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Knighting Fiction - Teikhos


Main Hall, Arca Praxeum
New Tython

The pervasive dull roar of a small crowd echoed from the vaulted ceilings of the Praxeum’s main hall. Knighting ceremonies were important milestones in any Jedi’s career and all the staff and students of the Praxeum were in attendance. The ceremony was minutes away and people were filing into the hall and taking their seats. Two old friends stood near a side door.

“You alright man, you almost seem nervous?” Turel Sorenn inquired.

Edgar Drachen responded with a shrug. “I’ve never been real big on these fancy ceremonies.”

The Proconsul put his hand on his friend’s shoulder. “Compared to some of the con jobs we used to run this is nothing. You walk up, say a few lines, tap the kid on the shoulder and it’s done.” He looked around for a moment. “Speaking of the kid, where is that apprentice of yours, I don’t think I’ve actually met him.”

“You need to get out more.” Edgar pointed to the tall Zeltron male walking their way. “He’s right over there.” As soon as the soon-to-be Knight got close the master introduced his apprentice. Turel this is my apprentice Teikhos. Teikhos this is the Clan Proconsul and all around sleemo Turel.”

Teikhos walked up to the two Humans. “We ready to kick this thing off?”

Turel’s face grew flush with just a hint of color for a moment before he cleared his throat to regain composure. “Everything is set, how about you? This is a big day for Jedi.”

The Zeltron nodded thoughtfully. “I’ve been ready.”

“Go take your place in the back, I’ll be there shortly.” Edgar commanded. Teikhos turned to leave with parting wink to the Proconsul.

Turel waited until the apprentice was out of earshot. “You didn’t tell me he was cute.”

Edgar rolled his eyes in irritation. “Seriously?” Turel shrugged in response.

The quorum of Councilors took their seats at the front of the hall with Turel at center, standing in for A’lora who was off-world on other business. Once the crowd settled down the ceremony began.

“This special session of the Council of Urr has been called into order. Who has business before this body?” Turel inquired in a loud and dramatic fashion.

A voice emanated from the center aisle in the back of the hall. “I wish to present my apprentice Teikhos Seleukides to the Council for knighthood. He has completed all his trials and there is nothing else I can teach him.”

“Padawan Teikhos step forward.” The Zeltron complied with the command and stood in front of the assembled councilors with the crowd to his back. Turel continued. “Based upon the reports of your Master, Edgar and your Quaestor, Mar Sul this council finds that you have completed your trials of Knighthood and are ready to assume the rank of Knight.” He gestured to Edgar.

Drachen motioned for his apprentice to kneel then ignited his saber, trying very hard to remember his lines. “By right of the Council, by the will of the Force, I promote you to Knight.”

”Close enough” Turel thought to himself. “Arise Knight Teikhos and be recognized.”

The Zeltron stood and turned around to face the crowd who were all applauding and cheering. He had at last become a Jedi Knight.


It’s been an Honor Teikhos to be your master and I am certain you will be a great Jedi and do great things for Odan-Urr!