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Master-Apprentice Run On, Jon Silvon/Gwowk


Jon swaggered through the halls of the Jedi Praxeum on Kiast, his long red cape trailing behind him. He didn’t care what Artemis said, capes were stylish, practicality be damned. The sarcastic little R3-unit could take her comments and –

“Jon, are you even listening to me?” Aura asked, turning to look at the captain. The trio of her, Jon, and Artemis had stopped just before entering the High Councillor’s office.

“Of course I am, Aura,” he lied immediately. “I’m hurt that you would ever think I would ignore you.”

“Really?” she asked, eyebrow high. “Then what was I just saying?”

“Ah…” Jon trailed off. “That is… what I mean to say is–”

“Forget it,” she said, waiving a hand dismissively. “I’ll just show you, since you apparently can’t be bothered to pay attention.”

The High Councillor pushed open the door to her office, revealing…

“Captain,” Aura said, “Meet Gwowk, our newest initiate. You’ll be responsible for… showing him the ropes, as it were.”

Jon turned to the wookie, eyes wide, and immediately began calculating all the myriad of ways he could possibly get out of this. One look at the glimmer in Aura’s eyes was all it took to tell him that that wasn’t happening.

Oh boy, he thought to himself. What have I gotten myself into this time?