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My Manifesto



This word describes who I am, why I’m here, and my every intention. It is my battle cry, my source of strength, and the solitary comfort of a darkened soul.

The Tau House. That’s where it all started. Magnus Kaerner, commander of the squadron. They called him “Swede,” but they also called him friend. Master Zero; he was called DBZero back then. Erich Von Reinthaler; the architect of our future castle. Maxamillian von Oberst; fierce commander of the Infiltrator Wing. Sirrus; the Mad One. Their power and skill was already building, but they had yet to be joined together. They didn’t know it, but their roads were destined to meet.

The Grand Master had decreed that all the Brotherhood would join Houses, or form their own. Tau, who was part of the Grand Master’s honor guard, those Force-using pilots who escorted their Dark Lord, they stood apart. They weren’t willing to let any of the other Houses claim their legacy. They denied their liege’s command, but in honor of him. They served only him, and would join no other master. But the Sith King is relentless, and he gets what he wants. Tau followed their sovereign’s commands; they formed their own House. Tarentum was born.

They came to Yridia II, and established their home, the underwater Castle Tarentum that lived up to Reinthaler’s vision. From there, they won the first House Wars, and claimed the Victory-class Star Destroyer Corsair, a great prize in that age. It served them well, and served our history for a great time, until its death served to seal off the Aptrgangr infestation on Koros; it still rests there to this day. Tarentum, who was known for serving the Dark Lord of the Sith, the Grand Master of the Brotherhood, the Sith King Justinian Khyron. We serve him still; he is our lord and master.

Tarentum’s legacy was cemented. The Sith King and Dark Council knew our capability and loyalty. From then, for some time ahead, Tarentum was a farm for future Council members. Kaerner became Knight Commander; Master Zero became Lord Khyron’s Deputy Grand Master; Sirrus became Krath High Priest. Faethor would go on to become the Grand Master Chi Long, the Fire Dragon. We have our remembered legends. We have those we’d like to forget, as well. But we do not, for our history is part of who we are. We do not forget. It serves as a reminder so that these detractors never return.

Astatine was once numbered among us. He was a leech in the Force, and gained control because he weaseled his way into the Imperial Remnant’s good graces. It was he who tried to control us, who tried to place us under his Imperial boot heel. And Zoraan gave him that opening. Zoraan, who had been a Warlord and Consul of our Clan. Friend and ally to some, enemy to others. His name is born ill will throughout the Brotherhood, few mourn his loss. Would that we could forget our failures. Never forget them. Remember them, for they make you strong.

We returned to our ways after the Split, after the Exodus. We had been servants of Lord Khyron, of his chosen heir who sits astride the Iron Throne. After Firefox, Lord Cotelin, who had been Dark Lord, and would be once more. I served as his Praetor; I served as his Sith High Warrior. We served as part of his protection. We guarded the Shroud of Antei, that mystical barrier dividing the universe from Antei, the home of the Brotherhood. We sealed it off at Lord Cotelin’s command. We allowed entry to others at his behest. He honored us with such a station; we remembered our oath to our Sith King. We serve him, we serve his rightful heir. Others were jealous, and whispered lies and falsehoods to deprive us of this honor, but we lost this station on our own. We forgot to prove our loyalty again.

Tarentum remains, however, and we have a bond that needs to be held up. Our Dark Lord, our Sith King’s heir, the Grand Master Pravus is a bastion of sustaining power. He believes in us, he holds true to the words of our liege Khyron; if Tarentum serves, he will honor us. Our oath, our undying vow, remains true: we will honor our forefathers and their legacy, and we will serve our King, and we will follow his chosen heir. I believe in Pravus; his word is his bond, and he trusts in Tarentum. He knows we will fall to the last man before we ever turn our back upon the Brotherhood, before we ever betray our oath to the Sith King, before we ever dishonor our Lord Khyron by denying his heir. Tarentum is true. We have a history of service, a legacy of honor, a foundation of pride.

I am Tarenti; this is my Clan. I am Tarentae; this is my family. I am subject to the Sith King; this is my honor. I will serve the Iron Throne; this is my vow. I will forever uphold the ideals and legacy of Tau; this is my bond. We are the posterity of Kaerner, of Master Zero, of Sirrus, of Chi Long, of Ciara Tearnan, of Rekio Corsair, of Spears, of all those who have gone before.

I am Sith Bloodfyre, and this is my Manifesto. This is my family, my Clan, and my life. I will stand with you, I will put my back to yours and defend, and I will lift you up with my dying strength to see Tarentum at a place of honor serving our liege and sovereign once more. I call upon you all. Study our history. We were named in honor of Janus Tarentum, the Force-sensitive who ruled Magnus IV. We bear the history and obligation of Tau, to serve the Sith King and his rightful heir. The Grand Master Pravus has called upon us to stand, to grow, and to live as his allies, his strength, and his victory. Will you answer his call?


DJM Sith Bloodfyre-Tarentae
Master of the Sith Order
Grand Chamberlain
The Ghost Dragon
Clan Tarentum