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MAA Report: 824 Licks to the Center - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hello everyone! A few policy changes I think everyone will like plus new Magistrates. Let’s jump straight to it.

You’ll Be a Clan and You’ll Like It

See Mav’s Deputy Grand Master report for information about the expectations of clans, requirements to form houses, and situations where houses will be dissolved. Probation only exists for houses in a more fluid form. Hopefully everyone likes where things are heading.

You Get EQ3 and You Get EQ3 and You Get EQ3

See my news post for updates to promotion and medal authority. These were made in light of all units being clans while addressing regular complaints. Generally, we tried to cut down on tiers and simplify the rules.

Additionally, a previous rule in the site code that prevented members from promoting beyond their current rank has been removed, courtesy of James.

Telephone Game

The website offers a series of contact methods displayed on your dossier. I had James query how many utilize each method and, combined with judgement of which are still relevant, have highlighted the following changes:

  • Remove: XFire screen name, Wii number, ICQ number
  • Change: AIM screen name —> Skype username

The purpose of these updates is to clean up dossiers and make sure the youngin’s dropping by as new films release actually know what each method is.

I have not, however, made these changes yet because some people do use the above. So I’m holding for a few days to hear anyone’s objections.

What’s in a Name? Not Skywalker, Kenobi, Yoda, Vader…

Before this week, character names were policed in two ways: a hard list of banned names rejected when filling out the join form and an outdated, extremely long list of canon and EU names on a Wiki page. We have deleted the crazy long Wiki page and reduced the join form list to major Star Wars surnames. The latter is because rejecting a join form potentially loses members.

We have implemented a new naming policy of general oversight that reads as follows: Direct usage of canon or Legends Star Wars names is generally prohibited, though exceptions are made when only a first or last name is used. If you are unsure, feel free to submit the request and the Master at Arms office will work with you.

So no “Anakin Solo” or “Jar Jar Amidala,” but “Han Longfellows” is acceptable. Also note that the surname “Ren” is allowed despite the Force Awakens villain Kyle Ren, but that may change as new character names become widespread.

Diamonds Are Forever Once You Work For Them

A small but significant update to crescent tiering rulesUpgrade one tier for a parent competition with at least three sub-competitions.

This means parent competitions at the clan level start at Tier 2 and can upgrade to Tier 1 with at least ten participants. We want more diamond crescents to be awarded; especially for successful clan vendettas.

Changing of the Guard

Six months has passed (seven, really) and the times have been glorious. My staff is amazing. Evant is a master of statistical analysis, Howlader is quick on the draw and thorough in his public and private knowledge about oft fishy claims, and Teylas and Rial manage the fort day after day. Both have learned immensely.

As recognition of his services to the Master at Arms over these past six months, Teylas Ramar was recently promoted to Sith Battlelord.

As recognition of his services to the Master at Arms over these past six months, Orion Rial has been awarded a Steel Cross (he was also promoted halfway through the term).

Congratulations and thank you, Teylas and Rial.

I started six month terms so we could teach future leaders how and why we operate. Teylas and Rial are certain to spread their knowledge and now we enter our sophomore effort. Evant and I received a welcome collection of excellent applications. The decision was difficult and there were several candidates who I hope will apply again in September.

Please welcome Kordath Bleu d’Tana and Landon Cruise as Magistrates to the Master at Arms. Evant and Howie both remain in their roles as Praetor and Special Magistrate, respectively. Here’s to another great six months.


I will start supplying these in each report, but let’s catch up from New Years 2015 through the end of February! I do not factor for requests being remanded several times.

  • Promotions Approved: 141
  • Medals Approved: 397 (includes over 150 Seals and Scrolls of Foundation)
  • Medals Remanded: 23
  • Medals Denied: 7
  • Competitions Approved: 87
  • Competitions Remanded: 28
  • Name Changes: 31
  • Unit/Path Transfers: 68
  • AWOL to Rogues: 42

Copycat Aabs

Praetor Evant suggested an ongoing MAA competition that is a straight copy of an ongoing GM/DGM competition and surprisingly the MAA staff approved it. Essentially, my staff and I will select one or two great recommendations each month and award the writer a crescent.

Note we’re reviewing all recommendations in a request, not just the primary. Promotions and medals are eligible. We will create a database over time as prime examples.

The Great Jedi War awards season went smoothly with huge thanks to my staff. Overall, I think things are going very well. The MAA office runs like clockwork. Four of the “future items” I highlighted in my last report have already been covered with two others actively happening. As always, reach out to me with questions or concerns and remember you can now email maa-staff@googlegroups.com directly.

  • Consuls can promote to EQ4
  • What the hell is XFire?
  • Han Longbottom or Mace Largeyes are acceptable character names
  • Clan vendettas can upgrade to Tier 1 crescents
  • Goodbye Teylas and Rial as Magistrates
  • Hello Kordath and Landon as Magistrates
  • Statistics!
  • The MAA is giving out crescents for free!
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Thanks to Rial and Teylas for their hard work these past few months. The MAA office has been smooth, efficient, and a pleasure to deal with. The few denials I was involved with always came with solutions on how to make the proposed action work.

Congrats to Kordath and Landon!


Adding Skype would be lovely.

I wouldn’t remove Xfire though. Or any of the others. :stuck_out_tongue:


Great report boss. I don’t skype so that’s a no for me

Ty Teylas and Rial for your work.