League of Legends: Summoner Names & Server

(PaRapRappa) #1

If you are interested in joining our larger League of Legends (LoL) Community, please post the following information to this forum:

  1. DB Dossier Name
  2. LoL Summoner Name
  3. LoL Server (NA = North America, EU = Eurpoean, etc)

(PaRapRappa) #2
  1. Jedi Hunter PaRapRappa
  2. Summoner PaRapRappa
  3. NA Server

(Livana Agrona) #3
  1. Major Livana Magnuri
  2. TSO Black Rock
  3. NA Server

(Braecen Kaeth) #4
  1. Dark Adept Braecen Kaeth
  2. Summoner Braecen
  3. NA Server

(Alexander Drago) #5

Hunter Alexander Drago
Summoner Alexander Drago
Server EU West

(Morax Darkblade) #6

Mystic Darkblade
Summoner Holydarkblade
EU West

(Bentre Kairn'tel Stahoes) #7

Savant Zachary O’Maille
Summoner warlordsparta
NA Server

(Tasha'Vel Versea) #8

Mystic Tasha’Vel Versea
Summoner: Ladyravenice
NA Server