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[June Pilot] Contract 013: Zakath - Assassination, B-Class


ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

Valtiere processed a previous contract report, sighing. Some of the things these Dark Jedi did… If only correctly filling paperwork was a course at the Shadow Academy, it would make his life marginally less frustrating. His eyes flicked up to the timepiece on his desk. Middle of the day, good. Time for a quick Lunch. He raised his hand, slamming the door shut…

A foot jammed itself in before the door could slam. Valtiere frowned as Nadaras pushed the door open. Oddly though, he had glowing violet eyes. He was too annoyed at the interruption to care. He picked a holodisk up from the pile, sliding it across the desk for the pale man to pick up and activate. He poured himself a drink as he did so.

Mission: Assassination, B-Class
Target: Saubio Emos, Sullustan, 30’s
Specifics: Emos is an agent for the One Sith, attempting to recruit any youths gifted with the Force. We cannot allow the One Sith to increase their numbers, especially not in our space. Kill him. What is done with his companion is free for your own judgement.
Suspected Resistance: Medium. Emos is an equal of a Sith Warrior, with an ex-soldier as a bodyguard. Emos isn’t particularly gifted with a lightsaber, making use of Telekinesis to take down his foes.

Valtiere waved his hand, indicating to the pale Battlemaster that his mission was given, and he should leave. He tilted his head back, downing the drink from an opaque cup.


~Fourteen days have passed. Contract defaulted.