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Looking for players to play swcombine with


I’m looking for players to play swcombine with and help my group in swcombine get stronger in numbers and assets. Looking for players to fill in these roles in TTR

Part Time pilot, Dedicated Pilot, Construction monitor , Production monitor, Construction assistant, Production Assistant, Security Enforcer, Intelligence officer, Fleet Navigator, Fleet Admiral, Naval pilot, Naval tactical commander, Public Information Officer, Public Relations Agent, Public Information & Relations Assistant,
Graphics & Art designer, Photoshop editor , Naval Administrator, Armed forces Administrator, Academy Administrator,
Intelligence Administrator,
Recruitment Officer.

To join my group visit https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=1106587796096890&id=913160268772978

Also register and join www.swcombine.com

Looking for players to play these Races Human ( or any humanoid Race ) Kaleesh, Twi’lek , TrandoShan, Chiss , wookie, cathar , zabrak , Kel’dor.


Revitalizing a dead topic.

Looking for players who are interested in Star Wars Combine. Freelancing opportunities to start. Hunting and transporting. Eventually mining and then production. Me and two other associates started out over a month ago or so. We’re starting with hunting but will be getting into the transportation business in a week or so. With a few more players we can establish a mining faction and create our own resources.

I’ve tried the faction system, specifically Imperials, and I find them to be slow, convoluted and mildly incompetent. Lot of idling for the smallest monthly wages available. Rebels do pay the most but I imagine they suffer from the same issues of slow bureaucracy and restricting their members. Just leaving a faction took weeks.

If you’re interested in being completely free from the control of factions but still want the support of information and resources, don’t hesitate to contact me.

If you’ve never tried it out, I can start you on a good path right away.

Cheers. :slight_smile: