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Knight Fiction - Darkblade


Written by Darkblade’s Master Meleu

The young Anzat male toyed with the hilt that he grasped with a tightened fist, veins popped out along his right forearm. The purple hue of the blade lit up a small area around him, revealing a desert-like landscape. Behind him, the Academy on Lyspair. Darkblade had spent much of his time here since joining the Brotherhood.

“Master, did you really think you could sneak up on me?” Darkblade quipped, spinning his body around athletically and thrusting his ignited blade into what turned out to be thin air.

Suddenly, a hooded figure appeared in front of him, just where his saber had initially struck. From its holder within his sleeve, Meleu utilised the Force to pull the ‘’Blight-bringer’’ down to his right hand.

“I did not come here to fight, I came here to congratulate you.” The Warrior pointed out to his apprentice. “However, if a duel is what you are after, I am more than happy to re-enact the events of Karufr.”

The Jedi Hunter held his silence, continuing to toy with his blade, which Meleu began to openly show interest toward. A smile began to creep onto the Krath’s face, followed by an extinguishing of his purple saber.

“Here, nosey!” Darkblade threw the hilt underarm towards Meleu, directing it towards his left hand, who at the same time unlit his own blade.

The Sith examined the blade, admiring its beauty and perfect alignment. He fidgeted with the lightsaber himself, igniting, extinguishing and re-igniting the blade several times. The pure purple blade made the Warrior chuckle. He threw the hilt back to the Anzat.

“A Krath till death, interesting.” Meleu continued to hold his rarely-seen smile. “I’m surprised the hilt doesn’t have ‘Death to the Obelisk’ engraved into it”.

“Just be glad you aren’t an Obelisk, or I’d have taken a leaf out of Darth Bane’s book and brought back the Rule of Two momentarily, just to kill you.”

Meleu’s eyes rolled, he let out a heavy sigh.

“Let’s not get too big for our boots. Accept my congratulations and let’s forget the past, especially recent events. I should never have engaged you in combat.” Meleu brought the conversation back to reality, deep down somewhere in the depth of his cold heart a small bubble of regret had suddenly burst.

The Dark Jedi Knight nodded and extended his right hand which met with Meleu’s to create a firm handshake. Some peace had restored between master and student.