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Kazuki/Lucyeth co-op fiction


Lucyeth looked toward his student who has not said a word since the pair departed from the Judecca hangar. The pair was immediately relocated from Antenora to attend to a matter of upmost importance to the Brotherhood. The galactic core of the Galaxy, Coruscant has recently been bustling with illicit activities in the lower levels and they desired a small team to infiltrate the market and take it down. They volunteered Scholae for the task to have it done quickly and quietly. The house has long been known for its work of being swift and discreet which was no doubt a good decision.

The Emperor made the decision to have a master and Student pair go in an effort to work out in open expanse of space of the galaxy and the galactic core was the best decision. Lucyeth eagerly took the task without hesitation for the chance to work with his student, Kazuki. The young journeyman was strong in the force however, like anyone else; he still had much to learn in the ways of the force, particularly the dark side. He looked to his apprentice to ease the tension and read what is in his mind.

“Kazuki, something is on your mind, you said a word since we took off,” inquired the Sith Warrior to his young student.

“ Sorry Lucyeth, it’s just I have not been to Coruscant since I left, the feeling is overwhelming and I still have no idea what it will be like,” replied Kazuki. Lucyeth grinned as if he knew what to say to calm the young mind.

“Don’t worry everything changes including yourself you just have to know how to deal with what is in front of you and together we will be fine, after all it is just small disturbance. Nothing two dark Jedi couldn’t handle,” Lucyeth replied to his apprentice with a smile. He could sense the emotions that swirled in his mind with the thoughts all over the place of his first mission that was not house collaboration. It was a master and student out in the world to come across anything that got in their way.

“ Use the feelings Kazuki and channel them through the force, Control your emotions with the dark side so you can manipulate it, remember the code,” added Lucyeth as the young boy looked up at the open space in front of the ship with anticipation and a clear head. He was strong in the force and Lucyeth knew that, he would help him on that path.


Its been many years since he has been to courscant after he left it so long ago.He hope his master understands that after there small talk they just had.Even though he knows the place has changed over the years but the lower levels of the place. It doesn’t matter what government is in charge at the moment of the planet or in galactic means and using it as its capital and center of things. Black markets and criminal activity will always be busy with life and daily life down their will always continue on no matter what. Yet Kazuki knows this because he lived their for many years off and on during his work as a mercenary,plus that’s where his family is currently living at or that’s what he was thinking since he left them.

“Master,I still dont know what to aspect when we arrive there because for ones just like I said I have no idea what it will be like or for a simple fact my family will be still there.I’ll keep code in mind to keep me in check its the best thing to have for now and after we arrive there.So how much longer till we arrive master?” Kazuki asked as he sat there looking at the dead cold bulk head.He doesn’t know what easily to talk about at this very moment. Even though he is doing his best to keep his mind claim and very collective at the moment. Which when he is thinking about the mission or even thinking about his family he just cant help it at all.


The small craft dropped onto the small landing pad and the hatch met the cold Dura steel of the platform. Coruscant was the same as it always had been; alive and bustling with activity of all kinds. It was the galactic core and the center of politics for all systems. The landscape truly had displayed its feel of economic prosperity however; the lower levels would make up for that assumption. Lucyeth walked down the hatch of his personal ship with Kazuki at his side. He knew that this was the place of his birth but that would not matter now. The brotherhood took him in and Scholae Palatinae was his family now. He had no reason to feel anxiety for his visit back to childhood of what little it had been in his life on this planet.

“Clear you’re mind Kazuki, we will have to keep on the lookout for anything suspicious, especially as we descend into the lower levels of the city,” Stated Lucyeth to reassure his student of his feeling of uncertainty.

“ Sorry Lucyeth, it is just that I don’t know what will happen if I see things or meet people that will remind me of this place,” replied Kazuki.

“ We are here to investigate suspicious black market activity, that life that you once had is gone and the Brotherhood is your life now so do not worry about it,” Stated Lucyeth. He looked to his student but he knew full well that this mission may become overwhelming to Kazuki if they encounter anything that would remind him of his childhood. It was best to stick to the task at hand that they came here to do and avoid any possibility that would link Kazuki to his past. The pair walked into a small building to get to street level to get some food before their descent down into the lower sublevels of the city.


Let to his master knowledge even though he will do his best to keep his mind clear on their operation.So he can look out for any suspicious or out of place,while for him he can try and look for it while they are here. Even though he worked for the black market before the Brotherhood found him,that’s one of many reason they found him in the first place. Because at the time Kazuki thought he was screwed when he saw his master standing before him. When he was a target for him to take care of from his contacts in the black market when he was working as a merc.

Kazuki let out a sigh of relief knowing everything will be alright before he asked his master a question,“So why would the council ask us to look into this matter and deal with a suspected black market activity when it happens all the time in the lower levels.Because that’s how people make their living by that way,master the only reason I know this is because I lived that way for many years before you found me.”

While he waited for a answer from his master they both took their seats and ordered their food.As they waited for their food to come back Kazuki sat there and looked around the cafe to see if he could remember he been here before or not. Even though his master told him not to remember his past and forget it about it. If they wanted to be very successful for this operation and see how to close this black market down. He as to remember and think like they do so he can easily find this market and shut it down for good for now.Even though he knows another one will come up and replace the one that got shut down.


Lucyeth was taken by surprise by the determination of Kazuki to his knowledge of the Black market. The sith warrior rubbed his forehead at a thought of what to say but he believed that Kazuki had already answered the question that he asked from the beginning.

“ You asked why they chose us but yet you answered the question when you mentioned how you grew up. Remember, we both came from life of illicit activities conducted by the black market, this decision had a reason,” stated Lucyeth as the young journeyman smiled toward Lucyeth and was more comfortable.

“ So we have nothing to worry about,” replied Kazuki with a frown from the sith warrior that knew that answer would bring discussion.

“ No Kazuki, they chose us because we are familiar with it but everything changes and we have to adapt and deal with it now, it has been a long time ago for me and you as well so stay on guard,” stated Lucyeth.

He trained Kazuki for this and knew that it would pay off. Kazuki nodded toward a narrow corridor that someone walked through and Lucyeth motioned to him that it was a good instinct. They didn’t know where to start and had no leads to figure what is going on or what to look for but they both knew that if you are in the right area, it often finds you. The pair headed through the narrow corridor into an unlit area where there was all species of scum walking around.


While they are walking down this corridor at the lower levels of Coruscant. Even though as the pair walk through this unlit narrow corridor.Often had many dangers in it that Kazuki normally doesn’t like at all,because this is best time to spring a trap if someone was following them. Which so fair the young journeyman didn’t sense any danger at this very moment,as they walked out of the unlit area into a busy market street.

"Well,master you are right for many things yes we are familiar with it but how much do you know about it like I do.Also I hope you do realize years back I was sent to kill you but in stand I didn’t because I felt back then I didn’t need to at all.Because my life would change if I didn’t kill you and accept being a Sith after you train me the ways.But I will say this crime lords are the one who control the black market or corrupted officials.If they know that we are here they will send someone to track us down as we try to close this current market down.So my suggestion master we be alert and not try act high and mighty along with act normal Coruscant citizens” Kazuki information his master and he hopes that he agrees to his suggestion. Because its the best way to find this black market and or who is leading it so they can cut the head off of the operation. Kazuki looks around the open market to see what was around while he waits to hear his master reply.


Lucyeth looked to Kazuki at his statement and thought about but he knew he was right about the black market.

“I agree, we are outnumbered on this planet not just by numbers but also the sheer advantage that they have over us with their hold on the corruption in this sector. The last thing we want to do is draw attention to ourselves and blast through doors looking for anyone, we need more information,” stated Lucyeth as the pair continued walking through the alleyway. Off to the left was a stranger that drew a stun baton from his waist as the unknowing master and student walked closer. The armed assassin swung the baton with the thought that he caught the dark Jedi with surprise but Lucyeth was too quick with his reflexes as he swatted the baton with a kick to the shoulder. The suspect drew a blaster but Kazuki had already drawn his as a bolt flew into toward the opponent’s blaster. His pistol was knocked from his hand from the bolt and Lucyeth threw his assailant into the wall with a forceful grasp of the collar.

“ It seems we may get some information sooner than we thought,” stated Kazuki as he checked his corners before holstering his blaster.

“ My thoughts as well Kazuki,” replied Lucyeth as they looked at the groggy assassin who felt his head and gazed at his wrist before he looked up to the pair of dark Jedi.

“ Who do you work for?” demanded Kazuki to the assailant.

“More than you would need to worry about young one,” replied the assassin with a sneer.

“I think we will have to persuade our good friend here,” stated Lucyeth with a grin to his apprentice.

“My thoughts exactly,” replied Kazuki with a snicker as they dragged the assailant down the darkened alleyway.


While they walked down the darkened Kazuki tried many times to get the assailant to speak. But each try the assassin kept his mouth shut and wouldn’t give out the information that they need from him.

“In here would be nice.” Kazuki stated after kicking open a door that lead to a empty abandoned warehouse.This will be the best place integrate this assassin after his failed attack Kazuki thought to himself as his master hold the assassin in place after he found a box to make the assailant sit it in it with out any back support.

“I’m not going to ask you again even though I will many times.But after a while if you don’t tell us well I will kill you.” Kazuki told the assassin," I know how this game goes either you tell us or you will be laying in your own blood very soon."

"Fine this is all your going to know young one.Its someone who you use to work for and there has been a bounty on your head for many years.But why come back here kno…"was the last words that assassin said before Kazuki pulled his blade from the man’s chest.

“Sorry,I couldn’t stand hearing him anymore and I know he won’t tell us anything else after that. Because that makes me wonder who he was talking about.” Kazuki stated to his master while he turns off his lightsaber and clips it back to his belt.But it does makes him wonder who the assassin was talking and why there is bounty on his head and his master. Why would a old boss of his but one on him and Lucyeth even though it has been many years since he been home.


Lucyeth looked toward his student with annoyance but amusement. His impatience and anxiety to simply resort to his weapon aggravated the palatinaean but he had to admit, his ruthlessness to kill the assassin without hesitation and with ease made his lips quiver with excitement.

“Next time, Kazuki, Let the man finish next time because the we could of gotten more information out of him if he finished his sentence,” stressed Lucyeth to his student who was perplexed at the statement and looked toward his teacher with a look of frustrated puzzlement.

“But he said there was a bounty on our heads by someone from my past?” replied Kazuki with confidence in his statement that it would answer the question posed to him.

“I know but do you know who it is?” Inquired Lucyeth with a curious but playful chuckle to his student.

“ No but don’t worry we can find that out ad narrow it down because we are in the exact place where I was raised so my past will lead us to the person within this sector,” replied Kazuki with more confidence than before.

“Your confidence precedes you Kazuki, Let’s just hope you are right about this one,” replied Lucyeth to his student as he stared at him but he knew already what he was thinking. Lucyeth pulled his hood back over his head and clasped his hands in his cloak as he walked out of the abandoned warehouse and watched Kazuki follow him with a mindless gaze. Just as he was about to mention something Kazuki was already on the move.

“I know where to start,” yelled Kazuki as he ran down the alleyway. Lucyeth hurried his step to catch up to his now anxious apprentice who already had an objective in mind.


Kazuki kept on running down the alleyway and took a shape left before continuing on down the alleyway. Lucyeth was right behind him, Kazuki knew his master was about to mention something to him. He knew it could wait a little until they reach their destination. Which it wasn’t long before they did; it was a good sized normal looking store to any one walking by. Kazuki knew better because he been this store many times before.

“Hello, Mike long time no see still selling the normal.” Kazuki asked the store clerk behind the desk. Which he jumped a little from the guardian man voice, because its been years since he heard Kazuki.

“Yes,I have been but I thought you was dead on your latest assignment.” Mike answered.

“No, Mike I wasn’t but I stayed alive but I would like know some answered about a bounty on my head and this man right here.” Kazuki said pointing on his master. While he looked around the store to see if there was any listening devices hidden in the foods or the toy’s that Mike loves to sell to the little kids.

“I don’t know anything, besides know there is a new crime lord in levels 1515 that’s it other than that. I’m just here doing my job selling what I can in the new black market……” Mike said but passed a little after he said the words in his month.Then he relazied why his old friend was here.

“That’s all I’m going to say and please do not arrest me I’m just trying to make a living like I said.” He added. Because he knew he opened up his mouth way to much after he said that.

“You have my word you will not get arrested,I’m just here on business and close it down but thank you for the information tho Mike,have a good day.” Kazuki said before he left the store.

“Master,let not have him arrest we may need him later on in the future and what was it that you was going to mention to me?”Kazuki asked his master after they left the store.


Lucyeth looked to his apprentice at the question even though it was a matter back before he broke into a reckless run down the alleyway.

“I was going to say not to rush into something too quick, we are force users and well trained but we can be killed. Good job by the way on this connection you have with the local area,” Lucyeth stated but he meant what he said. He was taken aback and surprised at the amount of influence his apprentice still has on the area and knew that he should step back and allow Kazuki make some more decisions on the matters at hand.

“And the store owner?” asked Kazuki to his master who was clearly concerned about the fate of the store owner.

“Don’t worry, we have more important things to take care of then arrest a store clerk and for all I know, he could be a valuable asset in the near future,” replied Lucyeth with a chuckle as he had no intention at all about worrying about a store clerk attempting to meet ends.

Lucyeth looked at his apprentice with a straight face whom stared back at his master with puzzlement.

“What?” asked Kazuki with unease and uncertainty.

“Well what do you think we should do next?” asked Lucyeth with a slick grin to show clearly that Kazuki should think of a course of action as a test or challenge.

“Right, I know what you mean and I have an idea,” replied Kazuki with his once again shining confidence.

Lucyeth knew that his apprentice knew what to do and they would do it together to end this conflict.


Even though Kazuki had a idea where to go but the problem with that is,it will put them where the enemy easily get hold of them. Even though it took them a while to get to level 1515 to the gang or this new crime lord territory. What Kazuki was thinking even though he knew that whoever is watching them and trying to collect the bounty on him and his master.They will do their best to follow them and watch them. Like he done in past life which he left behind long time ago,so he can live his new life that he is loving very much. So if there was a assassin or a bounty hunter trying to collect the bounty Kazuki now force them to operate in their bosses territory. The reason he did this because from his past experience when he got an assignment to collect a bounty is stay out of his bosses territory even if that bounty went into their territory. The reason being is because it would bring the cops and unwanted folks in their areas,also it would show other crime lords if there was one that they are weak and they can’t keep their sector uncontrol.

“Here we are level 1515 a very heavy area of activity also I will say this master. The reason we are here normally a crime lord if the business of rules for bounty hunters from a crime lord hasn’t changed.Are to stay out of the crime lords territory or not to operate in them because they don’t want any attention or show others that they are weak and can’t keep things uncontrol.”Kaukie informs his master as he looks around and watches people of races walk past them.


Lucyeth looked toward his apprentice with utter satisfaction and approval. Kazuki had managed to find the lead of the issue that they came for and succeeded at coming down with a plan of action. He kept his past in check and ignored connections to the planet while using his anger and the dark side of the force to the best of his abilities. His apprentice has also taken the lead and Lucyeth stepped in only when it was necessary. The sith warrior was truly proud of him on this mission and felt he had learned a lot. He will be a dark Jedi someday but these thoughts were irrelevant at this moment.

“Kazuki you have done well but if the only way to get in this place is by going through with swords swinging then that is what we will have to do but make sure we keep our options open with the situation,” stated Lucyeth as Kazuki gazed at him with bewilderment.

“ Okay Lucyeth but we are already in the heart of the territory so chances are infiltration is no longer an option frack someone might be watching us now,” stated Kazuki.

“That’s okay you don’t have to overanalyze it like that. We will handle what we have to do to take care of it,” replied Lucyeth.

“We go where we need to on the level and we wreak havoc, I can provide cover with my blaster or vice versa or we go in swords blazing if we have like I said before. We will get rid of this bounty,” stated Lucyeth with reassurance and Kazuki nodded with a smile across his face.


Kazuki doesn’t know why he smiled like he did as they went off down the street and start looking for possible signs where the head crime lord will be. Which didnt take long to find because even Lucyeth notice the build up in security and thugs in the area they reach.This must be the spot Kazuki thought to himself has he scanned the area with a close eye and seeing what they had or about to face very soon.From what he could tell and seen the thugs and few hired on security guards are easy pickings for both of them.It would be the matter of fact whats in side and what the security looks like inside before they can reach the main crime lord.Who place the bounty on his head and his masters,along with the person running this black market this time around.

“Well,Master here it is security is at a very medium and we can easily take them on with no problem.Here is the but the problem is inside we do not know how the security is set up inside.The only way to find out is to go in and deal with it then,Master.” Kazuki said to his master as they lean against a wall near the main entrance to a old run club.Which wasn’t because Kazuki knows better because it was built to look that way.So they don’t attract guest they do not want in there or be in the presence of this crime lord.He was so ready to have this mission to be done and every with so he can get some need rest.


Lucyeth looked at Kazuki with pride at what he had accomplished these past few days. He had single handedly chased down the ghost of his past with his master simply a shadow over his shoulder. However, it was not over yet and battle that would take care of the enemies of the past was soon to unfold before them on the other side of the warehouse door.

"We are about to get into a firefight on the other side of this door. I will cut the power as there will be a lot of security in there but with the guidance of the force you can pick him out from the dark. Light is not necessary. This is not training so remember there is no room for mistake, just death. I will be there with you but may not always be able to protect you but you are strong Kazuki and you can do this,” explained Lucyeth to his apprentice with full assurance.

“I will not fail master and the result will be the bounty off our heads and the crime lord killed by my blade,” stated Kazuki.

“ I like the way you think but remember that training blade could do so much and you also have your blaster so be sure to remember that,” replied Lucyeth.

The sith warrior opened the door and ushered his student inside as the pair moved into the warehouse and Lucyeth made quick work of the electrical panel. With the lights out, the security and other thugs were in the warehouse blind unaware of the dark Jedi presence. Lucyeth wanted no survivors and I am sure his apprentice felt the same as they moved further into the warehouse and toward their target.


Since his master did his short work on the electrical panel it wasn’t very long after that it was dark. Kazuki could feel the confusion from the security and the thugs in the room after the power went out,but this didn’t help them one bit. Because as both master and apprentice activated their lightsabers. The light from their blade made it very obvious who was in the room with them. That’s is when he stared to block and redirected the blaster bolts that were coming his way. Either go right back to the person who shot it at him or to the thug next to him. Before he strike down a security officer next to him with a vibroblade from a dead thug who thought they had the upper hand. Even though he did use his blaster also thought their attack in the warehouse.

As they work their way through the warehouse it wasn’t much time or before long that they found their target. The crime lord had the upper most pleasant look on his face that he didn’t aspect them make it this far.

"Kazuki,my old friend its nice to see you again with out you looking for work but this time me trying to kill you,"Crime Lord spoke up as both Lucyeth and Kazuki stood there.

“Luc Kalus,I dont care what you have to say to me your going to die!!!” Kazuki replied before he force leap and thrust the vibroblade into the Twi’lek chest and hold it there as all the life left his body.

“Master,it is done and mission his complete.” Kazuki said to his master as he got up from the dead body and pulling the blade out. Before he looked around the room to see whats left to do.