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Mailing List Discussions - Angels


Greetings, Jedi.

Our mailing list has seen a topic that could potentially spiral out of control if left unattended. However, this is Odan-Urr, the Light in the Darkness; here we don’t shy away from ideas or opinions. Here, we embrace them all with civility, open-mindedness, and rationality. So, to repost the core question posed by our very own Caesar:

Do you believe in the existence of Angels?

This topic will be moderated at all times. If discussion gets rude or nasty, it will be cracked down upon. If crude, cruel, or obscene posts get placed, they will be removed. If it gets too hectic, I will shut the thread down. You have all been warned - but you are Odanites, and I don’t warn you because I need to. Rather, I know you will follow protocol, which inspires me to keep doing the same.

Go hard, folks. Tell us your thoughts.



Rosie <3

Discussion over.


Hmm…nope, there can be no rebuttal. You have won this round, Bearded-One!