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Knighting Fiction - Nefin Nightfire


Hoth AED Office
Trepus Station

Nefin Nightfire

A strange surname, Creon thought. Though his very own was somewhat strange to others he first met. Creon’s name was something he had made up. He came up with it after separating from the first order. “CS-12097” was his nomenclature as a First Order cadet, though it never mattered. A sense of identity in himself and others was more familiar to him in a face or a voice than a name.

“Come in,” Creon said once he heard the knock.

“12097?” A confused voice asked as Nefin walked in. Creon didn’t say anything, and he didn’t look up till Nefin said those numbers. When he finally saw Nefin’s face, Creon’s eyebrows showed instant recognition with a slight bit of shock.

“NN-12099?! How did you get here?”

“Same as you, I think. Getting swept away into the conflicts of the galaxy, changing names and starting new.”

Creon rose from his chair and gave Nefin and hug and a firm handshake. They called for a cup of coffee and some snacks. The Lieutenant Commander of Hoth actually had a lot of work to do today, getting together awarding his men for their service against the Meridian in addition to his normal duties. However, none of it was more of a priority than seeing an old friend from the past re-emerge in a new life Creon started. 12099 was one of Creon’s best friends in the First Order, or at least as much as they could get away with. Creon thought him dead.

“I wish you would have found me before Meridian. I would have taken you up in the O.E.F.,” Creon mentioned.

“I’m glad I wasn’t. I was only a private back then. I wouldn’t have been much help to you.”

“Your records show otherwise, though. You’ve patched up a lot of people, those whose names are good friends of mine.”

“Just helping how I can. First Order didn’t teach me everything about medicine, but it was nice to use a skill for a good cause like the one you have here.”

“You ever get the chance for advanced medical training?”

“Advanced?” Nefin inquired.

“Surgery, Cardiology, Implantations, Neurology. Doctor stuff, not just field medic work.”

Nefin laughed, “I was enlisted and was barely out of being a cadet, 12097. I wasn’t an NCO like you at the time. Doctor stuff was officer work, beyond both our heads. No, I never got considered for that.”

“Did you want to?” Creon asked.

“It’s more I get to learn about helping others, preserving life, and understanding what makes us tick. So yeah, I guess so.”

Creon nodded and asked for the file he brought, “It will take me a while to get through the stack. I’ve got a lot of heroes to thank. But start reading some holobooks on leadership and advanced medicine. I’m going to jump you to straight from Sergeant to Captain. You’ll still have to be a Lieutenant while your in classes, but once you meet your medical staff, you’ll be in charge of them. I’ll get funding approved by Alethia.Pack your things too, the officer barracks are bigger and on the opposite wing of Trepus.”

The change in Nefin’s face from comfortably nervous to overjoyed was enough for Creon to know that it was the kind of reward Nefin deserved and hoped for. “Thank you, sir. Thank you so much!” Nefin said.

“Not sir. Creon. Or 12097.”

“Let’s go with our new names. But I’ll always remember how we were when we were younger.”

Creon nodded and gave Nefin another hug before he was about to leave. Just as Nefin was almost out of sight out of the office door, Creon called, “Hey Captain!” He then took out the first lightsaber he owned as a knight. It was always kept safe in a display that hung on a wall. It wasn’t anything special, but still sentimental. It was the change in Creon’s life from a soldier to a Jedi, and what it meant to keep balance as both monk and warrior.

“If the Force ever finds it’s way into your life like it did for me,” He said tossing the lightsaber to Nefin, “Come find me.”