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[June Pilot] Contract 017: Teroch - Recruitment, S-Class


ACB Contract Offices
Lower Levels, Arcona Citadel
Estle City, Selen

Valtiere took a sip of hot caff, eyeing the latest report in from a completed contract. He shook his head. Some of the stuff these Dark Jedi put in the reports was unbelievable… He was suspicious if it was possible to do some of these things they claimed. Probably the Dark Jedi ego needing inflating.

The door slammed open, the diminutive form of Teroch Erinos Arconae striding across the threshold. He couldn’t hide the distaste from his face as he took in the office. “So, they have you working as an administrator now, not a lapdog? A step up in the world I’m sure.” He grinned, smug and secure. Damned Arconae.

“Arconae. I presume you’re not here to reminisce about the loss of your ship. And I have plenty to do today other than pander to someone who was great in the past.” His face remained stoic, his words aimed with dryness and disdain.

Teroch glowered, next words losing all their smug joy. “I need a contract. A challenge, Quaestor.”

Valtiere pulled out a holodisc, throwing it to the young Arconae. It whirred to life.

Mission: Recruitment, S-class
Target: Gaidan Urope, Human, 20-25 years
Specifics: A young individual gifted with the Force, Gaidan has already been picked up by hunters or the One Sith on the outer rim. He’s a powerful individual, an asset we cannot allow to fall into the One Sith’s hands. Retrieve him and turn him to our cause.
Suspected Resistance: High. He has several Dark Jedi guarding him, all of them keen on keeping their charge in their custody. Be ready for a fight.

“Hope it’s challenging enough for our noble Arconae to take to the field.” Valtiere snorted, derision threading his tone.

“Shut up, Laandur” Teroch growled, stalking from the room. Valtiere smiled, taking another sip of caff. Delicious.


Contract: Incomplete

[-2 Points]

Expired contract can be re-activated by the user