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[Master-Student] The Boxer and The Student


This is for a simple master student Run on.


Tisto sighed as he stared at the dossier Ranarr had prepared for him. What the frak is that cat thinking? Giving me a student… You shouldn’t give someone you don’t want to associate with a person to train. Thats just basic common sense. Unless the Jedi actually do like me.

The Shockboxer chuckled to himself in the Trepus Mining facility. A cold wind was blowing outside, and even deep in the mine it was audible. “I hope he enjoys the cold. It’ll be a while before he finds me,” he thought out loud.

The Kiffar was non to pleased about the situation. The galaxy seemed to have a thing about killing people he knew, and now it was tossing him another lamb to protect as long as he could. A familiar chill ran down his spine, and he teared up for a second. Tisto looked up at the ceiling, unsure what was that seemed to throw things his way.

“Frak you galaxy,” he said to the ceiling. “I’m going to make sure this Jack guy lives. Just to rub it in your face.”

He lowered his head, his red dreadlocks falling over his face. “You aren’t going to take another one from me.”

“Hello,” came a voice. “Are you Tisto?”


Jack stood there behind him staring at the man, quite frankly unaware of who he is. “Hello, are you Tisto” he had said second again. He felt like a young boy in school at this moment.
“I have been sent here, i was told you will be training me. I don’t quite get it but i won’t get cocky.” He pauses and steps back, “So what can you, Tisto teach me. A common smuggler turned pilot. Well i was always a pilot and not to toot my own horn. TOOT TOOT. But quite a good one. But yeah back to my questions. What can i learn from you?”