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[Life Day2019] Celebration of Life


37 ABY

Odanites milled around a large ballroom in a rainbow of colors and uniforms.
No matter their role, all dressed to impress in their own way. Carefully pressed Jedi robes of various formalities could be seen, some with impressive hoods or capes. Military members came in full ceremonial dress, their various awards proudly shown for all to see. Okami Mandalorians wore their own version of ceremonial garb, the lighter but finer furs contrasting well with their armor. As for the rest with more of a lax dress code, they simply wore their finest garb, which ranged from premium leather to a clean set of clothes. As an extra touch, those that had earned them had affixed pins of the Oku flower.

“They clean up pretty well,” remarked Odan-Urr’s Consul, also called High Councillor, herself wearing formal dark blue Jedi robes.

The Proconsul, clad in purple almost-tribal garb, merely nodded and smiled as she observed the merriment in the room. Tables laden with the remaining food and drink were pushed against the wall in favor of a makeshift dance floor, where several Odanites were already moving together in harmony to a jizz band in the back. The right wall had a variety of games to play had a wide range from the traditional mock battles from Vatali, Mandalorians, to the purely intellectual contests to toy games for simple amusement. Many members chatted with each other animatedly, this occasion the first of hopefully many for everyone to get together regardless of their posting. Any Force user in the room could feel the positive energy feeding back into itself. It was time.

The Consul sent her aide to alert the bakers, who had worked hard on their latest creation. Someone had tried to change the order to have an Ewok pop out of the cake but that wasn’t going to happen on her watch. Before she saw it herself, a cart with a large cake rolled out into the room, immediately drawing the gaze of a few Odanites and then a lot more. The dessert was wheeled into the middle of the dance floor, a cutting knife next to it. Bowls of shi-shok fruits were offered as well. The room, in general, looked expectantly towards its leaders, impatient for a slice.

The High Councillor stood up and addressed the room at large.

“My fellow Odanites, thank you for coming to our party. Your energy and hard work have made this a great year for us. We were victorious against our enemies, we’ve made new friends, and we have finally made Kiast be what we have always considered it to be: our home. We’ve been through a lot, so whether or not you believe in the Force, I’m grateful to see all of you here safe and sound.

“That said, I’d like to say ‘Happy Life Day’ and remind everyone a few things our Wookiee friends have taught us even if we aren’t traveling to the Tree of Life. You all already know we are celebrating life, whether it be the dead or the living. Family, joy, and harmony are things we hold dear and today we celebrate them. Put another way, our love for one another. It is these simple things that will carry us forward as we fight against the powers of evil and darkness. So to my family assembled here, I encourage you to stay strong in the face of opposition. Our courage is a spark of hope no one can put out.”

The crowd applauded for a moment in affirmation.

“And lastly, today we not only celebrate Life Day but also our own personal Life Day, yes our birthday. It’s been a privilege to see you all grow and learn over the last year. We are one year older and wiser and I look forward to our adventures this upcoming year. So take this moment to let loose and have fun. Enjoy the cake, hug your neighbors, and remember to try the shi-shok fruits, your own piece of the tree of life.

Happy Life Day Odan-Urr and may the Force be with you.”