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[July Pilot] Contract 030: Sight Nortorshin - Assassination, B-Class


ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

The Assassin sipped from a mug of caf, glancing through the details of previously finished contracts. Since taking on the Krath as another member of the staff, his workload had decreased due to the lack of information coming in from the DIA. It helped adding one of their Agents in with the clearance necessary to deal with that.

Celevon lit a cigarette absently as he continued reading through the details of the completed contracts. A plume of exhaled smoke momentarily obscured the datapad from view.

A sharp rap to his door drew the Onderonian out of his thoughts. “Enter!”

The Prelate watched in a curious manner as a female stepped into the room and glanced around, a miniscule gesture made towards a person that was waiting outside of the office. As the Priest gave the Obelisk a nod of greeting, Celevon realised that what he had thought were robes was actually a loose fitted pair of pants and shirt.

“Have a seat, Agent Nortorshin. Or remain standing if that is your wish. I take it you are here for a mission?”

“Indeed. My Fade and I need a mission so we can get a better feel for working together,” the Galerean replied, glancing curiously at the few personal items in the other male’s office.

“I think I have just the thing,” Celevon said, tossing a holodisk towards the Nighthawk member.

Mission: Assassination, B-Class

Target(s): Jedi Knight Alene Narés and her Padawan, Liam
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to eliminate the targets. They have been spotted perusing Port Ol’val. As our presence in Dajorra should remain a secret, these two must be eliminated with all due haste. Should you use your lightsaber, make certain that the evidence of this is destroyed.
Suspected Resistance: Unless there are any other opposition that we do not know about, resistance will be minimal. The security forces located there are the ones who reported the presence of Jedi.

“Any other information?” Sight queried as he memorised the information.

“They will not be hard to locate. They are not exactly hiding the fact that they are Jedi. Whilst the Padawan could blend in despite the lightsaber hanging from his belt, his Master wears robes similar to those worn by the Jedi of the Old Republic,” the Onderonian explained, taking a drag off of his cigarette. “Inform me of when they lie dead.”


~Fourteen days have elapsed. Contract defaulted.

Grade: Incomplete (-2)