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Minimum Character Count


So, apparently this new forum requires a minimum of 20 characters be entered before you can create a post or make a reply…

The Brotherhood does a lot of things that involve less-than-twenty characters (example: One-Word Run Ons).

There any way to remove this minimum requirement?


now 5


I know it’s random, but maybe 4? Just thinking for a lot of runons and stuff where people just type “next”… dunno :stuck_out_tongue:


Or 3…like “The”. You need that to start those One-word posts, or to start a new sentence at least.


Meh, we should probably aim at just abolishing one word runons, and make the standard 2 or 3 word runons. Lots of words are one or two letters long, adjusting for that would basically mean that the minimum character count not exist.


Meh. No minimum character length is fine anyway? I don’t even know if that’s ever been much of an issue. “Oh noes, all these people just post one letter constantly!” :stuck_out_tongue: Eh, not a huge deal one way or another, but the whole minimum-count thing is a solution looking for a problem me thinks


In terms of minimum character count, if there were violations of this if it were removed (multiple one character posts) would the admins on the board have the ability to simply delete them and put a ban on repeat offenders?


Admins and moderators have the option to delete or edit any posts.