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[June Pilot] Contract 004: Draith - Assassination, A-Class


ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

The moment Lexiconus walked out of the door, a Trandoshan walked in.

Have a seat and feel free to identify yourself, Celevon murmured, waving a hand towards the chair the other Krath had recently vacated.

Protector Draith Dreadsoul, Trooper, Battleteam So-

Soulfire Strike Team. My old stomping grounds, the Prelate smirked, interrupting the sibilant hissing speech. I take it youre ready to test your skills by yourself?

The Juggernaut merely nodded his scaly head.

This one should whet your appetite nicely, the Obelisk said, tossing the holodisk.

The Trandoshan caught the unit and flicked it on, reading through the information contained therein.

Mission: Assassination, A-Class
Target: Dval Eskel, Chiss Male, Aged 20 years
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to kill this man in whatsoever manner you so choose. He should be relatively easy to find if you search the records at the school he teaches at in Estle City.
Suspected Resistance: None. The man lives alone and there is very little security.

You want me to kill a school teacher? What kind of joke is this? Draith snarled, leaping to his feet and pacing before the Onderonian.

Hes a school teacher, yes. But he was also seen fleeing the location of a rape victim. One of his students. She doesnt remember any of it. But now bodies are starting to turn up, showing signs of sexual assault, the Prelate retorted, his voice as cold as interstellar space. I would happily rip him limb from limb. But I know a Soulfire Troop can be trusted to handle it. Take care of it and report back to me when Dval lies dead.


~ Fourteen days have passed. Contract defaulted.