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Master and Student Run-on: When Fenrir met Tuqy


This is a Run on for TuQ’uan Varick and Fenrir to get to know each other as Master and Student. Please read and enjoy but do not post unless you are one of the two involved (or invited to by said parties).


The Pinnacle
Aliso City
36 ABY

TuQ’uan stood alone in the hallway of the Pinnacle. His feet were starting to hurt but there was nowhere for him to sit down. He was going on hour three of staring at the large wooden door to Rollmaster Arden Karn’s office. A less than helpful droid stood guard.

“Is he ready for me yet?” the Kel Dor asked for what felt like the hundredth time. It was actually only the thirty-seventh time, which to TuQ’uan felt like thirty-six times too many.

“As I have said before, no. The master will let you know when he is ready.”

This was funny to the Aedile because it was Karn who had set the appointment, and told him not to be late. At exactly the three hour mark the door swung open. He took a step forward before the droid raised a hand to stop him. After an awkward moment the droid spoke.

“He’ll see you now.”

The mercenary let out a sigh, straightened his hat and entered the large office.

Arden sat behind a massive desk staring at his terminal. He didn’t acknowledge TuQ’uan as he approached. The Kel Dor took a seat across from the clan’s Rollmaster, glad to finally be off his feet. Arden finally looked at him.

“I didn’t tell you to sit,” he spoke in a flat tone.

The Kel Dor quickly rose, he didn’t not want to pick a fight today.

“Well it’s too late now,” irritation was beginning to creep into Arden’s voice. TuQ’uan, now confused and a little irritated, remained standing. For a moment there was just silence as Arden’s piercing green eyes stared directly into the mercenary’s. After what seemed like a lifetime the silence was broken.

“I have an assignment for you.” A datacard was slid across the desk. The Aedile uploaded the information to his datapad.

“Are you still here?”

TuQ’uan started towards the door and nearly dropped his datapad. Arden had just assigned him an apprentice. What shocked him wasn’t the apprentice part, but the part where his new apprentice was a 2.4 meter tall, Force using Shistavanen named Fenrir who looked like he could rip the Kel Dor to pieces with ease.

Now he understood why Arden had wanted to do this in person —aside from toying with him— he wanted to enjoy seeing TuQ’uan’s reaction. Well, the Aedile certainly had his work cut out for him, but he was determined to survive.


Fenrir strode into the chamber slowly, taking his time and flexing the muscles of his large hands underneath the black bodysuit. His bright red eyes all the while were on the new man whom the Rollmaster wanted to be his Master. He walked slowly right in front of TuQ’uan and stared him down, making his height even more obvious.

“Still…here”, replied the Shistavanen with a low growl, certainly not taking care to hide his long and pointed canines. He could speak Galactic Basic more or less fluently, but slowly. Till now, that has worked in his favor.

TuQ’uan would have loved to step away just a little bit, but then he was in front of the Clan’s Rollmaster. Force User or not, reputation counts for a lot. The slightest sign of hesitation or fear can spell disaster as far as reputation goes. He certainly did not want word to go out of the room that he was afraid. Thus, it was all he could to stop himself from taking a step back and instead stared back. Mentally, the Kel Dor cursed, “Why this massive, monstrous, seemingly-murderous beast? Why not an Ewok?”

After what seemed to be several uncomfortable moments, Arden spoke up,“Right then…I’ll be leaving you two to get to know each other. Suffice to say that from now on, TuQ’uan, you’ll be responsible for his training.”

“Yes, of course”, said his Master sullenly.


TuQ’uan circled his new student, inspecting him, looking at him from top to bottom, slowly, thoroughly. Or at least that’s how it seemed to anyone looking. In actuality he was delaying, trying to come up with a lesson that wouldn’t result in his death or injury.

He made his way full circle and realized that tactic for stalling was worn out. He stopped back in front of the Shistavanen. Instead of making a perfect circle, the Kel Dor had actually spiralled away from the hulking mass in front of him without even realizing it.

“Tell me…” TuQ’uan looked down at his datapad. “Fenrir. Do you like to fight?”

Fenrir simply responded with a growl of pleasure, the look of a hunter looking at his prey in his eyes.

“Uh, good then. I guess I don’t need to teach you that then do I?”

Fenrir grunted.

“Not much of a talker now are you?” The mercenary spoke quietly to himself.

“No,” the word came slowly and deliberately from Fenrir, his voice rumbling with bass.

“Right, let’s go for a walk then shall we?” TuQ’uan led them from the large room and out into the halls of the Pinnacle. As they made their way through the corridors those they passed gave them a wide berth. The Kel Dor wasn’t sure whether that was do to his reputation or the massive Shistavanen following closely behind him. Well he hoped it was the former, he knew it was probably the latter.

After a short while the two found themselves outside and making their way towards the streets of Aliso City.

“Tell me Fenrir, why do you think I was assigned to train you?” TuQ’uan said in a slow, thoughtful tone. He wasn’t entirely sure himself so any insight into this would be helpful. Besides, it made him sound wise.