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[Master/Student] The Subject of Alchemy


This is a Master/Student Run-On intended to describe the history of Oric Ral’s discovery of his Force sensitivity and his eventual tutelage under Kul’tak Drol. Only these two may post to this Run-On unless prior permission is granted.


34 ABY
Unknown Regions Space

It was always the waiting game that was so bothersome. Under preferred conditions, a hunt was a straightforward matter of tracking one’s prey before finally swooping in for the kill. It was a rush of adrenaline that would flush the body’s system with a feeling of hunger and power, and there was nothing like it in Kul’s eyes. This assumed, however, that one was already on the trail. Thus where the waiting came in. His clan kept him on a short leash due to his strong need to release his pent up energy through more aggressive means. The Shadow had never taken a hunt for personal reasons since his time of induction into Plagueis, and so he relied on their missions issued whenever they felt like feeding his starving desire. Like scraps to the hound.

Now, though, his time had finally come. It lay before him on a small datapad, the current message a sprawling jumble of encrypted packets sent securely from his Quaestor’s office. Carefully inputting his credentials, the Zabrak watched as the message was restructured to its original form.

Target located on Aleena. Possible FS. Research of interest. Confirm data and eliminate.

A few more details mentioned specific coordinates and possible contacts on planet, but Kul merely glanced them over as his head began to accept the profound hunger enveloping him. A hunt. Finally.

34 ABY
Mid Rim
Bright Jewel Sector
Aleena System

The Aleena sun threw its crooked gaze over the mesas trying to block it out in a battle to light the canyon floor. Thankful for the shade cast by the bout, a group of roving Aleena traders and tinkerers basked in this cooler area. On the long trips between buyers and sellers the short reprieves meant a great deal, especially when crossing such an arid portion of the journey. It was not the longest portion by far, nor the hardest, but while sunlight was great for keeping their reptilian hides healthy the Aleena needed a respite every once in a while. While some collapsed onto their rears to regain some breath, others shuffled about and chittered in the rapid speech of their species. One of these, a young Aleena male, trailed another pair who were discussing the remaining leg of the trip. His face glowed with the light of youth, while his eyes darted from one to the other with intense interest. These were the caravan leaders, and also his parents.

“One of the capacitors is dangerously close to failing. I can rig it to make it the remainder of the trip, but we’ll have to get some replacement parts with the credits we make from the next trade.”

With a languid sigh the female Aleena nodded her head.

“I assumed as much with all the fuss it’s been making. That’s just part of the deal, though…Oh, Oric, dear, go make sure none of the straps are loose on the tool cart while your father and I finish up details for the final leg.”

The young Aleena, Oric, nodded twice before trotting off in the direction of the cart where the band stored their many tools of the trade: welding rods, hydrospanners, and even a few vibrospades. A large assortment of other useful paraphernalia littered the cart in their various crates, each fastened tightly with straps for the trip. With a scrutinous eye, Oric checked each cable and belt for loose joints and clamps, but he found nothing of any concern. Sure that he had performed his task most expertly, the young Aleena began to head back when he heard a loud cry from the camp. Sprinting as fast as his short legs would allow, Oric arrived back to find his fellow tinkerers reeling in terror before a hooded figure. A cybernetic arm peeked out from beneath the dark robe the figure wore, and in its grasp squirmed Oric’s mother. Oric could make out another Aleena lying broken at the figure’s feet: his father.

At the sight of such brutality, Oric felt afraid, more afraid then he’d ever been in his life. However, deep within his chest rose something–a sense of purpose and strength that gave him hope. He charged the figure with a cry full of that hope and purpose. The figure turned in his direction. And Oric stopped. Not from terror, nor from any decision to cease his charge, but from pure force of will. The robed figure was holding up another hand in his direction, its skin a pale blue. It’s face was exposed now as the sun’s gaze tore away its veil of shadow. Deep, glowing red eyes pierced Oric’s own with a gaze of pure amusement. The cybernetic arm creaked and the fingers opened to drop Oric’s mother onto the dusty ground below. The blue hand that was still flesh continued to point in Oric’s direction. He fought to do…something…but his body was held fast.

The Chiss reached Oric and grabbed him up much the same way he had the mother. So close to him, Oric felt a strange feeling emanating from the attacker. It felt familiar somehow, but strange all the same. The Chiss must have felt it, too, because a smile creased his otherwise smooth face.

“Well now. This is an interesting turn of events. Here I came looking for specimens, and I get a perfect subject.”

Oric felt the Chiss’ hot breath as he was pulled closer, blanching at the strong stench of someone who had been away from civilization for some time.

“We’re going to find some answers, you and I, little Aleena. Rejoice, for when I’m through, you just might get to live forever.”

The Chiss gave a resounding laugh at some inside joke, and waved a hand in front of Oric’s face. Then everything for him went black.


34 ABY
Mid Rim
Bright Jewel Sector
Aleena System

The void was unnerving; not just the absence of light alone but sight and sound had become completely alien and unwelcome to him. This cold darkness had escaped the bounds imposed by the light of reality and entered his body as a living nightmare. The war between life and death had taken hold as he struggled to grasp at his thoughts and memories. Like water flowing through clenched fingers what little remained had faded and slipped away at the realization the battle was all but lost. What had remained was the looming torment and absolute horror of no longer being.

Abruptly a spark of piercing white light erupted in the distance. The void roared in anger as it hastily snuffed out the intruding illumination. As quickly as it was erased more ignited in a glorious display of hope and determination. It was a torrent of feverish attempts of a final onslaught that barraged in from every direction, tearing and ripping at an endless veil. Through the tattered fabric order and chaos gave birth to a familiar but almost forgotten landscape. The image of a young Aleena child being flung haphazardly to the ground seared a haunting form. Frantically it tried to come into focus but it slipped away leaving behind a gut wrenching disparity. The grains of time washed over the sky only to be eclipsed by a shadowy figure.

A hissing fizz laughed and the bellowing hum mocked as a red warmth poured over a fragile existence. The darkness returned for a brief moment before a slight vibration nudge at something that could not possible be there. It seemed to be a personal memory of a mother rocking her child, ensuring that everything was going to be okay, that gave a momentary sense of comfort. Giving away to a feeling of weightlessness, flying out into the unknown but always in the looming black, completely alone.

“Is this death?” A soft frail voice echoed out across space and time. “I actually remember this”.

“good you’re not a complete waste after all”. A demonic voice cheerfully replied.

Raw energy poured in breathing life anew. Surging in harmonious anguish; the crackling, and whipping seared in exquisite pain. Screams of torturous joy sung out at the realization death had not took hold. An overpowering voice resounded “Peace is a lie! Now Say it k’pah vez!”

Outstretched hands lurched forward as chaotic blue lines hurled toward the broken Aleena’s body. Instantly the unrelenting Force lightening bit and licked its way over every inch of pale blue skin. Admiring his sadistic masterpiece the Sith swelled with euphoria as the uncontrollable wailing and convulsing consumed his canvas. Pausing momentarily to finally hear the crescendo weeping “Peace is lie.”

The days gave way to weeks and the weeks to months but the torture never relented. There were times that physical abuse never came but the torment was always there. Locked away in dark tank barley large enough to stand in, Oric was exposed to extreme temperatures. First the heat came like that of a blast furnace. Then when it seemed he could take no more cool water would misted the air. The I increasing humidity made it so unbearable that Oric felt as if drowning with every breath. Lacking any known means of drainage the tank would slowly fill as the environmental temperature dipped well below normal body temperature.

When the Sith tired Oric would be pulled out for unknown dark experiments. His pain threshold was tested and strange chemical were injected numerous times. Dark rituals were performed before and after long periods of excruciating sleep deprivation testing the limits Oric’s resolve. At every step of the way a mantra was repeated over and over again, ingraining itself deeper with every word:

Peace is a lie, there is only passion. Through passion, I gain strength. Through strength, I gain power. Through power, I gain victory. Through victory, my chains are broken. The Force shall free me.

As the days dragged on Oric’s flesh began to twist and distort revealing a creature no longer recognizable as Aleena. A lean muscular body covered in slate-blue scales with long arms and legs terminating in sinewy hands and feet with tiny curved claws. A head no longer elongated like the others of his species was now more rounded with spiny ridges running from his beak like mouth, up over large deep set yellow eyes. Monstrous was his horrific form but it was on this day his captor appeared with an insidious smile. “Come K’pah Vez today you shall be born”.

Oric was gently led down a short hallway. Every muscle ache with pain but still he pushed on out fear. The Sith stopped at a door and turned to the broken Aleena before speaking, “I have a gift for K’pah Vez. I hope hope you like it”. Placing an ashy blue hand on a control panel located on the wall activated the door revealing a near empty room. In the far corner of a solid white room was chained a small rodent looking species known as a Ranat in tattered clothing. As it’s head turned it’s eyes nervously locked on the two standing in doorway. Handing Oric a small vibroblade the Sith gleefully stated, “I figure you must be hungry so I prepared you this feast. I will return once you have had your fill and then we shall begin your training.” Oric slowly stepped into the room with his head focused towards the floor. Once the door slid closed behind him Oric took notice of the blade resting in his hand as he began to caress it with his thumb. It seemed surprisingly heavy to him as his grip tightened. He stood there for a moment just admiring the sense of power resting in his hand. Then without warning Oric snapped his head upright and charged at the enslaved Ranat. Frantic screaming and squeals reverberated through halls before slowly fading into an eerie calm.

Echoing footsteps broke the silence before resting just outside. A gruesome scene was revealed as the door slide opened. The once pure white room was now covered in a sticky coagulating mess with entrails decorating the walls and ceiling. Oric, now dressed to match the room, dove at the Sith with the blade still in his hand. Swinging upwards in a fluid motion towards his captors throat Oric was stopped inches away from his mark. A crushing blow slammed Oric’s body in mid air and held him firmly in place well above the ground. The unseen force squeezed tighter and tighter as Oric’s vision began to dim. The vibroblade fell to the ground with a thud before the Sith finally let up.

“I do admire your attempt K’pah Vez, as futile as it might be, but if you’re going to make it out of here with your life you are going to learn who has true power”.