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[Krayt Cartel] Recreational Run-On Thread


This thread is to be used for recreational RO writing by members identified as affiliated with the Krayt Cartel.

Outsiders can participate if they’ve talked with one of the above members and gotten permission to join in on the fun.


Outcast Trading Post
25 klicks from Maz Kanata’s castle ruins
Takodana, Tashtor sector, Mid Rim

Water. That’s the first thing that comes to mind when entering Takodana’s atmosphere. So much of it that jungles covered almost the entirety of the surface that isn’t made up of lakes and rivers. The endless emerald expanse certainly drew the eye, but not the gold-black gaze of the pale-skinned Umbaran trapped at a stall near the edge of the trading post. An almost imperceptible sigh passed over his barely parted lips. He was tall—much taller than the outcast hunched in front of him. The smaller man curled inward with a grimace as Atra Ventus’ arms began to move, as if expecting an attack. Instead, Atra’s right arm folded across his chest to support his opposite elbow as his left fingers pinched the bridge of his nose.

“My time,” he began with an even tone, “outweighs yours. Do not devalue it.”

The man’s shrill answer matched the greasy hair clinging to his frail features. “I’m sorry. So sorry. You must understand, I don’t have much. Not much at all, you see. The credits were too good to pass up. First come, first serve, no?”

“More than that,” Atra continued with his eyes closed. “You are wasting her time.”

The outcast’s eyes flicked to the side and back multiple times. Sitting at a nearby table was a woman with faintly lavender skin and long silvery hair that almost seemed to sit like a flowing cloak around her. Despite having no pupils within her almost pure white gaze, anyone could tell that she was casting an almost disgusted look at the muddy ground beneath her. Sildrin Lyonsbane wore form-fitting pants with boots and a comfortable silken blouse—appropriate for both the climate and the foliage—but that didn’t seem to make her happy about the situation. Her long, pointed ears twitched slightly before she cocked her head to the side and glanced in the general direction of her companion and the outcast.

The Combat Master strode forward suddenly, eliciting another flinch from the cowering form before him. He pushed past easily and entered the stall. The Umbaran’s eyes were affixed to a lense in the corner, faintly reflecting the light falling through the canopy above. “A coward, but a cautious one,” Atra noted. “Show me the buyer.”

“Oh, I mustn’t. My reputation would be—”

“I won’t ask again.”

The finality in Atra’s tone was clear, despite the lack of any inflection. The outcast swallowed hard. He hesitated a moment. Then another. But, it seemed, he valued his life more than his reputation. A few button presses later, the Combat Master was looking at a robed man. His features were shrouded, but a prominent jaw and broad shoulders belied the gender. Now, it was something else entirely that drew Atra’s focus. A single emblem embroidered upon the cloak’s clasp.

The Shadow Academy has begun collecting once more,” Sildrin noted, her thoughts infiltrating Atra’s with a chill. She had been sifting through his passive thoughts—with Atra’s prior consent—and noted his observation.

“So it would seem,” Atra replied dryly.

The Combat Master sighed again as he waited, standing calmly in front of Sildrin. They hadn’t gotten much else from the outcast. At least, nothing of value. So, they had decided to reach out ot Keira for assistance. She would at least be able to help with the search. The relic they had come for was part of a set. That meant that whoever had taken it still needed the other half. Supposedly, it was also on Takodana—taken from the ruins of Maz’s castle—but the location was unknown.

That meant their friend from the Shadow Academy would be looking for information. Keira would be able to help them with what passed for an information network amongst the last taste of civilization before entering the Outer Rim. But that meant they had to wait for her arrival.

The pair waited in silence. They didn’t need more than that for the time being. How long they waited, however, was unclear. Impatience began to slither into Atra’s thoughts just moments before a light began blinking on his commlink. Finally, he thought, quickly toggling it on.

“Keira, I—” Atra began, only to be interrupted.

“If yer gunna punch me when I get ‘ere, ya moody bastard, I’d be happy if’y’kindly wait ‘till aft’ the drinkin’ start, aye?”

A smirk tugged at the edge of Sildrin’s lips and she raised one of her tapered eyebrows, glancing at Atra. The Combat Master, on the other hand, had a perceptible eyebrow twitch.

“Kordath, why are you…?”

“Got a message from the lass for ya, says she can’ make it. Somethin’ with tha’ red Zeltron o’ 'ers.”

There were few moments that Atra showed genuine emotion. At least, few where he was capable of showing it. The birdrat seemed to have a knack for bringing them out, and it was rarely a good thing.

“So, ya ge’ me, dae ya ken?”

Unfortunately, Atra did know what he meant. So much for his valuable time.