessel type: Heavy Cargo Transport, modified
Captain: Thresh Golven
Mission: Transport weapons to buys from factories
Intel: We have recently learned that the Wills End has undergone major modifications increasing it’s security and weapons array. The reasons for the change are yet unknown. The Faust Weapons Corporation has recently advertised that they are in need of a ships systems specialist for the Wills End. The DIA has reliable intelligence that two unnamed EQ3 One Sith have taken security upon the ship. Otherwise this ship is currently a Intelligence enigma and as such the DIA recommends immediate infiltration and destruction.

Close Dossier File: Wills End
Close All Files
Power Off


~ Fourteen days have passed. Contract defaulted.

Current Grade: Incomplete [-2 Points]