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“Legends of Old” - A Shikyo/DarkHawk RO


Citadel Ruins
Dromund Kaas
Dromund System

Dromund Kaas was once the throne of one of the largest Sith empires,
according to the legends told and the artifacts forcibly collected from Jedi and
Republic-affiliated entities. Standing before the ruins of the once great city,
Shikyo could see how the legends were created. Shattered, metal towers, wrapped
in the planet’s flora, overshadowed the worn and broken statues of leaders and
tyrants long since dead. The Keibatsu’s mind raced to what this area may have
been like thousands of years ago, imagining the depth and power as a living
entity moving throughout the planet. Now, the ruins served as a reminder of
what the pursuit of power left the ancient Sith.

The Elder’s commlink provided a vague location to where the Ragnarok
had detected the energy signature. It was faint but powerful enough to be
picked up on the scanners. Whatever was here, Sasuke believed it was another
clue necessary to furthering his family’s goals. Immortality. The ultimate goal
for any being with a limited life expectancy. Shikyo knew why his eldest
brother sought this task, despite his power, yet had to wonder if the pursuit
was becoming more of a wild, tauntaun chase.

As the Dark Jedi Master moved closer to the ruins, he could feel
several life forces surrounding him. They were feral yet disciplined. Something
was keeping them under control. Or someone. The Keibatsu extended his senses
all around him and could feel the beings moving cautiously towards him. His
hands slowly dropped to the ebony wooden grips of his pistols on either side of
his upper thighs. Shikyo expected a few blaster bolts would be enough to scare
the creatures away. If not, the snap-hiss of a lightsaber blade would be more
than acceptable for the task.

Slowly pulling the blasters from their holsters, the Elder prepared for
the creatures to come into view at any moment. Leveling the weapons in a
haphazard attack stance, a dull roar began to grow from just over the horizon.
Sasuke could feel the presences become more alert before immediately leaving
the vicinity. The howl of a Lambda-class shuttle grew until the craft maneuvered
just over the city, finding a large enough area to park. Growling at the
potential of unwelcomed visitors, the Dark Jedi Master moved quickly to
intercept his new guests.

Moving into an ambush position, the Elder watched as the loading ramp descended,
and a dark, armored form came into view. He recognized the younger man as a
Disciple of Sadow, though that didn’t explain why he was here or what his
intentions were. As the Elder moved closer to the shuttle, he could sense more
lifeforms closing in, including something… darker… bigger. Shikyo turned
towards the Equite and could tell he was feeling the same energies. They weren’t
trying to hide this time. The Keibatsu sprinted towards the Sadowian, hands
tightening around his blasters as a few vornskrs began to creep through
abandoned entrances and shattered walls. There was one more presence that remained still but just as feral as the creatures closing in.

“Master Keibatsu?” The young man seemed puzzled for a moment but his
attention never left the incoming threats. Shikyo continued to scan the area as
he felt something more sinister moving closer to them. By the time he was able
to locate the source of the energy, it had already begun to charge. A
terentatek, followed closely by a couple of packs more of vornskrs were rushing
towards the shuttle.

“A beast master. Run, kid!” The pilot tried to pull up and out of the
way of the incoming creature but the tarentatek had other plans. Dropping its
shoulder and letting out a guttural roar, the creature slammed into the cockpit
of the shuttle and began to pummel the thing with purpose. Takagari and Shikyo wasted
no time to check on the pilot. Three packs of vornskrs were moving in fast and
the dark jedi would have to be smarter or faster if they were to survive their

“Elysia,” the Elder cried out into his commlink, “we’re going to need an exfil ASAP.”


Citadel Ruins
Dromund Kaas
Dromund System

The Tarentatek was making little work of the shuttle. Ripping the Lambda-class apart as if it were nothing but paper. With one violent impact on the beast’s head, the Tarentatek’s spines adorning the top of its skull brought the shuttle crashing to the ground. Its massive muscles flex and contorted as the hull of the shuttle ripped open. The screams emanating from the beast echoed through the valley. Another violent shake of its head ripped deeper through the fuselage. Fortunately for the two Dark Jedi witnessing this act in astonishment, one of the beasts spines became caught on what used to be the main I beam of the shuttle. The Tarentatek became more enraged and began thrashing even more violently to free itself.

DarkHawk without formal introductions knew Master Keibatsu just by name and facial recognition. This was to be their first assignment together but to the Equite’s surprise, Master Shikyo Keibatsu was rapidly bearing down on him. The Elder pushing the young Equite off the landing pad, “Move your ass kid” the Elder exclaimed!

Just as the two made their way to their feet one large Vornskr landed in the exact spot Takagari was standing. The feral beast turned immediately towards the Dark Jedi and dropped its shoulders readying an attack. Master Shikyo without hesitation fired two shots from his blasters and the beast’s head exploded.

The Elder pushed DarkHawk forward motioning him to move again.

“There is more, so RUUUUNNN!!!” his voice deeply bassing the command.

In an instance, the two channeled their connection to the Force and with its aid, the two exploded in a all out run managing to put some distance between them and the landing pad.
In what seemed like an eternity, was just a matter of seconds. The two traversed the terrain and made their way to a small plateau on the cliffs to the west of the landing pad. DarkHawk dusted himself off a bit. Master Shikyo continued to survey the scene, scanning, reaching out feeling the presence of others. Takagari was in utter confusion as to what was happening and the Equite brought himself back to self-composure. He turned to the Elder and out of sheer instinct and service dropped to one knee and bowed to the Elder. Master Shikyo shook his head in almost content.

“No time for formalities kid, we have a serious situation in front of us”.

Master Shikyo grabbed the Equite by the arm lifting him to his feet. Pointing with his index finger at the ridgeline beside the landing pad. Three packs of Vornskrs emerged into sight. One sniffed the corpse the Elder had blasted. It tipped its nose in the air trying to catch the scent of its prey. They others moved with precision, almost in cadence trying to pick up the trail of their quarry. DarkHawk could feel them, but something was off about the beasts to him.

“They Force aides them with their hunting, it won’t be long before they pick us up.” The Elder whispered.

“We don’t have much time, we are gonna have to make a getaway and quick, once they catch our presence they will not give up.”

DarkHawk starred at the Elder and the seriousness of his disposition. “This was not the introduction I was preparing for Master.”

A small smile crested the Elder’s face, “Well kid, we don’t always get what we want. We will get to the who’s and why’s directly. Right now we need to move”

“Very true, Master” DarkHawk replied.

“What is our play here?” asked the Equite.


Outskirts of the Citadel Ruins
Dromund Kaas
Dromund System

As soon as the words left the Equite’s mouth, Shikyo could hear the familiar hum of the Ragnarok’s engines making its way over the horizon. The sound couldn’t have been any sweeter.

“We find somewhere wide enough for our exit to pick us up. Then, we get the hell outta here for now. Find out why you’re here.” The Elder’s tone was direct.

“I was tol-“

The Keibatsu’s hand shot up to cut Takagari off. Roars and howls were closing in, letting the Dark Jedi know that their downtime was swiftly coming to an end. Scanning the area, Sasuke found a tree that was a little higher than most. He pointed it out to his new ally.

“Get up there as fast as you can. Find me somewhere that a shuttle can land. While you’re up there, take shots on as many of these things as you can. Do not engage the terentatek.”

DarkHawk simply nodded and moved as quickly as he could in the direction pointed out. Shikyo could feel the growing anger and hostility surrounding him. It didn’t matter. He knew the ship would be coming in soon. They just had to survive long enough to get aboard in one piece. Three vornskrs began to slowly creep up over a nearby hill, keeping themselves separated enough to prevent a lucky shot. Whoever this beast master was, they were at least smart enough to make sure their thralls weren’t used recklessly.

The Dark Jedi Master slowly holstered his blasters and unclipped one of his lightsabers from his belt. He didn’t want to anticipate a medium-ranged fight, yet be caught up in something a little closer than preferred. The beasts started sniffing into the air out of show. Shikyo figured it was a command from their master to attempt at scaring their target. Poor fool. Were it not for the unexpected guest, the Elder was certain that the tamer would either be dead or stayed far away from their current target.

Ears perked up and snouts immediately turned towards the Dark Jedi Master, as the vornskrs readied themselves to pounce. Shikyo didn’t even hear the arrow or sense the Equite’s intent until the plasma projectile had impaled the skull of one of the beasts. The former Herald’s commlink started going off in the form of DarkHawk.

“I found a spot, sir. 7 clicks north of me. Open enough for a shuttle.”

A 10 kilometer run. The remaining beasts lunged for their prey, only to find that they were hunting a predator. A snap-hiss sounded at the same time the vornskrs snarled and lunged, their necks colliding with an amethyst blade, as their heads rolled past the Elder. More howling and snarling was cresting over the hill, coming straight for the Keibatsu. Grabbing his commlink and sprinting towards the overlook, Shikyo called out to the pilot of his ship.

“Prepare for one extra passenger and a very hot extraction. Wildlife incoming.”


Outskirts of the Citadel Ruins
Dromund Kaas
Dromund System

DarkHawk watched the scene from his perch, Master Shikyo dispatched the attacking Vornskrs with ease. The Equite had only heard of the Master’s skills prior to this day. But to see it, to see the raw power and skill, Takagari relished in the fact that this mission would be to his satisfaction. He would make mental notes to himself to learn and heed the directions of Master Shikyo.

The sound of the Tarentatek continuing to shred apart the shuttle echoed through the valley. DarkHawk closed his eyes and centered himself, focusing only on the Keibatsu. The tree in which he positioned himself on, swayed slightly with the eastern breeze. Takagari allowing his body to join the trees movement. Focusing on Master Shikyo, watching, waiting. The Vornskrs made little work of the terrain as they close the gap between them and the Dark Jedi Master. DarkHawk focused on the lead beast, it would be on top of the Elder in a matter of seconds.

Shikyo’s comm link broke, “Master, four are approaching on your right, I will clear you a path.”

“Wait, what, you can’t shoot all of them at once!” exclaimed the Elder.

“Won’t have to, going to make you some steps and you will have a clear path to the LZ, in three, two, one, NOW!” the Equite spoke with enthusiasm.

Master Shikyo, watched his newly acquired partner, within a second of his transmission the plasma bolt hurdled toward the cliffs. The sound of snarling and claws scrapping rock was distinct and loud. As the beast prepared to launch itself into a killing strike, the plasma arrow sank itself into the rocks and exploded. Shikyo watched as the beast lost its footing from the impact and tumbled down the mountainside, takiing more rock and the remaining Vornskrs in its path.

Dust and debris clouded the mountainside, Master Shikyo wasted no time. Channeling the Force, the Elder sprinted down the mountain on his new found path. A small smile crested the lips of the Equite as he watched all this take place. Master Shikyo was nothing but a blur as he traversed the rock path. The Elder was nearly at the base when his commlink cracked open again.

“Sir, the other part of the pack has picked up your scent and are making their way down, I will provide some cover fire until you get to my twelve o’clock then I will be right on your tail.” The commlink went dead.

Without a break in stride, the Elder continued down and hit flat ground. He watched two plasma bolts strife overhead and bury into more rock to his left. He could hear the faint squeal of the Vornskrs as the plasma arrows hit there mark making them change their path. Two more plasma arrows soared overhead, this time the distinct thud of the arrow cutting through flesh and bone could be heard.

DarkHawk saw the ship coming in from his northeast. It was time to move. In one swift action, the Equite launched himself from his perch and carried himself into a twisting flip. Landing perfectly on the balls of his feet, Takagari immediately broke into a run. With the aide of the Force, he closed the distance between him and Master Skikyo.

The remaining Vornskrs had already made a course correction and were breaking into a sprint towards their prey. The beastmaster whoever it was had to have an elevated position to manipulate the beasts so easily. The two Dark Jedi never lost a step and continued to sprint towards the incoming ship.

To the two Dark Jedi’s astonishment, the Vornskrs were closing the distance between them. The ship was just about three clicks dead ahead of them. It would just be a matter of seconds before they reached their newly acquired LZ. The Ragnarok, a Kom’rk-class Fighter, swiftly moved into position and spun around opening its entry hatch.


Dromund Kaas
Dromund System
Ragnarok’s LZ

“Move your ass!” The Elder bellowed out the command to Takagari. Shikyo
noticed that the Equite was drawing on the Force but his speed was starting to
wane enough that he was moments away from being bait. Sasuke grabbed his new
companion and tossed him onto the loading ramp, noting the stone faces of Kyohei
Katsuhide and his HK unit, “Trip.” Diving onto the ship, Shikyo rolled and drew
his blasters from their holsters, aiming towards the incoming horde of vornskrs.

“Destroy everything.”

No sooner had the words left the Kyataran’s mouth that an eruption of
blaster fire came from the two allies beside him. Shikyo ripped shot after shot
at anything that dared to close in on the loading ramp. As the ship began to
pull away, the Elder stood up and immediately moved towards the cockpit,
holstering his weapons. The Kiffar woman sitting at the controls looked calm
and focused as the Keibatsu scanned over the surrounding ruins. He noted several
buildings that could have given the beastmaster the most optimal vantage

“Do me a favor, mesh’la?”

“Only if you’ll stop using Mandalorian around me…” Elysia’s tone was
firm and sharp.

Sasuke began to draw on the Force to sense the presence that started
this mayhem. He could feel the ravenous beasts under them and the darkness
coming from the terentatek that was becoming more preoccupied with the new ship
in the area. In a solitary spire outside the main ruins, the former Herald
could feel a feral yet centered presence, strong enough in the Force. The where
didn’t matter.

“Destroy this tower. Leave nothing standing.” The Elder pointed out
which building.

A smirk curled over the woman’s lips as she pulled the triggers,
sending massive bolts hurtling through the air into the building. Elysia
Keibatsu didn’t let up until the once defiant structure was laid to waste.
Looking up at her husband with flashing, emerald eyes, Elysia gave her husband
a toothy grin.

“I’m pretty sure he’s dead, my love.”

The Dark Jedi Master smiled and laughed momentarily before returning to
the storage bay. DarkHawk was already up and making himself more presentable.
The Sadowian spun around to see the Elder standing before him and immediately knelt
before the Keibatsu. A snap-hiss erupted dangerously close to the younger man’s
ear as Shikyo’s silver blade hovered centimeters away from the Sith’s head.

“Rule number one. Formalities will get you killed. Unless you bother to
put a hand on your weapon.”

Takagari didn’t show fear. He didn’t panic or get enraged. His head
twitched just enough as an acknowledgment to show he understood without getting
too close to the Elder’s blade. Shikyo extinguished his blade and helped the
man up.

“You have an interesting way of telling someone to relax.” The sarcasm
was strong in Koga and Sasuke couldn’t help but chuckle slightly.

“I’m assuming you’re here for a reason?” Katsuhide interrupted and
proceeded to get right to business. The Battlemaster reached into his robes and
pulled out a small holocommunicator. Shikyo didn’t have to activate it to know
it was from his eldest brother. Something was wrong if he sent someone other
than a Keibatsu to deliver his message, let alone not presenting it himself by
whatever means.

“Let’s see what you have here. Trip, if the kid moves, shoot him.”

HK-39 immediately shouldered his blaster and took aim at the Equite.

[Exclamation: Master, it would be my pleasure.]

Katsuhide chuckled for a moment before placing his hand on the droid’s

“I believe that was sarcasm, droid.”

Despite Shikyo moving away, he could hear his friend well enough,
calling out, “No it wasn’t!”

He activated the communicator once he was in the cockpit with Elysia.
Lord Ashen’s presence was calm but there was a sense of relaxed urgency in the
Kyataran’s voice.

“Brother, I have reason to believe that the Republic has acquired some items
that may prove valuable to our goals. The shipment is coming from Pillio but
the freighter’s number was hidden from public knowledge. Track them and
reacquire them. Stealth is key. If acquisition is not possible, destroy them. Utilize
the asset I have sent you. He has proven himself to me and may be of assistance
to you.”

The cyan-colored image of Muz Ashen faded away. Shikyo pinched his nose
firmly and sighed into his hand. He was just searching for one relic before
this newest mission. It was infuriating to do the same thing over and over, the
Master feeling as if his combat skills were wasting away. Strong, slender
fingers caressed over the Dark Jedi’s shoulders as Elysia laid her head against
her husband’s.

“One more. Then we take a break. Keep you from going insane.”

Sasuke smiled and looked up to the Kiffar woman. “I’ve seen insanity. I’m
not quite there yet.”

“So, where to?”

The Kyataran looked out into space for a moment, collecting his

“Coruscant. Take your time. I need to go back and make sure Trip doesn’t
kill the kid.”


Dromund Kaas
Leaving Dromund System

Elysia punched in the jump coordinates for Coruscant, the Ragnarok’s engines roared to life as the hyperdrives kicked in.

The Keibatsu made his way from the helm back to where his newly acquired partner was being “held” captive by Trip, his loyal HK Assassin droid.

Miss Elysia turned on the CC camera to keep an eye on her beloved. She did not expect the amusement to be so entertaining as she watched.

Shikyo could hear low murmuring as he made his way closer to the cargo hold.

“Stop, clown shoes. I am good” the ruffled voice barked.

Master Shikyo entered the cargo hold, witness the volley of exchanges between Trip and Takagari going back and forth.

The HK unit was trying to search the newly acquired passenger, Takagari was slapping the droid’s hands away at every attempt, trying to maintain some sort of military bearing throughout the process.

“OK, kid. My brother vouches for you, so we are heading to Coruscant. May have to knock some heads together. I just need to know if you’re up for it?” the last part the Elder had added a bit more bass to his tone to get his point across. DarkHawk, without hesitation, nodded “I am Master, that’s actually where I just came from.”

“What the hell were you doing on Coruscant?”

DarkHawk looked a bit puzzled at the statement, assuming the Keibatsu already knew. “I was on a mission with your sister, Miss Ash, appointed to us by Master Muz. We were hunting down clues to Darth Ira’s location.”

The Elder sized the Equite up, taking a long look at the deepest part of the Battlemaster. “So, you’re the kid Sis told me about?” The Elder exclaimed. “You’re the one that came to her for training, which explains a lot, given your shots with the bow.”

A smile crested the Elder’s lips, “Not bad, kid. I think you’re going to enjoy this mission.”

“Master, if we may since we are heading back to Coruscant, I have already staged my speeder and my DRK1 droid in some unsavory spots of the city. I would like to retrieve them and utilize them for this mission.”

“Not a problem, we could use the extra surveillance, meantime…” Shikyo closed his eyes and turned his head towards the cockpit. Within just a few moments, a Kiffar woman had emerged and took a position beside her husband, standing before the young Equite. “It’s time you got to know everyone onboard, you already know Trip, my wife Elysia, and this is Katsuhide. You will find a various array of weapons onboard if you need.”

The Battlemaster started to bow from his introductions and remembered the word’s Master Shikyo spoke to him, he stepped forward and extend a hand. Kyohei grasped the Equite’s forearm, “Welcome DarkHawk”.

Miss Elysia extended the same courtesy “Our Sister says you do good work, we expect the same dedication.”

“Yes, Ma’am. Without question,” replied Takagari.

Trips moved in towards DarkHawk, “Authoritative Statement: I will run full diagnostics on your equipment to ensure the safety and security of my master.”

“My equipment is fine, clown shoes! That droid was a gift to me by Adept Macron.”

“Ahhhh now it makes sense” the Elder added. “I thought your weapons had a strange familiarity to them. He designed them all?”

“Yes, Master. Macron has been teaching me forging and alchemy and with his expertise, we forged these weapons.”

The Battlemaster unsheathed his fighting sticks and handed them to Master Shikyo. The Elder examined every detail of the weapons. He even locked them together to form a full bo staff.

“I thought it had his flare… These fighting sticks, the bow, the sabers… You’re been learning from some of the best I see… Think I’m starting to see what my brother does.”

DarkHawk nodded his head, “I will not circumvent you, this crew, or our mission, my Liege”.

“I know you won’t, Kid. I am not as forgiving as my brother, you may have proved yourself to him; you start from square one with me.” the Keibatsu said with a growl in his voice and a smirk on his face.