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Karufr Six


Team Members:

  • Raiju Kang, #4024
  • Seyda Norith, #14119
  • Aiden Lee, #14294
  • Aiden Dru, #13796
  • Tyron Kesh, #14362
  • Rian Taldrya, #10701


The Shadow Academy: Sub-human species, disease carriers, Jedi, and potential terrorist aliens have huddled in fear induced paralysis at the Shadow Academy on Lyspair. Following the mass genocide of undesirable species across the Dark Brotherhood, a few refugees managed to find their way into the subaltern passages at the Academy. Your mission is to infiltrate the academy and destroy those creatures who debase the very meaning of the Brotherhood.

Details: The subaltern passages beneath the Shadow Academy were designed to withstand orbital assaults. Each passage was once protected by ancient Sith wards and magics that may or may not remain active. Dbbot does not assess attempts to collapse the tunnels as having a high degree of success. Your mission will be to enter the Shadow Academy, gain access to the tunnels, and destroy the alien species within utilizing any means you deem necessary.


Taldryan Great Hall, Council Chamber
Kr’tal System

“And you are sure he is still there?” Rian asked into the round gathered within the Summit chamber of Taldryan. Meetings like this have become rare these days and the members of Taldryan attaining them got fewer as well.“I mean, we all have seen the newsfeeds showing the devastation of Antei’s surface, chances are high he was killed during the Rite of Obscuration.”
“The underground levels of the Shadow Academy were constructed to withstand all kinds of attacks including orbital bombings and ground assaults so chances he has survived are as high as that he was killed during the incident Rian.” Keirdagh Taldrya Cantor countered the younger man’s words.
“We also got intel from one of our agents aboard the VSDII Paladin that confirmed that there have been containment areas deep within the subaltern passages of the Academy still under power.”
“This also adds up to the latest orders of the Grand Master requesting every Clan of the Brotherhood to prove their loyalty to the throne by eradicating any ‘desirable’ acting against it.” The slender woman to his right spoke up.
“I assume then, you are the one leading this mission, Seyda?”
“Indeed, Master Rian. Though it has been the Gray Jedi Cole Drayson first bringing this up before the Consul and like them, I agree that this is a one time opportunity to free a potential ally or even some more in the name of Taldryan.”
“Alright, since there is seemingly no argument, you can’t counter, I can as well join your team and aid you on Antei. How many men do you got for this mission?”
“For now? You and me, as well as our agent on the Paladin, who will join us on Antei.”
“Three men? Are you serious? You must be sure that as many members of the Brotherhood follow the orders of the Grand Master equals the number who will seize the opportunity to gain artifacts and relics for themselves.”
“You got a point, but we are low on numbers Rian, there aren’t as many who will be up for such a mission.” The Consul said.
“Hmmm… Let me talk to a few people. And you Seyda, make sure to have a ship ready for us when I contact you.”


VIN Valor
Orbit over Antei
Antei System

The streaked starscape of hyperspace snapped back to normality. On the outside the orbit around the devastated world that once was the seat of the Brotherhood’s Power was buzzing with activity.
“Scanners identify capital ships from all Clans of the Brotherhood.” A member of the bridge crew announced from his station.
“Incoming call.” announced another. "It’s the Avenger II."
Captain Nara Odbris looked from one of the Taldryanites present on the bridge to the other waiting for whom will take the lead first.
“Let me take care of this.” Rian took the call. “Audio only.”
Avenger II, this is High Inquisitor Rian Taldrya aboard the Taldryan ship Valor speaking. Seeking permission to enter the orbit of Antei to carry out the Orders of the Grand Master.” The Savant said in a commanding voice.
“Welcome on Antei High Inquisitor, you were granted permission to land on the surface of Antei. Proceed to Vector 128.43 to begin your landing operation.”
“Thank you Avenger II, Valor out.”


Tyron, Post #2

VSDII Paladin
Orbiting Lyspair
Antei System

Tyron Kesh sat at his bunk with his mind wandering to the past as he packed his belongings into a brown duffel bag. He remembered when he had first arrived here on the Paladin; he had been sent here on a mission by the leaders of Taldryan to search for clues as to where a powerful individual was trapped in the remnants of the Shadow Academy on Antei, and so for the past few weeks he had been looking for hints as to where this powerful individual was being held in the Shadow Academy. Soon after he arrived on the Paladin Tyron had heard news that Grand Master Pravus was declaring war on the Light and Dark Sides sending all Clan members to hunt down enemies of the throne known as “Undesirables” and take them down with any means necessary. Normally Tyron wouldn’t have care that the Grand Master was hunting down individuals but this happened to interfere with his mission as some of the so called “Undesirables” were hiding under the ruins of the Shadow Academy. Seyda Norith had contacted him not so long after telling him to pack his bags and get to Antei asap. His new mission was to assist Seyda and a few other Taldryanites in getting inside the Shadow Academy under the guise of executing Grand Master Pravus’ orders to free the powerful individual and perhaps some other potential allies of Taldryan, Tyron’s mind snapped back to the present realizing he dropped his toothbrush. After he finished packing Tyron headed to the hangar bay where the ship given to him by the Taldryan Summit, the Judgment Dawn awaited. While walking through the Paladins corridors he realized that this trip was just getting started.

Judgement Dawn
Orbiting Antei
Antei System

As the Planet Antei came into view, so did the presence of several capital ships which Tyron guessed were from all Clans of the Brotherhood there to do the Grand Masters bidding. As soon as the ship settled there was an incoming call from a ship called the Avenger II. “Shuttle Judgment Dawn this is the Brotherhood Flagship designation: Avenger II, you are entering restricted space, state your identity and business.” The ship communicator said in a commanding voice. “This is Hunter Tyron Kesh of Taldryan aboard the shuttle Judgement Dawn, here to join my team in executing the Grand Masters orders.” A few seconds later the commander replied “Copy that, welcome to Antei Hunter, do you happen to know which ship your team arrived on?” Said the commander in a more kind tone. “From what I know they arrived aboard the Taldryan ship VIN Valor” Tyron replied. A second later the commander replied “Rodger that. Proceed to Vector 128.43 to begin your landing operation and you should find your team there.” “Thank you Avenger II, Judgement Dawn out.” Tyron proceeded to the landing coordinates the commanded had given him and he was ready for a grand adventure.