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[Knights of Allusis] Regrets


A fictional story to tie in with Regrets


New Tython

“I hesitate to ever tell this to anyone,” the Human psycologist said. “But unless you fix your suicidal tendencies, lack of regard to life, especially your own, and your deep seated regrets of abandonment, I cannot allow you to join the Knights of Allusis.”

The man sitting across from the psychologist was an odd sort. Noticeably a Kiffar by the tattoo on his face, yet he wore a thin black cloth over his eyes. The room, the psychologist noted, was to bright for the Kiffar, who often enhanced his eye sight.

“I keep telling you,” the Kiffar, Tistito Kingang, relpied. “I don’t have any of those.”

The human sighed. “You fight with little regard for your safety, and burn yourself out with continuous Force enhancement. You ride swoop bikes, and allow yourself to be put into several life threatening situations. You show regret whenever you talk about the gang you worked with, the Nameless, specifically when you talk about leaving them.”

“Swoop Racing is not all that dangerous,” Tisto argued. “And dangerous situations happen all the time. That doesn’t mean I hold my life in little regard.”

“Fine, I will budge on that. However, if you cannot get over this regret, which is what leads me to believe everything else, I will deem you to unstable to be allowed into the Knights,” the Psychologist replied.

“This is ridiculous!” Tisto stated. “The ‘Outlaws’ don’t have to go through this, do they?”

“I am not going to reveal what my patients have said. This is for you.”


Tisto roamed down the streets of Nar Shadaa. It had been months since he had been in this area, even on the planet. He knew the fate of his previous gang, and knew what he should expect. Even so he wandered the decrepit streets towards the destroyed building he used to live in.

He stood their for many moments. Memories flew through him, and for the first time in a long time, he cried for the loss of his friends. He pulled out his lightsaber, and flipped it in his hand. I am sorry Lucias, he thought. You were right in the end, I suppose. I couldn’t save you.

He prepared to throw the saber into the building, where no one would ever find it, when he sensed a presence approach him. His time living on the streets came rushing back to him, and he spun towards the approaching person, igniting his lightsaber. He faced a cloaked figure, and hesitated.

“Peace Black Lotus,” the cloaked figure said. “I’m here to tell you, your friend Acrius isn’t dead. She is being offered up by a Drug Cartel as a prize in this years Nar Shadaa Swoop Opener. I have a spot and swoop reserved for you. Ask any questions, and I rescind the offer.”

I’m sure the Jedi back on Tython will laugh at this choice. “I Agree”