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[KoA] New Beginnings


Hoth Command
Knights of Allusis
Quasar Fire-Class Cruiser Rohlan’s Vision, High orbit above Solyiat, Kiast System
Date: 6/20 - 34 ABY

From: Col. Cortel A.
To: CDR. Winchester C.
Subject: Orders

  • You are hereby assigned until further notice to Battle Team Knights of Allusis. You are to follow any orders the Knight-Commander gives you, but if you discover anything violating regulations, you are to report it immediately upon the unit’s return to base. You are to write and submit weekly reports of the activity of the Knights.

  • Any out of system missions are to be reported immediately. These actions are not authorized by the summit.

Personal Quarters - CDR. Winchester
Knights of Allusis
Hoth JTF Base, Trepus, Solyiat, Kiast System
Date: 11/15 - 34ABY

From: CDR. Winchester C.
To: Col. Cortel A.
Subject: Weekly Report

  • Suspected off-the-books mission in the works from the Knight-Commander. Overheard discussion about acquiring supplies, members are disappearing at dusk and not coming back until late at night.

  • Followed one of the normal members, found a cache of gear outside of the base. Coordinates are 64°39’33.3"N 150°43’47.3"W.

A door opening could be heard as Christopher Winchester turned around from the holoterminal he was at to see two armed guards standing at the entrance to his rather spartan quarters. “Commander Winchester?” one of the two asked.

“How can I help you?” replied the man.

“You are to come with us. Leave your weapons here. Do not make a scene and just come peacefully.”

Both guards had their blasters pointed at him and Chris sighed. He pulled his knife out of its sheath and placed it on the table. Slowly, he then moved to grab his pistol and do the same. Holding his hands up, Chris walked towards the guards, and they moved out of the doorway to flank him.

“So, what did I do to warrant an armed escort?” he asked with a hint of sarcasm.

“We don’t know, sir, they didn’t tell us,” replied the guard on his left.

As the trio moved deeper into the complex, Chris noticed another member of the Knights of Allusis, Darro, walking towards them. The older Mandalorian just glanced at Chris and the guards, never slowing his pace. He seemed off from his normal self. Something was going on. The Commander couldn’t quite put his finger on what, but he had a feeling it had to do with the report that he had sent the Colonel right before these events unfolded.

Ten minutes later and about a mile deeper, they finally stopped in front of a windowless durasteel door. One of the guards opened it to reveal an interrogation room, with chairs that looked uncomfortable and everything in the same shade of cream. “Take a seat, Commander. Someone will be here soon to talk to you.”

Chris sighed and entered the room. The door sealed behind him as he took a seat in one of the two chairs and waited. Half an hour later the door opened and Zoya walked in, “Puny man must answer my questions or there will be trouble”

Hoth JTF Base
Trepus, Solyiat, Kiast System
Date: 11/16 - 34ABY

Tistito was in his usual spot, near the makeshift workshop that he had cobbled together to function as both a place to tinker with his swoop bikes and his sleeping quarters. A high-ranking officer in the Hoth JTF approached him. “Knight-Commander Kingang, you have been requested to meet Colonel Cortel and Edgar in the war room. I was also informed to tell you that you are to come alone.” The man saluted, and before the Kiffar had any chance to respond, the officer had already left, his duty done.

Ten minutes later, Tistito sat in the war room alone with Arcia and Edgar. The guards left the moment he entered the room. Edgar was the first to speak, “Tisto, we told you not to go after the Red Plagues, and instead of doing that you go and steal supplies from the House and endanger your entire team by going on a fool’s errand!” It was obvious from his tone that he was angry with Tistito. Arcia kept up her usual stoic expression, waiting for Tistito to say something in his defense.

After a few minutes of silence, she finally spoke in a calm demeanor, “Tistito, due to your blatant disregard for the chain of command and the safety of your Battle Team, the House, and the Clan, you are hereby relieved as Knight-Commander and you and your co-conspirators will be court martialed.”

Edgar was about to say something when Tistito stood up and spoke, “You can’t do that, Arcia. The team had nothing to do with this! It was my idea to continue the mission with or without your approval. They tried to stop me but I just ignored them. I will take the full punishment for it.”

Drachen and Cortel knew that what he said was a lie. However, it showed that he did have a level of maturity and honor that they had not been seen before, a surprise to them both. Arcia replied, “Very well. The team will not be held responsible. You, though, will have to face a court martial, and we will be placing Commander Winchester in charge of the team from this moment forward.” She hit a button on a holopad on the desk and two guards walked in. “Escort Tistito to the brig and summon Winchester.”

After receiving the summons from a low-ranking officer, Chris made his way to the war room. The door was already opened by the time he got there. He entered the room and stood side opposite of Edgar and Arcia as he came to attention and saluted. “Commander Winchester reporting.”

“At ease, Commander,” came Arcia’s voice. “The previous Knight-Commander is being taken to the brig to await court martial for his crimes against the Clan. This leaves the Knights without a leader. Edgar and I have discussed this matter at length and even though there are many Knights capable of taking charge, we feel that you have the right skills and attitude we need as the new Knight Commander. To that end, we are entrusting you with the pride of the House, and we expect you to maintain the highest level conditioning and training. We anticipate leaving the system soon on an important assignment, so the Knight must be ready at a moment’s notice. Prepare the Knights for anything. Do you have any questions?”

Hoth JTF Base
Trepus, Solyiat, Kiast System
Date: 11/29 - 34ABY

All of the Knights stood in formation in front of Edgar and Arcia. The senior members had mixed expressions of both remorse and anger at the loss of Tistito. Edgar was the first to speak, “As you all have heard, Tistito is being held awaiting trial. The full list of charges will be made public as soon as possible, but for now know that he will not be returning as the Knight-Commander. In his place we have decided to appoint Commander Christopher Winchester to the position of Knight Commander.”

Arcia picked up where Edgar stopped. “It gave us no pleasure to have to arrest one of our own, but the safety of the House, not to mention the Clan, comes before all else. Any missions you had prior to today are all on hold until further notice. You will receive your new orders within the next couple of days from Knight-Commander Winchester. We expect you to follow his orders like you have followed any from the previous Knight-Commanders. Winchester, they’re your team now.”

Chris stepped out of formation and in front of the team to address them. “I know I’m the newest member of the team, and I know that you don’t entirely trust me, but if we are to succeed in our missions then we have to trust each other. I’m looking forward to continuing working with each and every one of you. For now, though, you’re free to go, Knights.” He gave them a quick salute, which no one returned as the rest of the team left the room, leaving Chris alone.

The Knight-Commander relaxed a bit and sighed. “This… this is going to be a challenge,” he thought to himself aloud.