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Knight Fiction - Nobilus


Fiction written by Nobilus’ Master, Andrelious J. Mimosa-Inahj

Over thirty years separated Andrelious from his latest student. In those thirty years, the Warlord had found the time to serve an Empire, visit dozens of worlds, and even father a daughter that now served as his second-in-command. The time had come, however, for Vosh Kon, currently using the alias of Nobilius, to perform his final trial.

“I don’t think he’s going to do it, Dad. I made sure those files you asked me to encrypt would take even the better analysts at the Agency time to crack. And he’s only been gone three days.” Saskia stated emotionlessly.

The door to the Soulfire Captain’s office opened, revealing the beaming teenager proudly clinging on to a brand new hilt. Father and daughter both smirked.

“Back so soon? Saskia was just giving me her vote of confidence in your abilities,” Andrelious said, not sure if he was trying to protect his eldest or just being sarcastic.

“I remembered something you taught me early on, Master. When the box is full of junk, always look to the outside. That list you gave me was a distraction. Once I realised that, the truth came to me. You’d be surprised just what you can pick up on the local black markets.” Vosh replied, holding his newly minted weapon out as if to let his Master examine it.

The Soulfire Captain briefly peered at the weapon, smiling and nodding. “A weapon created from scrap metal and rubbish. Impressive.”

Three hours later, Vosh was now clad in a set of the finest robes, as befitting the occasion. He hated the clothing, as usual, but his orders had been clear: showing up dressed otherwise would cost him. He walked towards Andrelious, who was waiting at the far end of the large hall with Atyiru, Cethgus, and the rest of the Arconan Leadership. Many members, both from Galeres and a few from Qel-Droma, stood to the side, ready to welcome the teenager to his new rank.

“Vosh Kon. As your Master, I formally declare you ready to join our ranks as a Dark Jedi Knight. Now, I hope you’re not going to be quite as foolish as the last student I Knighted.” the ex-Imperial said, casting a knowing glance at Achilleus.

“Your time will come, Master, but I am no fool. Still, with no tables around…” Vosh replied, his own glance at Andrelious’ former apprentice a smug one.

“Boys, boys! Let’s not ruin this happy occasion with stories of the past and threats!” Atyiru interjected.

Walking forward, past Andrelious, Vosh turned at the last minute, whispering into the older Sith’s ear.

“Yes. Enjoy these happy moments, Andrelious. When I’m ready, you’ll feel only pain.”