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[Master-Student] The Heart of a Crystal


This is a Master-Student run-on. Characters sheets linked below:
(Master) Aura Ta’var: https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/character_sheets/10400
(Student) Draxion Durk: Dark Jedi Brotherhood
Kaerls Ice Cave: Kaerls - Wikipedia of the Dark Jedi Brotherhood, an online Star Wars Club

Draxion Durk and Aurora Ta’var travel together to the moon Kaerls to visit the mystical kyber cave, which houses the special crystals that Jedi can bond to before they make their first lightsaber. Together as one they stand outside the complex, giant ice cave unsure of what they will meet. Rumors of giant worms inside have been shared amongst the locals. With the Force as their ally, they might just live…


Drax sighs and takes a step inside, feeling a tugging sensation in the pit of his gut, a sensation he has learned is the Force, telling him where to go, he smiles, oh this should be eas-" the floor collapses underneath him and he falls several feet, ass first, he lets loose an audible “Oof,” as he hits the floor.

Aura rolls her eyes and leaps into the cavern behind him, “Trust in the Force Padawan, remember what I’ve taught you, after all this is our final lesson.”

Drax smiles sheepishly, “Sorry master, I was too focused on the Force telling me to go forward,” he ignites the armory saber he’s currently using, it’s dark red blade illuminating the icy walls.


Aura offered him her hand and helped pull him up. The soft snow underfoot near the opening helped break the fall. The rocky ice walls around them reflected the light from Drax’s saber in such a way that you could see the red glow off many points on the wall. The Jedi Master pulled up her map on her datapad of the serpentine caves and showed it to her apprentice. There was already a mark deep in the cave that looked like decent sized cavern but they would have to walk on foot from here on out.

“So we are here, and we will have to get all the way over there. There are Qrelt, large space centipedes that burrow in the rock, possibly between us and that location so let’s do our best to avoid that.”

“Yes, master.”

The Zeltron shut down the map. “Alright. Lead the way. The Force will be your guide.”


Drax took the map and relied mostly on the Force, guiding him to another part of the cave, it seemed to have been picked clean of crystals from many different Jedi who had been here, there were parts where the walls seemed to have designs carved into them, the symbol of the old Jedi Order looped over and over again, a memorial of sorts and eventually a giant worm rammed into him, causing him to stumble a little bit, not seriously hurt, the worm reared to strike again, and Drax, prepared this time sliced the worm in half, right as it reared to attack.

Drax sighed softly starting at a blank wall, the Force led him straight to it, and was telling him that there was an entrance to another cave through there, frustrated he closed his eyes and had a vision, a Jedi Master pressing their hand to a small spot on the wall, another of the symbols, this one a crude drawing of a Jedi with their Padawan, and Drax located it and pressed into it with his hand, feeling the Force flow through his open palm and into the wall. The wall shuddered, splitting open to reveal a large circular room, with eight exits to the East, North-East, North, North-West, West, South-West, South, and South-Eastern directions Drax walked through the North corridor.


Aura followed her apprentice into the room, looking at the symbols put into the wall over time. She pressed her hand against one of them and smiled, reliving memories of a sephi jedi padawan long ago on their journey. She looked over at Drax and smiled.

“What?” he asked.

“Oh nothing,” she replied. “Just happy memories here. Which way next?”

Her apprentice reached out to the Force and then started walking North. As the pair went through the doorway they found themselves once more in natural tunnels like before. Aura surmised it was possible this was installed for safety measures but then shifted back to the mission on hand. Being there for her apprentice’s big moment. Master and Student walked for a while until they found a large cavern with crystals everywhere. Every one of them was white in color, yet to be bonded with by a Jedi partner.

“Somewhere here,” Drax exclaimed excitedly.

“Remember the crystal chooses the Force user. Reach out and find the crystal that calls out to you.”


Drax walked in slow circles for a second, slightly overwhelmed by the sheer energy that the room had in the Force before walking North West to one of the larger chunks of crystal, was it glowing? No not glowing, slightly perceived by him as such, the Force had played the glowing trick on him a few times before, but this was a lot stronger, the most on a small piece near the top that looked like he could just break it off, Drax smiled slightly, reaching for it with his hand.

The room vanished around him. And he saw a glimpse of the Clone Wars, his vision hanging on the figure of the now dead Darth Vader. “What happened once before, happen again it could, prepare yourself you should, if not by the Dark Side will your destiny be dominated,” the voice of Yoda again, another warning, then a second voice, that of Obi-Wan, “You have taken your first steps young Durk.”

The vision faded, Drax was back in the cave, the crystal in his hands now a bright green color, he had done it, smiling he pulled out the hilt he had so lovingly crafted, opening the wood and bone hilt to reveal a small slot for the crystal, slotting it into place, he wired it up and closed the hilt, igniting his lightsaber for the very first time, its green glow lighting up the room.


Aura Ta’var sat patiently near the entrance as her apprentice found his other half, the crystal that was always meant for him but patiently waited till Drax was ready. She quietly smiled as she felt his excitement rise and recalled her own moments finding her very own crystal. She was incredibly proud of him.

The Jedi master then waited patiently as he constructed his final saber and lit it for the first time. Opening her eyes she finally joined him in the room and say his green blade light up the room. The Zeltron put her hand on his shoulder and smiled.

“Well done apprentice. You are one step closer to Knight. How does it feel in your hand?”


“It feels really nice in my hand, like embracing Galtarn one last time,” he smiled, tears evident in his eyes, “with the bone being a gift from Celevon, a friend I never knew I needed, I told you when I first came here ‘I don’t need friends’, I couldn’t have been more wrong.”

Aura nodded, satisfied that her apprentice had finally managed to learn that one crucial lesson, that friends were always needed.


“You are ready for the trials now, padawan. Let’s go home and get you ready for those.”

“Yes, master,” said Drax. “And thanks for taking me here.”

“You’ve earned it. I’m proud of you,” she said with a smile as the pair walked back to their waiting airspeeder.