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Legacies: A Versea Family RO


Tasha gazed at her reflection in the garden pool laying in front of her. She sat at the water’s edge stroking her lekku as her emerald eyes scanned the crystal blue surface. Taking in a breath, the scent of exotic wild flowers and spice filled her nostrils. Most people would feel calm and relaxed, however Tasha felt uneasy. Something had stowed away inside of her on the last mission to Moraband and wasn’t going to just leave her alone.

“Taaasha…” A cold whispering crackled voice called her out. “Taaasha…” The voice mocked a bit as she looked around, but no one was there. “Let me come out and play, there are so many things I can give to you.” Once more Tasha looked at her reflection, but this time a hazy red glow around her figure was seen and her eyes were golden. “Look at yourself, I can give you so much power if you let me out.”

The spirit wasn’t lying, she felt a surge of energy running through her body as lightning crackled about her fingertips. “Such power comes with a hefty price,spirit. And from what I remember you took over my body to get out. Something I don’t care to lose.”

“Minor details Twi’lek, just think what we can accomplish together. Your innermost desire is to be stronger is it not? I can make you more powerful, but I just need to be let out to give you that power.”

“So what happens, you start killing my friends, make me go insane? Isn’t that the sort of thing that such evil Sith spirits enjoy?”

“Tasha, you wound me, I have no need to kill your friends or family. They are your most treasured people to protect, I wouldn’t dream of having you kill them. Oh no, you could be doing much more productive things, like becoming stronger and better in your abilities, and who knows even possibly finding a much higher position than just a lowly member of Naga Sadow.”

Tasha’s eyes narrowed as her lips curled back a bit in anger. “Let’s get one thing straight, I do desire to get stronger, but I want to do it my way not through some channeling mumbo jumbo. There is no honor or easy way of getting stronger. No matter what you tell me, I will not give up this body for you to use. And though you try to appeal to my desires and wants, I will not give in to you. I will fight you till you are eradicated from my body is that clear?”

“Transparently, and here I was merely being nice to you. Guess I will have to settle for the hard way then. So Tasha are you prepared to be taken over? Because if you sleep or become weak I will find a way. Just remember I offered you a chance.”

As the voice faded, her eyes became green again and she felt calmer. “Thank goodness he’s gone for now.”

She glided past the purple and sapphire Rylothian lilies hanging by the sides of the courtyard door. Softly, she stepped up the stone stairs towards the Estate’s ornately carved doors. From the doors, she stared out at her Grandfather’s lush tropical garden and smiled. “I am glad that it still has been kept after all these years. It does provide a soothing effect that really does give me some peace of mind at least for a little while.”

Moving inside, Tasha walked down the hallway towards the large throne room. Looking around, there were two throne chairs-one being the Matriarch’s chair and the other for the Patriarch. She sat down in the soft satin purple cushions the lined the chair and began to meditate.

As she concentrated, memories of the past began to show up. One of them was from her younger training days. She remembered being taken in by the Sith Acolytes of Ryloth. They had made her work hard through rough training, suffering and some pain. She began to remember the rituals they would perform whenever they were dealing with Sith relics. There was a faint but vivid memory of the acolytes moving something into some secret room within the Estate.

“Relics-” Tasha struggled with the word as she tried to recall. “They had stored a relic somewhere in the Estate!” Tasha’s eyes snapped open as she rose. “There has to be a room where they stashed it.” She spoke the words aloud to herself now. “I remember the room, but I cannot recall which area of the house it is in. I think I better call my husband.”