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[Master-Student] Praxeum


This is an open RP topic for members of Clan Odan-Urr. For the sake of getting to know each others characters, apprentices are encouraged to post here as much as they like.

Basic Rules

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  • Have fun, this is a lighthearted thread and will be used for practice and character development.


Character Sheet

Jedi Praxeum

North Spire

A room dedicated to lightsaber training, the North Spire was spacious enough for members of the Jedi Order to swing lightsabers and practice their footwork. Not only did Jedi train in these halls, but soldiers, scoundrels, and other non-Force sensitive beings were trained, not how to wield the weapon of the Jedi, but how to avoid them.

Standing at the center of the room was Clan Odan-Urr’s Rollmaster, Gui Sol. A smirk crept across his typically jovial face and his arms were folded as he leaned against a pillar.

“Welcome,” he pushed himself away from the stone. “Today, we will be covering basic Ban’lanth maneuvers, deflections, using those,” he pointed at a series of training remotes that were resting in a suspended state, “and we’ll do some sparring,” his smirk became a wide grin as he mentioned sparring. Afterall, it was one of his favorite activities aside from droid repair.

The students were anxious, excited, or bored, depending on their current skill levels.

“Alright, class. Ignite your training sabers and let’s get started.” He spoke, igniting his own weapon. With a flourish, he slid his dominant foot back and bent at the knees. “First kata, begin.”



Draxion smiled, igniting the basic red blade and starting the kata, going through the motions, with a sort of clumsy determination, almost tripping over his own two feet.


Character Sheet

“Oh, this is gonna be fun,” Raziel snickered as he slipped into the training hall. With a single motion, he brought his lightsaber to life with the signature snap-hiss, and stepped into the training line. The electric hum unique to the icy Khyber crystal within it nearly drowning out the far weaker training sabers in the hands of the apprentices.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, our Jensaarai neighbor kicking up some racket,” Gui quipped. “Why are you even here anyway?” he added, directly addressing Raz, but not pausing his movement in the slightest.

“Fundamentals,” Raziel replied, as though it were the plainest thing in the world. “Besides, I wasn’t Jedi trained, remember? My master taught me Djem So and called it a day. Everything else I know, I’ve been on the business end of.” Similarly not arresting his motion.

“And that’s it?”

“For now, anyway,” Raz added with another snicker, clearly amused at his own wit.

“Could have at least dressed for the occasion,” Gui added, noting Raziel’s lack of his signature armor. Dressed in the most basic of streetclothes, his guest’s only identifying mark was the lightsaber hook on his belt.

“It’s safe enough,” Raz offered with a shrug, turning a second later than then more conventionally trained Draxion he was mimicking.

“For now, anyway,” Gui popped back, his gears turning.


Character Sheet

Ryan waited to the side quietly, lightsaber remaining unignited and largely concealed under his white cloak. He carefully eyed the form of each student but waited for corrections to be issued by Gui. It was his class after all, and Ryan had little experience in pedagogy. He was not sure if he even wanted to train a student. His status as a former Sith would likely taint that student by association after all.

His eyes scanned the students and noted their natural tendencies. As a Soresu practitioner, he especially looked for students who perhaps reflected a cautious attention to detail rather than the hard chargers who used strength and athleticism. Not that strength was a bad thing. Few in Odan-Urr could out muscle Ryan and fewer still, if any, could outwrestle him. Hawkins despised however the tendency of the order to steer the strong to Djem So or a more aggressive form. Soresu was not a style only for the timid. Anyone who had been parried by Ryan and had their weapon battered well off the mark could attest to that. Plus the careful defense of Soresu provided cover to seize an individual and break something important, ending the fight peacefully and in accordance with the Jedi Way.

Ryan’s all white robes made him stand out, but he nonetheless preferred to stand to the side for now. Fingers flexing slightly as he thought in his head of unarmed combat and wrestling, a subject he hoped would not be neglected in the training of this new batch of students.


Elyon de Neverse also attended the Master Sol class this time. She believes that even by observing students, she can gain a lot. She vaguely remembers the hours she spent practicing Soresu lightsaber form under Master Yoda.

She sat in the corner of the training hall and watched life in front of her. Then she placed herself in the Force to feel all the feelings and tremors in the room. She also hoped that she would find a way to improve her skills in working with students and for other future apprentices.

“Elyon, you’re here again.” Gui said and looked at her.

“Yes, I am. I think it’s important to keep improving and looking for ways to improve.” Elyon answered, still looking at the students.

“You’re right about that.” Gui decided and continued to focus on the students.

Elyon didn’t answer anymore because she didn’t want to disturb the lesson and wanted to focus on the students. She watched them perform the individual movements and at the same time tried to feel their momentary connection with the Force. All this was very important for understanding the process of improving abilities and skills.


Draxion sighed, looking around and realizing that he wasn’t really doing the best he could so he closed his eyes and tried to feel the Force, adjusting his stance and allowing his movements to flow gracefully. Trying to center himself, and focus on the goal at hand.


Talis character sheet

Talis stood, leaned in the corner, watching the students practice. None of the students had noticed the sentinels watchful gaze as he eyed the students for promise and watched the new Rollmasters teaching style.

‘I wonder if this years crop of students will sow any seeds of chaos in our peaceful times.’ Talis memory went to a few times in the past when members of the clan he had come up with had taken part in great upheavals within and without the clan.

The Miralukan had sensed the eager presence of Raziel when he entered the training area and watched the exchange as one of the clans few other Miralukan members made a scene. As the conversation seemed to come to an end Talis returned to watching the students.

Talis had been brought up thru the war on Tython and had chosen his Ataru style out of necessity rather than what he wanted to learn but his training in Makashi was much more structured and formal. His dual threat style in his fighting came about due to his varied life experience in the clan but he still remembered the familiar forms of Ban’lanth style that had helped him in his younger years survive the sacking of New Tython. He felt a wave of nostalgia waft over his being.

He then noticed a few of the students were tossing stares his direction and even Gui Sol had noticed the usually stealthy Marauder.

Talis felt awkward under their gaze being there in his full Mandalorian armor.


Draxion noticed the sentinal’s finally, realizing that they were being observed, wishing he was better with the lightsaber, knowing he could have a chance.


Talis noticed the unease of the students spread as he stood there watching quietly. He wondered if it was because of his silence or if it was his helmet being on indoors.

What many of them didnt know about the helmet is it was mostly for show and he had removed any electronics in the helmet for weight because none of the fancy gizmos were of any use to the man.

It was mainly to cover his vestigial eye sockets and still retained its comms array. It was the best option for him to let the sockets breathe out from under the stuffy cloth he normally wears over them. The open air made them feel more comfortable and accustomed to the dryness.

“Mystic Kor-Zar would you like to join us here today?” Elyon stared at the threatening figure.

“If master Gui Sol wants me to but I’m not nearly as versed in Ban’lanth as I once was.” Talis stepped forward and bowed to the teacher.


Aurora Ta’var, or Aura as most called her, stood in the doorway leading into the room where everyone was working. A slight smile came across her face as sentimental memories returned to her. She remembered vividly her own training in Banlanth, each kata seared into her brain until it became second nature. She remembered the zap of the training remote as it taught her crucial lessons in deflection and unavoidable cursing at the infernal objects. Eventually, as it always goes, it became all too easy.

These students were not quite yet and she looked forward to teaching again, really any excuse to leave her office. She spotted a male twi’lek with clunky movements and she felt a twinge of frustration. That will do, she thought. The Zeltron walked up to the Novice and watched for a minute, mentally critiquing his form.

“Hello there, padawan. Would you like some help?” asked Aura.

Draxion nodded in a grim determination, not taking his focus off the remote.


“Okay then,” she smiled and walked up to him offering pointers, helping him to adjust his stance and telling him to close his eyes and focus.

Draxion closed his eyes, letting the Force flow through him as his movements started to flow more, not be so choppy and he started to deflect bolts back at it faster now, eventually striking the drone causing it to clatter on the floor, he opened his eyes, a slight smile on his face, “D-did I do good?”


“That’s it. Well done!” said Aura.

The Zeltron picked up the remote from the ground and changed its difficulty up a level. She then grabbed a helmet from a pile nearby and tossed it to him. The Twi’lek caught and looked up at her quizzically.

“We’ve already been taught the basics. Do I really need this?” asked Draxion.

“No, but it will make you faster and you’ll need to be now. You are still hesitating before you strike. You won’t be able to string swings together with this form but you can swing faster. Rely on the Force more.”

The Twi’lek put the helmet on, casting the world into darkness, and went into the ready position. Aura released the remote.


Draxion immediately started to flail around, now panicking as a result of being blinded he almost immediately got stung by the remote.

Aura tutted slightly, "Relax, focus on the Force, let it flow through you.

“Master I’m trying,” Draxion whined.

“Don’t try do.”


Aura watched as Draxion reset his stance, ready for another round. The training remote moved from side to side, the whir of its motor faint but still there.

“Use all your senses. Feel the air around you. The Force is your sight, not your eyes.”

The Zeltron watched patiently as Draxion kept shifting about, nervously waiting for a bolt. The training remote waited for a moment, almost as if toying with him and released another bolt, which the Twi’lek successfully caught at the last second. The bolt missed its mark but it was progress.

“There you go. Keep at it. You can do it,” said Aura. The Jedi spied her friend nearby.

“Talis!” she said as she waved him over.


Draxion smiled softly, letting the Force flow through him as he kept deflecting bolts, not quite hitting them, until about 15 minutes later as the bolt struck the remote causing it to fall to the ground and he lifted the helmet, a small smile on his face, “I did it.”

Aura smiled softly at the young twi’lek, "There’s someone here I’d like you to meet.


“Dont try. Do.”

Talis couldn’t stand that saying. He heard it plenty of times from his master Revak when he was a padawan. Talis saw a few promising fighters among the group but he was still unsure who he had been paired with by Gui.

“Master Sol?” The Kiffar’s bright green eyes turned to face the taller Jedi.

“What is it Master Kor-zar?” Talis still couldn’t get use to hearing that title and the common use of his last name. He was use to everyone calling him Talis.

“So who did you pair me with?”

The Rollmaster smiled and pointed at the flailing Twilek. Talis eyed the movements as he attempted to bat at the drone’s assaults. There was alot of promise even among the panicked defense.

The Twilek reset his stance and seemed more determined than before. He finally smacked a blaster bolt to the side.

“Talis!” Aura hollered as she waved him over. Talis took a deep inhale and exhale and made his way over to his long time friend.

Talis stood next to Aura as they continued to watch the Twilek’s confidence grow as he kept up a steady pace of deflecting bolts for 15 minutes before a bolt struck the droid.

“I did it.” The blue skinned Twilek said through a grin.

“There’s someone here I’d like you to meet.” Aura waved her hand motioning toward the towering figure.

Mandalorian armor covered the figures body creating and imposing silhouette. Hanging at his side was a black and white curved hilt. The man’s arms were cross in front of his chest and he towered over everyone in the room by a noticeable amount.

Talis reached up and removed his helmet with one hand and covered his eyes with a cloth in his other hand. He handed his helmet to aura as he reached back and tied the cloth behind his head.

“Hi my name is Talis Kor-Zar, I have been assigned as your master and will be dragging you thru every hive of scum and villainy I can find because the best training is experience.” Talis felt very rigid and awkward in the formality of what he said but he figured he might as well try to be a little professional.


Elyon watches how Masters comes to see training of padawans and then she decides to go to greet them.

So Elyon stood up and directed her steps toward the masters. “Greetings Master Aura and Master Kor-Zar.” Elyon said and bows to them.

“Today’s lesson looks very successful.” Elyon said, looking into the classroom.

"Is something wrong? "Aura asked, looking at Elyon.

"No, everything’s fine. It’s just a strange state on the other side.” Elyon replied as she turned to Aura again.

Elyon took a deep breath to release the tension that grew in her from time to time. It is because of her inner struggle with the past and the present. Presence in the clan restored her zest for life, but at the same time Elyon feels a duty. To be a full member.

“Can I help you, Master Aura?” Elyon asks at last.


Draxion looked frightened, but quickly pushed down his fear, “N-nice to meet you Master,” Draxion smiled, “I look forward to working with you.”

Talis smiled back, “And I look forward to working with you.”

“So when do I start?” Draxion asked eagerly.

“Well, your training has already started.”

“Master, what does that mean?” Draxion whined softly.

“Now, now young padawan, don’t whine,” Talis admonished.


“We all felt this way in our beginnings,” Aura said, looking at Elyon.

“Thank you, Master Aura,” Elyon replied, smiling.

“Go among them, watch them, and if you see that someone needs your help, offer it,” Zeltron said, smiling as well.

“Yes, I will. Thank you for the advice,” the young girl replied, walking through the students.

Here and there, Elyon executed a student’s posture or hand position. Another time she suggested a different approach. It was the first time since her appointment as a Master that she was doing well.

She continued to walk among the students, helping, and they received her help without any problems, even though she was not much older than them.