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[June Pilot] Contract 001: K’tana - Assassination, A-Class


ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

The Onderonian glanced around his new office down the hall from that of the Commissioners. It had been a long time since he had wandered these halls. The first time had been as a newly promoted Protector, behind led towards the Commissioner’s Office by his Master. The last had been as Battleteam Leader of Spectre Cell.

Celevons reminiscing was interrupted by a cough from the doorway. The Prelate spun in place, mentally swearing at himself for letting his guard down. The familiar form of a violet-skinned Twilek stood there, a small smirk curving her lips.

Ktana. Welcome to my office. Ive been expecting you.

Clearly not soon or you would have heard my knock, the Krath grinned, sashaying her way into the room before taking the seat in front of her friends desk.

I would have offered you a seat, but you seem to have already taken it, Celevon muttered, moving to take a seat behind the desk.

Yeah, well… I dont want you staring at my ass again, Edraven.

Moving swiftly on… You here for a job or do you just like winding me up?

Is there a problem with both? the Knight asked, pouting at the older male.

Brat. Ive got something right up your alley, the Obelisk returned without heat, tossing a holodisk at her.

The svelte female snatched it out of the air and activated it, as the information appeared on the screen:

Mission: Assassination, A-Class
Target: Dorian White, Human, aged 40 years
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kill this man in whatever manner you so choose and get out. The employees who submitted this contract are fully ready and willing to take over after Mr Whites death.
Suspected Resistance: Slim to none, as your target lives in an apartment above the club. The most you will need to get by are the bouncers.

Anything else you can tell me? Ktana asked, noting that her former XO had just lit a cigarette.

The club owners employees who submitted that contract are, in actuality, his slaves. Hes known for his temper and has been arrested a few times for battering said employees. The girls have promised us a cut of their profits, loyalty to the Clan and that they will keep an ear to the ground for any opportunities and such. Were going to take advantage of this. Their only request was that you make his death nasty and that people know when he dies, Celevon explained, exhaling a plume of smoke.

I think Im going to have fun with this… Oh, what kind of club is this?

The best kind. Its a BDSM club, the Prelate smirked, flicking a bit of ash into the ashtray. Contact either myself or one of the Co-Commissioners when your mission is complete. Have fun, Ktana.


~ Contract defaulted & forfeit.

Grade: Incomplete