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Hi Everyone!

1) Applications to be a MAA Magistrate are due to Howie and myself by 1 September 2015. Minimum rank of JM-3, maximum rank of EL-1. The goal is to learn and gain experience. We've received solid applications thus far; hoping for more!

2) James has helped initiate a new rank tier into our structure: Novitiate. This change is administrative and primarily affects Wiki articles and email wording. See the great image below courtesy of Ood:

This brings balance to ranks as there are four NV ranks, four JM ranks, four EQ ranks, and four (counting GM) EL ranks.

Again, nothing changes to ranks themselves; just a structure shift.

Thanks everyone! Apply for Magistrate positions!

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I like the color coding and boxes. This is a lot easier to read and understand than Mav’s walls of texts. Nice work, Aabs!

All credit for the cool chart goes to P:HM Ood!

…Just to be… like, sure, because now things are changed.

JM3 is now, what, Hunter/Padawan?


thx kiwi <3

Oh, and ACO, which was JM3 but moved up to JM6, is now JM2 :stuck_out_tongue:

For those scrubs like me who missed this in the last MAA report:

Discuss why you’d like the position, what you hope to gain from it, and your outsider opinion of how well or poorly our office functions.

As always, I am particularly interested in newer/younger members looking to start the leadership ladder climb.

It’s a brave new world

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Just listing the Force user ranks for now:

EL-3 = Prophet
EL-2 = Master
EL-1 = Adept

EQ-4 = Warlord / Augur / Warden
EQ-3 = Battlelord / Seer / Vanguard
EQ-2 = Battlemaster / Savant / Ranger
EQ-1 = Warrior / Mystic / Peacekeeper

JM-4 = Knight
JM-3 = Hunter / Padawan
JM-2 = Acolyte
JM-1 = Neophyte

NV-4 = Proselyte
NV-3 = Novice
NV-2 = Apprentice
NV-1 = Initiate

We have a big ceremony/fiction happening every time someone is Knighted, the last of the JM ranks, JM-4.
Will we have something similar for leaving the Novitiate ranks? Or will this be left over to the individual Clans, or even simply ignored.

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I’m not sure how it works in other clans but AFAIK it’s down to the mentor/master to write one, the student can help but I don’t think there was ever a ceremony for becoming an apprentice or youngling so it’d most likely be down to individuals/clans.

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That sort of thing is down to the individual clan/house. No MAA oversight there.