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MAA Magistrates + Novitiates - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hi Everyone!

1) Applications to be a MAA Magistrate are due to Howie and myself by 1 September 2015. Minimum rank of JM-3, maximum rank of EL-1. The goal is to learn and gain experience. We've received solid applications thus far; hoping for more!

2) James has helped initiate a new rank tier into our structure: Novitiate. This change is administrative and primarily affects Wiki articles and email wording. See the great image below courtesy of Ood:

This brings balance to ranks as there are four NV ranks, four JM ranks, four EQ ranks, and four (counting GM) EL ranks.

Again, nothing changes to ranks themselves; just a structure shift.

Thanks everyone! Apply for Magistrate positions!

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I like the color coding and boxes. This is a lot easier to read and understand than Mav’s walls of texts. Nice work, Aabs!


All credit for the cool chart goes to P:HM Ood!


…Just to be… like, sure, because now things are changed.

JM3 is now, what, Hunter/Padawan?




thx kiwi <3


Oh, and ACO, which was JM3 but moved up to JM6, is now JM2 :stuck_out_tongue:


For those scrubs like me who missed this in the last MAA report:

Discuss why you’d like the position, what you hope to gain from it, and your outsider opinion of how well or poorly our office functions.

As always, I am particularly interested in newer/younger members looking to start the leadership ladder climb.


It’s a brave new world


Just listing the Force user ranks for now:

EL-3 = Prophet
EL-2 = Master
EL-1 = Adept

EQ-4 = Warlord / Augur / Warden
EQ-3 = Battlelord / Seer / Vanguard
EQ-2 = Battlemaster / Savant / Ranger
EQ-1 = Warrior / Mystic / Peacekeeper

JM-4 = Knight
JM-3 = Hunter / Padawan
JM-2 = Acolyte
JM-1 = Neophyte

NV-4 = Proselyte
NV-3 = Novice
NV-2 = Apprentice
NV-1 = Initiate


We have a big ceremony/fiction happening every time someone is Knighted, the last of the JM ranks, JM-4.
Will we have something similar for leaving the Novitiate ranks? Or will this be left over to the individual Clans, or even simply ignored.


I’m not sure how it works in other clans but AFAIK it’s down to the mentor/master to write one, the student can help but I don’t think there was ever a ceremony for becoming an apprentice or youngling so it’d most likely be down to individuals/clans.


That sort of thing is down to the individual clan/house. No MAA oversight there.