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Lego TIE Fighter


Great news for anyone who loves Lego (and let’s be honest, who doesn’t?). Coming in May 2015 is a UCS Lego TIE Fighter: see the link here.

I’m excited about it - 1,685 pieces, 19.5"x12"x12.5", which should line up well against the UCS X-Wing or B-Wings. The announcement says it’s at the USD $200 price point, so I’m expecting it to be about CAD $250. Time to start setting aside cash for it now!

The one knock I have is that it’s another larger version of an Imperial fighter that they’ve already released in a ton of different sets (the Lego Wikia tells me there are at least 8 versions of the the T/F that have been built). I really wish they’d have gone to a different TIE-series model, since the original T/F is pretty boring too. I would have loved an update to the 2010 T/D or an update the the T/I model they made in 2000.


That’s a really good looking Tie Fighter too. The $200 price tag makes it questionable if I’ll get it but it is really nice looking. That would be a great project to build.