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[Master/Student] A Light in the Darkness


A Master/Student RO for:
PAD Shiran Kastav
GP V’yr Vorsa, as Echo-1 Kintan Strider

Setting: Stealthship Severance and the planet O’reen

O’reenian Stealthship ’Severence’
Exiting Tython System

The atmosphere on the stealthship was electric, tempers rising among the crew. Several O’reenians, with their characteristic orange skin and black eyes, were pacing and gesticulating around a pair of figures.

“Respectfully, Captain Zuthran, but we were found out by Corporal Shiran. If he hadn’t been on the mission Echo Team would have been ours and the Jedi would never have even known we were there! That’s what happens when outworlders like Shiran are allowed to be anything other than slaves!” Sergeant Alekk Unthessi brought an edge of malice to his voice when mentioning slavery. Alekk was in charge of the mission, but enraged that it did not go without a hitch.

The O’reenians had developed the living superweapons known as Echo Team, but their prize – a fully developed, operational trio of supersoldiers – had been taken by unknown parties and taken to New Tython. It was Unthessi’s job to make sure that Echo Team was captured, without the Jedi knowing.

Shiran had been ordered to follow them, considering his Force sensitivity. But he was a prisoner of the O’reenians because of his knowledge of the Force and association with the Dark Brotherhood, and had been for more than 10 years. O’reenians were not fond of strangers, and crash landing on their planet and evading arrest were
more than enough for a decade of servitude.

Captain Zuthran shared his subordinate’s view of the Corporal and the situation he had placed them in. He had seen the action going on with the use of the body cameras on his soldiers. The team’s assault on the complex was almost textbook – Alekk’s superior command skills were without a doubt essential to the mission. But it was indeed the Miraluka Corporal Kastav who had played their hand too soon by activating his lightsaber during the fight. It drew attention and it would make them want to investigate beyond the obvious.

Still, Shiran was their ace in the hole should the Jedi actually come to investigate, and despite his social status the Captain knew that the Force was what made Shiran the most powerful member of his team, someone not to be taken lightly should they choose to rebel. That his mission had become exposed would embarrass him in front of his
colleagues, and the Corporal would need to be punished.

“Corporal Kastav.” Zuthran addressed the Miraluka.

“Sir?” The Miraluka asked, moving in front of the Captain and raising his hand in salute.

His expression darkening, Zuthran’s mouth curled into a sneer, “I warned you what would happen if you failed to perform on this mission.”

“We accomplished the mission! The most important part of it is sitting right there!” The Corporal shouted in reply, pointing to the form of Echo-1 sitting silently of the cold grate floor of the ship, legs folded under him in a meditative stance.

Echo-1 had not said anything since entering the ship and had followed his captors orders without argument. With his much lighter, more human appearance the xenophobic and snobby O’reen would have had ample time and opportunity to poke fun at Echo-1’s looks and background. However his tall frame, imposing build, and quiet confidence had made all of them think twice.

We accomplished the mission, Corporal,” Sergeant Unthessi butted in, clearly inspired by his superior’s example, “despite your blundering through it!”

“Sergeant, restrain the Corporal. We will deliver him to the Magnus.” The Captain intoned, in his most commanding voice. Alekk smiled, knowing what this meant as he started to move towards Shiran to restrain him.

“Maybe I’ll make you my slave now, Shiran.” Alekk said, grinning wickedly.

“No,” Shiran replied, calm determination in his voice as he raised his head to meet his would-be captor, “you won’t.”

Before anyone could react, Shiran summoned his strength in the Force to aid him in unsheathing his vibroknife and plunging it into Alekk’s chest. The Sergeant slumped down to his knees, looking incredulously at the knife buried in his

Shiran unsheathed another vibroknife and turned his attention to the Captain, frozen in shock. Shiran lunged at Zuthran, but before the blade could connect Shiran was literally mobbed by the other personell present – those who had the presence of mind to take out their stun batons.

The group mercilessly attacked Shiran, never letting him have the chance to react to anything and letting the electric charges of their batons stun their target into submission. The Captain regained his composure as this was happening, having no intention of making them stop one bit.

He looked Alekk Unthessi over; thankfully he saw that the wound could be stabilised and that Alekk would live, as long as they made it home as quickly as they could manage. He stood and turned to his crew not doing anything.

“Get him to a kolto tank, now!” He bellowed, pointing at his wounded subordinate, “and get us to O’reen. Don’t stop hitting him until I’ve left, then sedate him. He makes no more trouble for us.” The Captain then turned and left, slowly.


O’reenian Stealthship ’Severence’

The force shield separating the brig cells from the rest of the ship buzzed with a constant, maddening sound. They were purposefully designed that way. To keep you awake; to keep you from resting. Kintan didn’t mind, though. He was built to handle the worst forms of torture. This was a pin prick by comparison. He was sitting on the floor, calm and collected, focused on one singular spot on the floor directly in front. If one didn’t know any better he would have thought the giant was already crazy and damaged, but Kintan simply had patience.

A movement roused him from his self-imposed trance. To his right, in another cell, his captor and now his companion-by-imprisonment finally roused. Shiran grunted as he rubbed his eyes to adjust to the light. His feet felt as heavy as a weight and every part of his body ached from multiple bruises or wounds the guards inflicted upon him. He seemed disorientated, like a blind dog waking up in a shelter.

“Finally awake?” Kintan asked openly, to get the man’s attention.

Shiran jumped at the sound and hit the forcefield wall which sent small shocks through his body. He groaned at the pain and slumped back on the metal floor before picking himself up, slowly.

“We are nearly at our destination, Shiran Kastav. You would do well to prepare,” Kintan said with a finality that meant only one thing. Death would soon follow.

“There…has to be a way to escape this…cell,” Shiran spoke in half-breaths as he picked himself to his feet.

“Not in your condition,” Kintan replied.

“Then what? are we supposed to stay here and die?”

Kintan turned towards him with a serious look, “and you would have us escape this cell and face some thirty commandos and officers to do…what? Escape with this ship? Even if we did fight through them with no weapons, how would we pilot the ship?” Kintan added as he returned to his original position, “patience is the key here. An opportunity will present itself.”

Shiran slowly sat down and slowly calmed himself.

“Think clearly and you will see the solution,” the giant added.

After several long moments of uninterrupted thought Shiran finally spoke, “yes, possibly. They need us for a public execution. It very ‘fun and games’ with the higher ranks. They’ll probably place us in an arena of some kind. Most commonly against some sort of beast or several trained fighters. That might be our way to escape.”

Kintan turned to Shiran once more, “not bad.”

“All crew prepare for hyperspace deceleration.” the comms officer announced through the ship-board intercom.

“How easily you betray your people, and league with their enemies,” the giant added, with a hint of disappointment, “we will see where this path will lead you,” he finished on a terrible note, knowing full well what lay inside young Kastav.

Shiran turned away just as the guards arrived and the ship dropped out of hyperspace.