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[Master/Student Run On] [Vadin & Ti-kour] Pride and Humility


34 ABY
Kithrax Bayou

Vadin marched through the Bayou, continuing his training regiment. While Zoya had let everyone go from training an hour ago, Vadin didn’t feel like stopping on this day. Em-H, his constant companion, flew along side him. The training probe was firing at insects that tried to approach the Gand, trying to protect its friend from getting attacked. Both stopped what they were doing when a loud roar cut through the air. Vadin looked up seeing a transport fly over head. As he did his holo-communicator began to ring.

Answering it, Vadin saw a miniature blue figure of Edgar appear. “Vadin,” Edgar said. “I know you are practicing in the Bayou, and I have sent you a training partner. He is now your apprentice, train him well.”

“Yes sir,” the soldier replied.

“Dismissed soldier.” Edgar said, ending the call.

Vadin marched to the edge of the Bayou as the transport began to land. As he reached the Bayou’s edge he could see a young adult Zabrak step off the shuttle. The young man was tall and lanky, and made his way down the ramp, and walked over to Vadin.

“Excuse me,” the Zabrak said. “I am looking for my Jedi Master, is he around here?”

“There are no Jedi here,” Vadin replied honestly.

“Strange, I was told that Aedile Drachen was sending me to meet my master. Are you sure there isn’t a Jedi around, he goes by the name of Vadin,” the Zabrak asked.

“We are Vadin, what is your name?” The Gand replied.

The young Zabrak looked confused. “My name is Ti-kour. I must be in the wrong place. I am sorry to bother you.”

“We do not think you are in the wrong place. Edgar told us we were to train you,” the Soldier replied.

“But you said there weren’t any Jedi around,” Ti-kour stated, feeling a bit confused.

“We are not a Jedi, but we are to train you,” Vadin said honestly. “We may not be the best, but we will do our job.”

“I don’t mean to be rude,” the Zabrak replied, “but what can you teach me. I am a Jedi in training, and you are?”

“A soldier. We have fought Jedi, your kind are hard to fight,” Vadin replied. “But let us see how you do. Defend yourself!”

Vadin launched himself at Ti-kour, right fist extended.