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My first duel, the one that changed it all


This was my entry for a competition I was in. I am very proud of it. It elaborates on what is mentioned on my wiki page. This posting isn’t for any comp or type of advancement. It’s just something to let you all know more of my past. Oh and it helps to read my accent out loud, with Shreks voice.

Versea Estate

“Firith, what’s wrong? You seem distant.” Lilith asked, snuggling up against her husband.

They were both lying on a blanket by a quiet stream in a distant corner of the grounds of the Versea estate. Alone together for the first time since their duties as Blackguard had concluded, as well as the end of the feud with Clan Scholae Palatinae. Firith was finally healthy enough to move. After being turned into a mouse like creature and having multiple bones broken, their first time alone was a picnic and then passionate love making, away from everyone and everything. Except for a vibroknife Firith always carried. They hadn’t brought any communicators, lightsabers, or anything that tied them to Clan Naga Sadow or the Brotherhood.

“Tis nothing love, just thinking about the past again, and our life since the day that changed everything for us. Fleeing Alba, hiding from the other members of the temple, getting married in secret and everything else we have been through. The getting scooped up into the Brotherhood and all the trials we’ve faced. Getting new names, being Blackguards, the feud, our elevation to Mystic, Tasha and her problems with Bentre.” He sighed heavily. “And about how old I feel and the regrets I have for not doing better by you.” Firith responded, pulling his wife of 20 some odd years close.

Lilith cuddled in, softly tracing the scars that crisscrossed her husband’s broad chest, lightly touching the still vivid bruising that covered his whole side. Looking him in the eyes, she smiled, “You silly fool. I love you and always will. But I will never understand why you go and beat yourself up. And for what? You make me happy, that should be enough.” Laying her head on his chest, she chided him and softly yawned, drowsy from their love making and the warm sun on their bodies.

Firith hugged her tight with the arm that cradled her and kissed the top of her head. “Because I made a promise to myself that I would care for you with my whole being lass. And if it takes my sacrificing m’self to keep yo—“ He stopped as he realized she had dozed off. Smiling, he stared off to the clouds and thought back to “that day.”

26 years earlier
Alba-16, 13 ABY

“What if we are caught? I think one or two of the others are overly suspicious.” Lilith said giggling, pushing Janos’ head away from her neck.

“Ay doonna care nae more.” Janos said, kissing her palm and wrist. “Aim vurra tired o havin ta mind them. Ay want us ta bae tagethar.” He said his thick accent making it difficult to understand him.

Claiming they were practicing tracking and survival skills, the two young lovers had run off into the jungle together to be alone and away from the others at the temple. Especially their teachers, Jedi Master C’Lacntha and Knight Thuallan.

Knowing the Jedi were all but wiped out during the Great Jedi Purge. C’Lacntha, a Miralukan Jedi, along with Thuallan, his human Padawan fled to Alba-16 to go into hiding. C’Lacntha made himself a Master and promoted his Padawan to Knight. After a time they started training Force sensitive children and founded a small, hidden temple in the deep jungles on the planet. Janos had been one of C’Lacntha’s Padawans for around 16 years, training under both the Master and Knight since the age of five or six. Lilith had come to join them a few years ago, when she was in her late teens. Having received basic Jedi training from her late uncle for many years.

After some initial problems, Janos and Lilith found that they were good for each other, they became fast friends and eventually lovers. Something they both thought had gone unnoticed by their master and the other students in the temple.

Janos kissed Lilith again. “Marry me lass, be ma bride and ma wife forever. We’ll leave here an go out ta the stars, away from all the Jedi and everything. Jest me an yea t’gaither.” He whispered in her ear, as he nibbled on it.

Lilith hugged him tight. “Yes.” She whispered back. Holding tight to each other, they were soon lost in the throws of passion.

“SO! It’s true then!” A voice called out, breaking them out of their love making. Janos scrambled to his feet, grabbing up his saber and igniting it. Crouching and looking around, he scanned the trees and undergrowth, then he spotted a Twi’lek named Ch’Cadick standing about 15 feet away.

Lilith ducked behind Janos and grabbed her robes to cover herself and Janos stood up and confronted the intruder.

“Clothe yourself, you disgusting filth. You dishonor our master and his teachings. And you Lilith, how could you whore yourself to this, this… this piece of rancor filth!” The Twi’lek yelled in anger as he marched forward towards the two.

Janos brought his blade around and pointed it towards the enraged Twi’lek. “Ch’Cadick, lad, ye ken nae what ye bae dooin or sayen. We ha been friends now fer nay 10 years, but Ay will nae be stay’n ma hand aif ye talk like tha agin about Lil.”

Ch’Cadick stopped short of the glowing blue blade and reached for his own saber. “I said clothe yourself! I won’t fight you. But you WILL come back with me to face Master C’Lacntha and Master Thuallan.”

“Nae, tis willa nae happen. Aif an when Ay go back, Ay’ll bae gooin’ bae ma’sel and with Lil. Nae under guard, and nae with ye!” Janos growled, thrusting his lightsaber forward and making the Twi’lek jump back.

Knowing Janos was a better fighter than he was, Ch’Cadick took a step back and then turned and walked away. Looking over his shoulder he called back to the couple. “Fine then, consider yourselves on report. I’m going back to tell our masters what you have done.” He then bolted off into the jungle.

“Janos, what are we going to do!?” Lilith asked in a panicky voice. “We’ll be expelled from the Order! We may even be killed for when we have done. Oh why did I let it go this far?” She said more to herself than him.

Janos turned to see the woman he loved collapse to her knees and begin to weep. His anger fled him and his heart broke to see the pain he had caused. “Lass? Lil? Look at me.” He said dropping to his knees and reaching out to comfort her. She jerked away at first then fell into his strong arms and wept. “Shhh, it’s alright, we will bae fine. Let’s run away, now! We can make it to the spaceport at Montgomery.” he said slowly so she understood everything he said. “This is our chance lass, we can finally be free of all of it and be together without worry. We’ll get married and figure out what to do from there.”

Lilith pulled back and looked at him. Her eyes puffy and red from crying, she sniffed and looked at him and saw how earnest he was. “You mean it? You DO mean it! We just can’t up and run. I have to go back and collect my personal gear, my uncle’s lightsaber, clothing, money.” We just can’t run off without some kind of plan.”

Janos pursed his lips and considered what she was saying. Taking a deep breath he nodded. “Alright, but we’ll have ta be sneaky aboot ait. We canna be caught.” He said, racking his brain for how they would get their gear from the temple. “We’ll have ta sneak in under cover o night, and with any luck we can avoid the others.”

“I think I know just the way.” Lilith smiled.

Later that evening when everyone but the poor sap on sentry duty had gone to sleep, Lilith and Janos snuck their way back to the sleeping quarters of the temple. Janos, ever alert to an attack was surprised to find some of the other Padawans asleep on the floor or in chairs surrounding a holo table. Even noticed that even the sentry was curled up asleep by the door. Janos looked at Lilith with a quizzical look and shrugged his shoulders. “What in the? How? Why are they all asleep?” He whispered to her.

“Because I drugged them, well, I put sleeping drugs in the water cistern.” Lilith replied, smirking. “I did it a few hours ago before they ate final-meal. It should wear off in a day or so, but let’s not take any chances. Grab your gear and I’ll get mine and I’ll meet you back here.” She said and then headed off to her room.

Janos watched her go, his eyebrows raised in disbelief. “Remind me nae ta piss you off lass.” He said to her retreating form. Looking around at the drugged and passed out people, he shook his head. “Drugged the water…huh.” He said to himself as he gathered some extra robes and rations to take on their journey.

The two met at the door of the temple and gave it one last look. It had been Janos’ home for as long as he could remember, but he didn’t feel sad leaving it. If anything he felt like a huge weight had been lifted off his shoulders. Hand in hand they headed out together towards the distant spaceport at Montgomery.

Clearing the temple compound the two headed towards the jungle path that would take them to the road, when a voice caused them both to jump.

“Janos, why do you flee like a Sith in the night? We must talk my friend.” Said the soft and tired sounding voice of his master. “Have no fear, there are no others here with me tonight. All have fallen to Lilith’s poison.”

Janos looked at Lilith, “Poison? Ya said ye just drugged them!” Looking back at figure standing in the shadows he exclaimed. “Och! She said she oonly drugged them, yae, everyone, um why aren’t yae asleep?” Looking back at Lilith he asked, “Why isna’ he asleep? Did yae really poison everyone?”

Looking wide eyed and shrugging, Lilith responded in a loud whisper. “NO! I didn’t really poison them, it was an herbal mixture that causes sleep. And I don’t know why he’s awake!”

Master C’Lacntha stepped out of the shadows and softly approached the two frightened Padawans. “I am not asleep because I was able to recognize the drug for what it was and alter my metabolism to counteract it. The others were not so lucky. You do realize someone might have gotten hurt when they passed out? Lilith you should be ashamed of yourself. What if someone had been injured by your recklessness? What if the herbs you used caused an allergic reaction and one of your friends died? Your lack of care is something a Dark Jedi or Sith would do. But we will speak of this later. Come, both of you. You are confined to your quarters until the others awake and you can be judged.”

Lilith shouted, “NO!” At the same time janos growled out “NAE!”. Striding forward to shield Lilith, Janos pointed at the old Jedi. “We are ain love and willa bae leaving. There HAS ta bae something more ta this universe than the Jedi Code, an we will faind ait!”

C’Lacntha cocked his head to the side “looking” at them with his Force reading ability and then shook it sadly. “Janos, I see your fear, and anger. The door to the Dark Side of the Force has been opened and you have stepped through. But you can still be saved. You haven’t gone all the way in.” The Miralukan calmly said. “If you continue this, there will be no helping you in the future. You will forever be in darkness. Always looking for the easy way out. Always fearing, always hating.”

“Yae lie! My eyes are open and Ay can finally see how yae and Thuallan held me back. Yae bae blind in more ways than one ‘Master’.” Janos spat. “Lilith and I are leaving an yae canna’ nae stop us.” He cried, drawing his saber and igniting it. The dark blue blade filled the area with warped shadows and odd colors.

C’Lacntha’s shoulders slumped and he seemed to shrink in on himself. “You had such promise, if only you would let your doubts go and just believed.” He whispered. “Is this truly what you want? To be destroyed? To leave Lilith to face her punishment alone?”

“The Force is strong ain me anna’ will fight and defeat yae Master. And then yae will let us leave here.” Janos retorted, stepping forward and positioning himself as he had been taught.

C’Lacntha’s blue-white blade snapped on and he lunged Janos. With Force augmented speed, his leap brought him face to face with Janos. His two handed downward slash meant to end the fight quickly, by slicing into the head of his foe.

Janos parried and he felt the shock of the strike travel up his arms. Growling, he slammed his blade up and over to the right, forcing the other blade away from his face. Then stepping to the left he thrust his saber towards C’Lacntha.

Deftly flicking his saber back up he C’Lacntha simply knocked the glowing tip of Janos’ lightsaber away. Material singed and smoked as it carved through his sleeve. Leaping away for a moment to give him more fighting room. He threw his saber towards Lilith hoping to distract Janos.

Janos watched horrified and then at the last moment used the Force to push the flying saber off course. Anger welled in his heart and he charged the now unarmed C’Lacntha, ready to cut him down where he stood.

The Miralukan turned and saw pure hatred and rage boiling off Janos. His eyes widened in fear as he telepathically called his saber back to him. He again leapt back to avoid the attack.

“Yae DARE! Yae would murder my love just ta get at me?!? For that yae will beg me for mercy!” Janos screamed. Rage and anger gave him strength and he rushed forward to attack.

The blades met in a crackle and pop of plasma. Antic sparks flew as the two became saber locked. The smell of ozone filled the air and the smell of burning flesh became present. Screaming in pain and anger Janos looked at his saber and saw that the power pack or crystal or something was damaged. A loud whine of surging power being unleashed could be heard. The saber handle started glowing red and spark as it overheated it’s blue blade pulsing and crackling.

Not knowing what was going on with his lightsaber, Janos leapt back in panic and threw it away from him. Hoping it would be far enough away when whatever was going to happen, happened. He turned and ran towards Lilith. “Get down!” he yelled as he dove forward. Lilith quickly dropped to the ground, shielding her head with her arms.

C’Lacntha jerked away from the saber as it flew past him and ran towards a nearby building.

For a brief moment, night became day as the saber went critical and exploded. C’Lacntha, Janos and Lilith all cried out at the blinding light and loud boom that caused their ears to ring.

Staggering to his feet, Janos looked back to where C’Lacntha had been standing. The old Jedi was not there any longer. Looking about he spied the him leaning against a nearby building, singed and smoking from the blast. Head ringing, he looked back at Lilith and saw her lying behind him… He called to her but she didn’t respond, he hoped she was just unconscious. Fearing for her health, Rage filled his heart and he looked back at C’Lacntha.

Anger fueling him, he ran towards the old Jedi. Reaching to the small of his back he pulled out a vibroknife he always carried with him from his belt and snapped it on. Smashing the man into the wall Janos slammed the blade of the knife into C’Lacntha’s chest, piercing his heart. “This is for trying to kill Lilith you stinking filth.”

Janos snapped off the vibroblade as he pulled it out and C’Lacntha fell to the ground, his life blood spurting out of the gaping wound. Janos kneeled down next to the corpse and wiped the hilt of the knife on its robes. Reaching down he grasped C’Lacntha’s lightsaber and claimed it for his own. Thumbing the trigger he watched the blue-white blade form. He felt the power of the saber, and as he watched the color of the blade shifted from blue-white towards blue and then into a deep indigo purple.

Standing he snapped the saber off and connected it to his belt. Feeling stronger than he ever had he walked over to Lilith’s still form. He dropped to his knees and caressed her face. “Lil? Dearest? Are ye with me still?”

Groaning Lilith slowly opened her eyes. “Wha? What happened?” She asked sitting up.

“It is over lass, it’s all over and we are now free.” Janos said, pulling her to her feet. Both staggered a bit from the affects of the explosion.

“Where is Master C’Lacntha? What happened to him?” Lilith asked looking past Janos to the building.

Janos turned and looked at the now empty blood stained robes that lay where the body had been. Turning back and looking at Lilith and shook his head. “I don’t know lass, but he’s gone now. Come, it is time for us to start our new life together.” Taking her hand in his he pulled her close and kissed her. Together they walked off into the jungle and their future.