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[Naga Sadow] Orian Assembly: Reclaiming Our System


Sith Space
Orian System
Temple of Sorrow

He has arrived, my lord, stated the hall guard. Im informing you as requested.

A tall man in red and black armor with slowly blinking red lights strode into the Consuls office. Greetings, Consul Malik. Im reporting as requested. The madman peered about. I like the spartan decorations. Ive never been one for opulence myself. Those are credits that can be put towards equipment, droids, or my hobbies. The Sith chuckled. One eye bulged with the laughter. It was yellow, had a slitted pupil, and an evil mien. Forgive my appearance. A Sithspawned replacement for the one lost on Bosthrida. I made some modifications. Fortunately most are not visible.

Darth Vexatus has stepped down to pursue his own researches, replied the Neti coldly. You are needed to serve again. The tree-man shifted behind his desk. Were in a difficult place and the Clan needs you to clean up the mess. Im counting on you. The Clan is counting on you. I remember when you first joined. We Neti have long memories. I was Consul then, and Robert Sadow your Quaestor. Will you comply?

I see, replied Macron thoughtfully. I have never, in my decade plus with the Clan failed to serve. When I last retired I did not expect this to happen again. Yet and still, I serve Sadow with all my evil hearts. The Elder grinned and chuckled, fingers flexing with clicking sounds in the gauntlets he wore. How may I be of service to the Clan?

As Proconsul, the Warlord replied bluntly. You opened Markosian with that strike team, and Leora Khan was eliminated. Our aid workers were able to establish a foothold and gain a rapport with the denizens. San Korinar is back under control. I want to you to personally lead the charge to secure our entire system and eliminate and enemy forces. The time of tolerance is over. The time of Clan Naga Sadow is upon us.

I understand, Consul. Do I have a free hand? Macrons bloody yellow eyes narrowed. I have brought us to greatness before. I can do it again if we all pull together as comrades in arms. Victory and broken chains are within our grasp. Beings across the system will fear us again, as it should be.

Yes. I know you are itching to get to work, so do so. Malik turned to the readouts in front of him. the entire mining, smuggling, and trade life of the network scrolled across the screen in front of him. Im going to work behind the scenes to enhance our profit margins. Lets get the new mines on the Inos moons into play soon. We need the revenue badly.

And so we shall, growled the Sith Adept in reply as he smashed a fist into an open hand with a meaty smack. Ive been waiting for this moment. No more shall we lie in front of the hearth as meek Panthac kittens. No, we shall have fire in our veins. Passion. Power. And a lust for battle. He giggled. Yes. Yessss. its time for a change. Time for the iron fist of our Clan to close again over its own domain, and then crush more resources from those too weak to oppose us. So it has been since Lord Orians time. So shall it be again.

The Sith scowled as he left the room. He touched his wrist comlink. Macron to Nachzerer. R9, contact the entire Summit and have them meet me at the Temple of Fire. We have much to discuss, and time is wasting.


Orian System
Incursion Megalith

The tree-like humanoid spoke slowly, with force of voice and careful words. His image was being broadcast across the Orian System, from San Korinar to Inos. Men, women, beings. I am here today at the Incursion Megalith. This structure was built to honor those who fell in combat defending this great system from the Yuuzhan Vong. They paid the ultimate price so that you and I can live free, stated the Neti. I am Consul Malik. I stand here before you today as the System Leader. A new government known as the Orian Assembly has been formed with representation from all cities, moons, and planets. We will create peace, safety, and quality of life throughout the system for all.

A hush fell across many places in the Orian System. Faces of different beings turned towards comlinks, holovids, viewscreens. The figure continued to speak as the camera panned across the soldiers and relief workers that surrounded him. Brethren, we must find unity and pride in our System. We have been at the mercy of pirates, bandits, corporations, and outside invaders.

The Neti paused for effect. He almost seemed to radiate a peaceful aura. No more. We have opened San Korinar and Markosian City to relief efforts and driven out the crimelords. Food, medical care, clean power, and a rebuilt city are well underway in both locations. You have a right to live with healthy bodies, food, and a good job. We can and will ensure that this happens, commented the Neti as he gestured toward a viewscreen with images of aid workers, food stations, and construction equipment at work in the system.

The construction and restoration will create jobs. We will invest in industry and science. New mining operations will be opened, and they will be done safely. Commerce will increase and be streamlined. Images of clean streets, smiling miners and transports loaded with goods drifted across the screen.

I ask that you band together as comrades and support each other. We can find unity in our search for a good life and pride in the system we live in. We can all be a part of something great, something good, something more than the sum of the parts. The Orian Assembly will ensure this for you and your voices will be represented. We are even now moving to eliminate the past of the evil influences in this system. I have pride in our System, and I know each of you do as well. I ask that you join me in making this great system of ours a better place to live for all of us. I will tour the system, and listen to you personally. Thank you, stated the Consul as the image faded out.

Temple of Sorrow
Intelligence Center

Did you get that Teu? asked the hovering blue image of the Proconsul. Nice job on the feed quality and images.

I did, replied the Head of Intelligence. Weve already distributed the information and planted damaging information against the unwilling. Public opinion seems to be turning in our favor.

Good, replied the Elder Sith. Good. Jeric has… used the authority and eliminated the uncooperative elements in Kel Rasha quietly. We are now moving to strike the remainder of the Organization holdings at Inos. The entire Warhost has massed around Inos- none will survive or escape. I will see to it personally as the Consul has ordered. Keep up the good work- its a long haul, but we will again own this System. The new Clan members will be able to carve out their own legacy of glory in this war action. Macron Out.


Wreck of the Miners Brother
Amphor Orbit
Orian System

The old, aging wreck had been completely stripped clean by the Verpine Engineers. The materials were bound for another location deeper within the System. Aboard, several political agitators and planetary mayors looked angry. There is no meeting! No terms! This Convocation is a sham! We did not agree to this! We will have our say! Around them, armored troopers backed away and entered shuttles. Wisps of cool, numbing gas began to drift from the air ducts.

Good Luck, chuckled the voice of the mad Sith as it echoed around them. It would have been best for you if you had been compliant. My failed pets will entertain you as you embrace Amphors grace. A loud clank, hiss, and grating of metal announced the opening of every failed experiments cell door across the few remaining pressurized floors. Good luck. You will need it. Many lost their lives here defending this station from Zoraans forces. And still, you will all die. Enjoy. No one will ever hear of you or your words again. Hehee.

Amphor Orbit

Holonet Image

Protocol alpha, seven, twelve, stated Macron as he launched away from the Wreck. R-9, make sure the vectors are correct. If the thrusters fire correctly, the Wreck of the Miners Brother will impact the floating illegal Organization mining platform known as Gammarga from orbit. That will leave San Korinar the only primary floating city around Amphor.

Macron cupped his hands and held his head. The thought of my failed experiments, the shame brought by Horizons, and knowing it has been plundered completely occupy my mind.

Goodnight, my sweet lady. Outside the viewports a great light burned from the gigantic Old Republic mining scow as it drifted down into the burning clutches of greedy Amphor at meteoric speeds. The Juggernauts hands clenched as the shockwave hit the Nachzerer. Heh. heh. The laugh was slower than normal. A single gelid green tear leaked from his eye. Frack.

R9, get us to the Inos Warhost mass immediately. Open a channel to the Consul please.

Malik here. Your news?

I did it. The competing compromised platform is no longer producing tibanna. We control all production around Amphor now. My facilities were moved to Inos 42 by the Verpine as requested. Im moving to join the Warhost and we will assault all Inos targets immediately. Interrogator Out.


Platform Onyx 2
Sepros Orbit
Orian System

The space around Sepros was crawling with ships. A Firefox class carrier dominated the scene, surrounded by a swarm of heavy cruisers and gunships. Several Corvettes moved towards and away from the moon of Sepros Minor. Aboard the platform the group of Dark Jedi meet in a cabal. With them were Admiral Araic Simonetti and Major General Byron Cargas, leader of the ground forces of the new Assembly.

Our Consul is touring the system. We all know why we are here, commented Macron Sadow. It is time to drive the scum from our system and take control. Beside him stood a Black Guard in solid obsidian-colored armor carrying a lightsaber hilt and a faceless mask. We have initiated some positive changes across the system, and Quaestor Teu has the propaganda situation well in hand. The time has now come for the hammer to fall. The Sith looked across the gathering. “How do you fare?”

I have assembled the most warlike of the Clans Dark Jedi, said Quaestor Shirai as he stepped up. The first assault will be on the headquarters on the Inos Moon known as Rockpile. The Sith gestured at the holomap behind him. We depart from orbit in two days.

Why not bomb them from orbit? I fear it is a direct question, but logical, queried Araic Simonetti carefully. The Admiral knew the death of those who served him more than most, and it had made him a grim naval officer over the years. he would do what needed to be done, but if the lives of his crew could be spared from unneeded death it would be the preferable solution.

Because I want that facility intact, chuckled Macron. We can profit internally and with the Brotherhood as well from their technology and information. The Verpine will also pay and trade us very well for information. They have their own interests in the technology as well. It seems several of their engineers were studied by the Organization. I dont think they appreciated it too much. They’ve offered us an interesting trade deal on Verpine weaponry and armor.

Elements within the Clan have already been infiltrating their data systems. The voice of the Obelisk known as Teu echoed from the blue hologram remotely. We know a bit about them. Ill send the information over. A stream of data began to flow into their respective datapads.

As ordered, we will move in with small patrols to secure the general area and let the Dark Jedi assault the main facility, stated General Cargas. The clone commandos and ARC troopers will be the perimeter patrols, headed by Commander Roxas. We will have reinforcements standing by, and the general area completely surrounded.

I have gathered all ten Sith Hounds as ordered Proconsul, added Maelous. The Sith Warrior stood confidently in his trademark Jensaari-styled armor. They were eager to shed blood. He folded his arms defiantly. I can hardly wait.

All four YVH-1 Mechu Deru droids and the fifty super battle droids are standing by in orbit on dropships already, stated Kalon as his own hologram flickered among the beings gathered there. Well deploy slightly ahead to begin to clear the area. Droids do not tire, need to eat, are not susceptible to toxins- the advantages are obvious.

I will lead the transports and starfighters myself, Locke said cooly. You will need experienced pilots to get your feet on the ground. The Aedile looked out the window at the scurrying ships and the curve of Sepros below. I doubt there will be much fighter activity, but anti-air batteries are a certainty.

"I will lead the Dark Jedi ground forces personally, with the droids and Tukata at our side. A group of Verpine engineers with heavy weaponry will follow us in once we have cleared the main entryway. Shirai, Jeric, Maelous, Jade, Methyas, Alexander, Dragoon, and the others who have yet to arrive will join us. We must not fail- this system will be ours once again! Macron pumped a fist into the air for emphasis. For Sadow!!


VSD Covenant
Inos 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

“All groups are reporting in. Both heavy cruisers and the corvettes are on station around Inos. The rest of the fleet waits at Sepros, mere minutes away.” The floating image of Admiral Simonetti hovered above the console of the Bantha-class assault shuttle. “I’m glad you’re in charge, Marshal Commander. At least I know what to expect, and that you won’t let me down.”

“No, I won’t,” replied the Proconsul as he nodded. “The Vong invasion was a long time ago, and I’ve grown more… refined, since then.” Behind him sat several Sith Hounds, with Jade, Maelous, and Dragoon at his side.

Simonetti made a slightly ironic grin. “Interesting choice of words, and not one I’d normally think of in reference to you sir, no offense.”

“None taken, Admiral. Having a fearsome reputation is a useful tool for a Sith. Did the liaison from the Orian Authority arrive yet?” Macron’s fingers tapped control surfaces and pads as he did a flight check. “I’m curious to see who the Shadow Academy has sent us. Quaestor Teu says he is a natural for the work.”

“Sebaz is onboard one of the other dropships, Marshal Goura. He’ll be vid-casting and recording the elimination of the criminals and bandits down there. We’re in a stationary orbit now, sir. Ready when you are.” Simonetti turned to give orders to a helm officer. “Hold our position and launch fighters.” The woman nodded, and the hologram faded out.

“Warlord Dropship Two reporting in from the surface of Rockpile,” came another voice as Aedile Kalon’s image formed above the console. “I’ve deployed the droids. We’ve encountered some genetically engineered troops. We’ve lost a few super battle droids, but they are no match for the YVH Mechu Deru units. Too bad we don’t have more of them. We seem to be drawing a lot of their attention. Roxas and the advanced clones have been running a skirmishing tactic on their flanks.”

“Thank you, Kalon.” Macron punched the address comm. “All units. Begin the main attack.”

TIE Defender One
Inos 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

“We’re moving into position now with the Bantha class shuttles,” came Locke Sonjie’s voice. Around him the hum of a starship’s engine throbbed across the com connection. “They’ve launched a few fighters, they appear to be mostly XJ X-wing class fighters. They look like they’ve seen some combat, possibly experienced pilots. There are two transports as well. Methyas, myself, and the rest of the flight are moving to intercept. You should be able to drop in about one minute. Aedile Sonjie Out.”

Warlord Dropship One
Inos 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

“Copy that,” replied Quaestor Shirai as he he started the mighty dropship’s descent. “I have the Dark Jedi warriors onboard. Warlord Two has the armor units, Verpine, and clones.” In front of the ship fighters swirled and shot each other to ribbons. “Just got a glimpse of one of the enemy XJ’s, and Jeric says he saw no pilot inside.”

“Could be droid brains,” replied Quaestor Teu from a flickering hologram that floated on the screen. “We’re hacking their systems right now. They are resilient however. Sebaz is carrying a proto-virus. If he can data-dump it into their peripheral network, we’ll have them by the short wampa hairs. We’ve already stopped their system wipe, but only for a short time.”

Bantha-class Assault Shuttle One
Inos 7 “Rockpile”

Maelous opened the comlink as the ship descended. “Bantha One here. Or real brains- I’d bet money they sewed some literal brains into those ships like Shadow Droids.” Sith Warrior Maelous frowned as he donned his helmet. “Macron, you’re rubbing off on me.”

“You may be right,” said Macron as he closed his eyes and felt the Force. “I sense life that can touch the Force somewhat within them, yet it is small.” He punched the link switch. “Locke, watch out for them. You outclass them in vessel ability and the Force, but they have some skill. They may be a version of Shadow Droids. The Organization is known for bio-engineering. We’ll find out soon enough what toys they have down there. I cannot wait to end them, and seize that facility for our own.” Beside him Jade and Dragoon strapped themselves into the landing chairs and manned weaponry consoles.


Surface Facility
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

A little earlier….

“You swore they were too weak, too disorganized,” commented Councilor Zero as he stared at the readouts. “Agent Ten, failed us you have. They are massing an overwhelming show of force against our small outpost. Annihilated we will be. Cut us out of their body like a cancer, they will.”

“But Councilor! Their so-called Dark Council had their military engaged elsewhere in old Sith space for the last two years. This is an unforeseen turn of events. Even the deepest algorithms did not predict this.” The Arkanian looked nonplussed. “We’ve made so many credits here. And we have taken so much information and resources from them.”

The small green alien stared quietly. “They would say it was the will of the Force, I am sure. In any case, fire the ion cannon.”

“Um. We can’t,” replied Agent Ten. “It’s off-line. We appear to be experiencing system difficulties. The sysops are combatting a strong cyber assault.”

“What has changed, I wonder?” whispered the green alien. “The coming of change. Ever hungry for power, the Darksiders are. Hate us, they do. Open the breeding pens and give the command for all personnel to fight to the death. Release experiment Fourteen.”

“Sir, Fourteen cannot be controlled as you know. The information we stole was only partially complete, and the droid-Taozin is unstable. Setting the timed release now. Are we abandoning this outpost?” The Arkanian pressed buttons and tapped in code. “I’ve opened all the vats, biohazards, creepers, gene-clone soldiers, crawlers, and shambling horrors.”

“Yes. I see. Prepare my transport, and launch the cerebro-fighters. We are leaving. But we will not go without a fight. And we know their weaknesses.”


Inos 7 "Rockpile"
Inos Orbit
Orian System

After acknowledging Macron’s message , Locke briefly surveyed the cold, desolate moon before him. He had been to Rockpile before, had been a member of the Sadowan team that discovered it, and had almost lost his life then. That had been a long time ago, though. This time he was better and had the might of Sadow and its Warhost behind him.

Focusing back on the battle at hand, Locke studied the tactical readout on his starfighter’s HUD. They had brought the Clan’s TIE Defender squadron and their XJ3 X-Wing squadron on this mission, as well as the two Majestic class battlecruisers’ complements of HLAF attack fighters. The TIE Interceptors and Bombers of the Covenant had also charged proudly into the fray, the more agile fighters escorting their heavier cousins as they began to approach the enemy base for a bombing run. Finally, there were the Marauder Corvettes’ fighters, though Locke was not sure they would be necessary in this fight.

In the midst of it all, Locke continued to call orders, his attention divided between that and flying his own starfighter. He would have preferred to let someone else take command, such as Simonetti himself, but Macron had commanded Locke to lead the fighters personally.

Grumbling, he rolled his fighter and decelerated, letting his wingman pursue one of the enemy XJ’s. Then Locke switched to the Warhost battle net. “Covenant reports gravity wells in place, we’ll need fighters to track down and disable those shuttles. Signal the Reaper’s Call to move toward and deploy it’s TIE Hunters.”

Having the same armament as a Y-Wing - twin laser cannons, ion cannons, and warhead launchers - the rare TIE variant had speed and maneuverability to match an X-Wing, making it ideal for overtaking and disabling escaping craft. Locke would have sent a few Defenders, but the descending dropships needed their escort, especially with the enemy’s surprisingly skilled craft.

“Tighten it up folks, we need to keep those dropships intact.”

Switching off his comm, Locke swooped down and fires his fighter’s laser cannons at an X-Wing that looked like it was trying to set a target lock on Macron’s craft. Locke had briefly considered doing the same himself to take out his old adversary, but the Krath could not deny the Alchemist’s usefulness to the Clan. Besides which, he did not know if Macron had Dark Jedi loyal to himself among the fighters, or if any other Sadowans flew with him at all. What might a normal member think if they saw such a thing?

Plus, the others on the dropship would die as innocents, a voice told him. True, they would be, but it would be worth it to remove such a danger if necessary. Locke had learned recently that sometimes innocents had to suffer for the greater good.

Smiling grimly, he turned his attention back to the battle.


A downpour of ashes fell from the sky and covered the ground like snow. The wind lifted glowing emerbers into the air and carried them randomly. Fires roared out of control, being fueled by bodies of the dead and what were once buildings. Speederbikes roared across the surface of the moon. In the front of the formation was The Horseman of War and his custom Mandalorian armor. Flames rocketed from the projectors on his wrists as he passed enemy troops. The advanced clones and ARC troopers that followed him fired blasters and speared bodies with lances as they advanced into the battle. Roxas ignited his lightsaber and Fenrir’s ruby blade howled for blood. He passed a man and instead of cutting him down he just stuck out his leg, letting his armored boot smash the foe’s face.

"Sir…"One of the commando’s called into his comm “Do we really need to clear this outpost?”

Roxas quipped back “Complaining already? I thought we were having fun, besides this is where the Consul wants the LZ.”

A different clone spoke up “I think our definitions of fun are different Sir.”

Roxas stopped his speederbike and his armor clanked as he hopped off and then continued “Alright what is the problem? Are you tired?”

They all replied at the same time “No Sir! We don’t know the plan.”

Roxas laughed “Hell I don’t know the plan and I don’t care! My job is to kick ass and take names, anything else is boring.”

“I love him and his enthusiasm.” One of the commandos stated.

Roxas stabbed a man trying to crawl away, which was the last hostile in the area. Behind the Sadowan troops was a large battleground that was now entirely vacant of life and nothing, but ashes. The Hroseman of War turned and looked at his handy work. He wasn’t filled with pride or joy, it was just a job that paid the bills. He typed a message on his wrist omputer to the Summit informing them that the landing zone was now open for business.


Dropship Sadow’s Lie
Inos Orbit
Orian System

 Sebaz knew what he had to do, and he knew right off that bat that he could not mess up. The proto-virus he held in his hand was a key element to claiming Inos and disrupting the data centers. Quaestor Teu had put a lot of faith into him. His time at the Shadow Academy had been short and sweet. Rumors were, he was one of the only students who had managed to leave the academy within two weeks and join his or hers respective Houses. He wondered why the fast leave, but this is not what he expected. 
 “This is SM7 reporting for duty, drop time one minute.” He said over the fancy comlink he had been given. He had also been supplied with Shadow Academy robes and armor, much favor to his liking instead of the uniform he wore to his classes at the Shadow Academy. Not much had been given to him, a blaster, survival kit, and a training lightsaber, only to practice for the real deal. The one thing the clan didn’t know about was his chain of Coloris. He had it ever since the destruction of the Galactic Empire. Before the academy, before any of this, he practiced using the chain on the remaining storm troopers that were located on his home planet, Ryloth. He was known as the savior, for helping everyone in Ryloth get rid of them. Yet, now was the real deal. He hoped he didn’t have to use it during his mission, but would not be reluctant wipe it out and murder a soul or two.
 “Sebaz, you are clear to land. Good luck and may Sadow be with you.” Said Teu. Sebaz knew the time had come. All of a sudden, something clicked inside his head and began to bark orders.
 “You heard him men, move out. We know the location and our target, and we have been trusted to get this done. Deploy dropship on coordinates for the data facilities! Infiltration team set up and get ready to go. Once we land I want boots on the ground. We need to get this done fast. Forward all power to forward shields and thrusters. Gunners take marks, we may be a small dropship but that doesn’t mean we can’t help out our comrades in one way or another. Everyone, descent positions. Be prepared to make contact with Inos gravity fields in two minutes.” 
Surprisingly enough, Sebaz wasn’t nerve wracked or scared. He was beyond excited. Sadow’s Lie made contact with Inos gravity fields. When this happened, adrenaline rushed into his blood. His eyes opened. His senses widened. He felt alive and ready for what had to be done.
“Sir, contact to the surface will be made in five minutes, our destination in seven. Any request?” said the navigation officer.
“No, but bring her in quietly. We cannot be detected. If we do this ship will no longer exist.” Reminding himself of utter destruction, he told his bridge crew, “All power to thrusters and cloaking device. I do not want this ship detected. Ready Ion torpedo bays four through eight. On my command, fire. All drop teams be ready for contact in four minutes.” Barked Sebaz. He could feel the excitement in the crew. This Force thing that was apparently inside him, he could now sense it. He could feel life all around him. He sensed that his crew would be loyal to him and get the job done. 
 “Sir, Data center ahead.” Said the navigation officer.
 “All right, men get ready. Ion torpedoes four and five fire at the main shields. Six, seven and eight, clear us an area for liaison. Ground team Asis, your with me on the infiltration of the proto-virus. Ground team Usres and Delquin, I want a full sweep of the facility. Anyone and everyone bring them aboard as prisoners. I want them alive! Bring them here, and if they refuse or become a fuss, restrain them but keep them alive. Gunners, take out any ships wanting to leave the area. Everyone else remain in positions. We can accomplish this, I know we can. For Sadow!” said Sebaz as he left to go join ground team Asis. He left the bridge in command of R1-S7, a new line of space droids that were only available to the Clan for the use of the reclaiming and command of the Orian system. 
 The ship was well beyond the reach of the facility, and too big to land on the landing platform. The torpedoes fired and the shields went down within seconds. The ship bay doors opened and every trooper deployed down via jet packs and gliders to their coordinates. These machines had seen their time in battle and were old but still fast and useful. They managed to reach the ground in fifteen seconds. The ground teams hurried to perform their specific task, and within minutes Sebaz had reached the main control room with little resistance. 
 “All right Teu, guide me through this.”
 “Your there already? Wow that was fast. They did not lie when they said you were capable of the job. What you want to do first is find an access port. Just plug in the data chip and leave the rest to me. Wow, I’m already receiving pings. Now, you’re going to have to wait as I upload the proto-virus, you may expect some form of resistance.” Said Teu. 
 “All men, be advised, expect resistance of any kind as the virus is being uploaded. Transport any prisoners to the facilities hangar bay. All prisoners are to be kept alive. Find any transport ship that you can find and get them to the ship. Team Asis and I will rendezvous with you guys shortly. Sebaz out.”
Now all Sebaz had to do was wait. The monitors mentioned that the upload would take around five minutes. That’s a lot for a proto-virus. I wonder what Teu is up to? All of a sudden, mid thought, Alarms started wailing.
  “Dammit, the virus tripped an alarm. Now expect the heavy resistance. Your recovery teams and prisoners have made it to the ship, but you guys are basically on your own. I’ll try and see what I can give you guys for breathing room. From what I can see, pick up that data pad over there, it should give you access to the security feeds and blast doors. Trap yourselves in there, but expect an ambush when you get out. I’ve reduced the upload speed to about 2 minutes. I’m sorry, but you will have to go on our own from here. Teu out.”
  “Alright men. You heard him we can either go out boastfully and fancy looking, or we can go out this precious window. Do you guys have ten minutes worth of fuel in your packs?”
 Every man had at least 30 minutes worth, but the downside was that the packs needed to be controlled with two hands, so they couldn’t shoot while operating it or else they would lose control. This problem troubled Teu. Suddenly, he felt an outside presence in the room. He whipped out his chain of Coloris, frightening the men. In the middle, there was a mysterious blue ghost.
 “Acolyte, do not worry. It is I, Grand Master Muz. Remember the dreams that you had? Use that. The feeling you had when you could sense everyone around you. That’s something called the Force. Use it to your advantage. Protect your men, and take down your enemy.” As Muz finished saying that, he disappeared. The team began to wonder what he meant, but Sebaz knew what he had to do. 
 “All right men, you heard him. Prepare your packs and let’s get out of here. The virus is almost uploaded. We should get out of here before they destroy the blast doors,” he said as he pointed to the dent that was being made to wield their way through. All of sudden, the  monitors flashed. It showed that Teu was receiving the data. 
“All right Sebaz, get the hell out of there!” said Teu. 
‘All right men, you heard him let’s go!” shouted Sebaz as he Force blasted through the window. The power that he felt was incredible. He jumped out as his men soon followed him. They made a pass of the facility, then shot out towards the dropship.

Bantha assult shuttle one
Inos 7 Orbit

“Jade, 3 o’clock, one of the x-wings is tracking Locke.” Dragoon forewarned her since he lost his shot. He was having a heck of a time taking out those x-wings. “Man their fast.” Macron heard him and said, “Follow him and lead him. HEHEHE its nothing New Dragoon.” John nodded and lead the x-wing a few and fired. There was a burst of explosion and he realized his space senses from when he was a pilot were coming back to him. He got a cheesy grin.

Macron grinned, “looks like our young Seb’s is good at what he does, Teu just informed me shes already gotten pings from him and he’s boots down.” Mealous whistled, “that was fast.” John had to agree. He himself was good and quick but not that quick. Still something didn’t seem right, how did a Dark Jedi get through this space fight with out any difficulties? “FRACK! My cannons hit, its down im going to have to …” Then the console exploded in front of him. John unsnapped his harness and jumped to the floor but not before getting burned a bit on this right arm. Macron looked over and Jade asked, “you OK?” John jumped up and looked at his arm and then the console, it was toast.

He responded with a snare, “Im Fine.” then he locked eyes with his master who could tell he wasn’t from the fact his hazel eyes turned coal black with anger and frustration. Macron gave a Evil chuckle and said, “well maybe its time we made our decent hmmm?”


**Warlord Dropship One

Inos 7 “Rockpile”

Inos Orbit

Orian System**

“Locke, we need more fighter coverage” Quaestor Shirai said to wing commander thru his comlink. The dropship shuttered as enemy starfighters focused their fire as it plummeted to the surface of Inos 7.

As a lead member of the Authority, Jeric Cyrin had to ensure the police under his command were promoting peace and justice to the Orian System. The Sith stood to the rear of the dropship his attention focused on the holopad he was holding. Even after repeated explosions that shook the dropship Jeric’s focus didn’t change. The Battlelord was confidant that his Sith brother would deliver him and the other dark jedi warrior’s safely on the surface.

The list of political enemy’s updated on Jeric’s holopad, two more Organization supporters had been quietly eliminated. With a few clicks the Sith opened a private communique with the Proconsul.

“Marshal Commander, the last of the uncooperative elements in Kel Rasha have been removed and the police are ready to take full control of the city.” Jeric reported to the madman.

“Very good, I knew I wasn’t going to regret making you Provost Marshal. Have the police standby while we conduct business here. Operation Orian Shield while commence in due time, Mac out.”

The sound of the dropship landing on the rocky surface broke Jeric’s attention, but only for a spilt second. The Battlelord quickly composed a message to Major Basik, the acting police superintendent of Aeotheran, informing him to maintain the peace until told to do otherwise. As Jeric looked up most of the Dark Jedi Warrior’s were already outside the dropship.

“You ready brother?” Ask the Quaestor.

Jeric put the holopad away and unclipped his hilt. “For Sadow?”

“For Sadow!” replied Shirai.


Upper Atmosphere, Inos Seven "Rockpile"
Inos Orbit, Orian System

“I’m calling in our squad interceptors to support us with our dropships. Come on people, let’s tighten in on nearby hostiles,” the voice of Locke came over the comms as the pilot toggled the thrusters and flaps to bring the Defender about to follow the rest of it’s squadron.

“You’re awfully quiet today, Methyas. I’m surprised you decided to take a fighter instead of command from Covenant or maybe even infiltrate this cursed place,” Locke’s voice rose up this time over a private channel. The man in what should be Methyas’ cockpit grumbling slightly as he considered how to respond, his fingers striking a few keys on a device attached to the console before the automated response came.

“Felt I could be more use up here, I figured the Organization would remember us and take advantage of what we had learned last time,” Methyas’ voice rose up from a pre-recorded bank of options. The Talortai, Methyas’s second in command, had taken the Rollmaster’s position in the fighter so that he could complete another task elsewhere for the Clan in this assault. Taiki swiftly squeezed the triggers on his yoke as he zeroed in on the aging X-Wing before him with his Defender’s lasers, various flak and anti-air weaponry bombarding the sky around the Sadowan dropships and escort as they neared the surface.

Quickly pulling his little vessel into formation alongside his squad mates, the Talortai’s free hand started to dance across his console, keying in a few codes for his radio to activate the undisclosed and heavily encrypted channel provided by Methyas for his agents. There was a delay, almost painful as the young Jedi waited for the appropriate response, before he could speak freely, “Secure designated assets and keep the channels open, we need to keep our lines open for the Clan.”

Two quick chimes was all Taiki needed to kill the channel and burn the connection, he needed to get back to flying and hope that his squad leader wouldn’t notice the change in the pilot’s skill.

R&D Wing, "Organization Facility"
Inos Seven “Rockpile”, Inos Orbit

The two humans glanced at each other for a moment, the woman nodding slightly as she withdrew a small silenced blaster from her desk, turning quickly to take out the other scientists in the room before speaking, “Move, Agent. Secure any information you can from our research here, I’m going to move to secure the datacenters and see if I can prevent them from shunting the connection to the rest of the network.”

The man’s gruff voice responded almost immediately, “Aye, ma’am. The Loremaster put a lot of faith in us, I’m not about to squander it. You have your tool?”

The woman’s glare at her ally was cold as he continued, “Just making sure, ma’am. I’ll be with you shortly, if things go south…ghost or wildfire protocol?”

The woman’s gaze softened for a second before she responded, “Go with your gut, the Loremaster would want Ghost but if its impossible, perform Wildfire and return to Equinox.”

Without another word between them, the woman disappeared into the facility’s corridors as the man continued to collect the data concerning the Organization’s research in this facility. He needed to make sure that the Loremaster would get this intelligence to strengthen the Clan’s defenses. After all, the goal of SHADOW was to identify hazards to the Clan and to perform any operations necessary to defend them; the organization may be rogue now and controlled by the Rollmaster, but it would still do anything necessary to protect their Clan.

Concealed Airlock, Lunar Surface
Inos Seven “Rockpile”, Inos Oribt

The sounds of air repressurizing the chamber came rushing about the solitary figure standing within the older part of the facility. The Organization had obviously done much work since the last time anyone from Naga Sadow had been here and so much time had passed. The interior door to the system popped open as the system completed it’s cycle, the Sadowan within simply gesturing for the door to complete its motion with the guidance of the Force. The man started into the facility once again, more on memory and the whispers of the Force than anything. The stark white walls around him a testament to the Organization’s “sterile” facilities, as he started towards his destination, hearing the blaring klaxons around him calling for an immediate defense and evacuation of all assets.

But that was why he was here, using a doorway which had obviously been long forgotten, or set as a trap. Either way, he had come to secure whatever information he could, to aid his Clan in the goals in eliminating this threat once and for all. A serene calm and grace flowed from the man as he walked into a room he remembered in passing, the various syringes filled with all manner of chemical formulae and steroids on trays near gurneys, while cybernetic enhancements and appendages lay on tables not far from them. The man clenched his jaw slightly as his sight fell upon them all, remembering the harrowing battles he had fought in the past not just on Refuge against these monstrosities, but on Aeotheran against the Voice of Justice and then again in this here facility.

He seemed so fixated on these memories that the scientists and so-called doctors in the room were uneasy as they started towards the security console, movements which the man couldn’t have possibly seen as he spoke, “I wouldn’t do that, if I were you.”

His voice was unusually calm, almost soothing as it continued, the man’s robes flowing about him as he turned to face them with his signature scarf wrapped about his eyeless sockets, “If you do that, they’ll send one of your monstrosities in here. I can guarantee you, it will not care if you die as it tries to deal with me.”

The various species and individuals looked at each other for a moment, trying to consider if what the man said was true as they could feel a subtle nudge that he was being bluntly honest. They each turned slowly away from the console and looked at the man before one of them spoke, “But where will we go?”

A smirk crossed the man’s face before he responded, “Go out the airlock down the way and look for waiting shuttles, they will take you to safety. Otherwise, you’re free to try and take one of your…I’m guessing now, former employer’s shuttles to wherever they may want you. I doubt my people will let you leave alive though, if you even make it to the shuttles.”

There was a pause as the group spoke quietly with each other as the Jedi started once more towards the exit behind them when a woman amongst the team spoke, “Th…thank you, but why are you doing this? Won’t your kind be displeased with your actions?”

With his head sinking for a second, the Jedi merely chuckled at the statement, turning to face the woman as he responded, a motion necessary only for the comfort of the individuals around him, “This is but one of many things they would question, though I doubt they will learn of this. I’d suggest you leave now, before my allies discover you, or that shuttle leaves.”

The Jedi’s words didn’t take much prompting as practically everyone started back down the corridors that the man had come from, everyone except for one, that same woman. She looked at the Jedi for a moment, a look of concern on her face as she spoke, “I know who you are, Methyas L’eonheart. We have dossiers on you, trying to find ways to disrupt those like you who can call upon this ‘Force’ with such mastery. I…I’m sorry, for what lies in wait ahead for you.”

Having said what she needed, the woman turned and left to follow her allies and the same smile crossed the Miraluka’s face as he thought to himself, “I’m sure that remorse will serve you well in SHADOW, to aid those you are about to bring pain to.”

As he finished his thought, he started once more deeper into the facility, still cautiously anticipating the worst and the monstrosities the Organization created.


Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

The Bantha-class shuttle lurched as it landed. Above them, fighters twirled and bombers hammered unseen points around the Organization facility. Smoke drifted in the chilly air along with the normal fog that preceded the dawn. It was an eerie sight, the light from distant Orian being filtered throughout the haze and punctuated by falling pieces of flaming ships. Almost a kilometer away the stream of an e-web blaster lit the scenery with searing brush strokes of red fire.

“Huh. Has to be the Mandalorian,” commented Maelous. “Must be some heavy opposition over there.” The Sith Warrior ushered the Tuk’ata towards the hatch. They snapped and snarled, but their red eyes gleamed as they understood his thoughts to some degree. The Sith Hounds were menacing and seemed to almost smile evil toothy grins. They served the Dark Jedi, and their lot was good compared to brethren that sat in old tombs for hundreds of years eating moss. Today they would get real flesh and blood.

“Probably so,” replied Macron as the hatch of the blaster-scarred ship dropped down to the frozen rocky soil. He checked his heads-up display in the helm he wore. “I see Roxas’ position marker over there, so I’d bet money on it.” Several explosions echoed faintly from that direction. “Count on it, in fact. That had to be a shoulder fired launcher hitting ground targets.”

“We should move to the Facility and support Sebaz,” commented Dragoon. The Knight readied himself and checked his gear. As he hefted his lightsaber hilt, a smile crossed his scarred face. “I’m looking forward to this combat. I haven’t faced a bio-monster before, except for Macron’s junk experiments.”

“ As am I. Without the Force, they are as chaff before us,” remarked Jade. The Krath hefted her own weapon. “I’ve got evil plans for their scientists. I wonder how long it will take to break their minds?” mused the wicked woman. “Days? Hours?” She smiled and licked her sharp teeth.

“Not any longer than it will take to break their bodies,” chuckled Macron. The Adept also smiled under his helm. “The Organization leaders and scientists within the building were about to receive a dose of their own medication. The… Welcome Room is ready for them back on Onyx Two. As well it appears the main group of Dark Jedi with Shirai and Jeric has landed and deployed.” He pointed towards the side of the building. “Over there. Kalon and his droids have joined them. The fighting looks to be fiercest there.” The Adept touched his gauntlet and keyed an encrypted link. “How goes it Quaestor Teu?”

“We’re on schedule. I have all their information-out routes shut down, and we are attacking their system via the back-door. I estimate full control in ten minutes. I’ve already routed all the info we have on their systems and assets across our network. I can confirm- one second- yes, they do have fighters with bio-systems installed instead of pilots. Also, they have released their experiments into the main facility and locked it down.” The mini-hologram flickered. “I’m having trouble imaging their airlock area though.”

“Excellent,” replied Macron as another set of explosions rocked the main landing zone hundreds of meters away. The Sith spoke forcefully into the comlink as it switched to the main feed. “All forces. Move Forward. Capture any you can, and kill the rest. I’m moving to attack myself. For Sadow!”

The Sith smiled and saddled onto a heavily modified speeder bike. The Tuk’ata and Maelous climbed aboard a mobile assault platform, and Dragoon and Jade also mounted speederbikes.
Macron gestured forward with two fingers outstretched. “Let’s move!” The group roared out in formation and headed towards the back cliffside of the Facility.


Secret Cave Hangar
Near the Surface
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

“We barely made it,” announced the tech soldier. His brain throbbed visibly within the clear plasteel that covered it’s wired gray mass. “Your shuttle awaits sir.” His eyes rolled back in his head as he checked his own biological internal display. “Most of the fighting is away from us now, sir.” The soldier’s eyes rolled down again as his tear ducts shed a single drop of blood. “The decoy with the bio-brains and droids is ready.”

“Good. I will not be taking a shuttle, twenty-seven. They will expect me on a shuttle- and so I will adapt.” The green alien shuffled towards a waiting modified XJ-3 fighter. He climbed into it slowly. The small green alien connected cables into the ports in his skull and body as he settled into the cockpit. More cables slowly snaked up and clicked in. “My payload is stable. Commencing launch,” said the gruesome figure as various parts of his anatomy pulsed and clicked. “Twenty seven, you will fly the Theta class shuttle. When they close on you- you will detonate the baradium core. It is only fitting we use their own stolen material to kill them. Are we clear?”

“Crystal,” replied the meat sack as it climbed aboard the shuttle. The modified life-sign emitters would confuse the enemy. They appeared to be full of beings.


The laboratory was awash with the colour of blood from the red warning lights that strobed on and off intermittently. Occasionally, the power would short out for a moment, and the research subjects, who were floating in tanks lining the sides of the room, would be cast into total darkness. The brief moments of respite from the otherwise blinding glares of their tanks’ illumination were welcome by those of them that still retained the mental faculties to think—which was, for now, still the majority.

The room’s lights shut off again for a moment, and the subject in the tank right in front of the doctor writhed, eliciting a deep snort through its nostrils. The doctor studied Subject Sixty-Six with close interest, seemingly unperturbed by the forces at that moment assaulting the research base.

The lights came on again, and Subject Sixty-Six glared back at the doctor, who remained standing, or, perhaps more accurately, who remained upright, supported by the crutch that the doctor was never without—he did not care for a cybernetic implant; he had much grander designs in mind for his leg’s eventual… correction. Or perhaps evolution.

That was why Councillor Three—he had another name, of course, but names were a liability that the members of the Organisation had learned to do without, for their own security… and reputation’s sake. There weren’t many research groups, outside maybe the Kaminoans—and they didn’t share with outsiders anyway—who were prepared to tolerate the kind of activities their organisation had an interest in. In any case, the doctor’s leg had been the event that opened his eyes to greater things, and it was not something he had ever sought to shy away from, no, quite the opposite: he had welcomed his injury as testament to the enlightenment he had found, after he had cast aside the narrow rules and boundaries that had been enforced by galactic society at large.

Subject Sixty-Six snarled at him again.

After the lights had shorted out again, the doctor couldn’t help but glance up at the smaller tank hanging above Subject Sixty-Six’s—the yslalamir was still there. Councillor Three checked the rest of the room, and the other subjects’ yslalamiri remained in their nutrient tanks also. The doctor relaxed again; it had taken a lot to convince Zero to pursue this line of experimentation, but… the little green man had seen the light in the end. It had been Three that had retried Project Firak—the self-restorative lifeform that had been released on Aeotheran years ago.

Firak had been killed nearly a decade ago now, but… death had only been the beginning for that monster. Its cells had revived themselves, like a host made entirely of stem cells, that could forever kick-start the healing process for the cells next to them, as long as a single cell remained. Short of casting Firak into the sun, little could stop it… and indeed, little had.

Three was somewhat surprised Firak was still ‘safely’ incarcerated…

But Firak was another issue. Three had taken that knowledge and improved it—and now that refinement floated in the tank directly in front of him. Subject Sixty-Six almost looked… sad, but perhaps that was to be expected? The experiment resembled a small boy, after all, or at least it had done, until after it had been ‘fed’ the failed attempts—their faces now peered back at the doctor from elsewhere on Subject Sixty-Six’s body, as if their minds and bodies had become one… and perhaps they had. Many decades ago, Councillor Three had worked on Project Starscream for Doctor Cornelius Evazan, the famed expert on cellular reanimation who had been recruited by Emperor Palpatine for… something—Three had never been told the specifics, though he could guess…

Another blast upstairs in the higher levels shook through the research lab, and the containment tanks all issued one collective cry, the high pitched chime filling the room and the glass sang.

Three spotted a slight crack had formed on the front of Subject Sixty-Six’s tank.

“…eppon,” the creature howled, probably trying to say the word ‘weapon’. “Eppon!!!”


Kalon kicked the gunner to the ground, a casual flick of his lightsaber slicing the man’s throat, saturating the frozen rock beneath them with his life essence. The Mandalorian instantly lifted his blade up to meet the vibrosword of his next attacker, sparks flying as they locked against each other. Though for all the skills of the swordsman Kalon was better, pushing his opponents guard down far enough and enabling him to lunge forward, his saber cutting into the man’s torso. The newly-appointed Aedile allowed himself a moment to gaze upon the two corpses before him. They were the first lives he had personally taken since swearing loyalty to Naga Sadow, and it was with stark realisation that the number would rise dramatically before the day was done that caused a sly smirk to form upon the edges of his mouth.

The front gate to the facility was not far from where they were, although the amount of hostiles between his forces and Shirai’s were considerable. They would have to push through the assortment of men and machines with speed and no small amount of might if they were to succeed in assisting the rest of Sadow’s ground troops.
Kalon instinctively pulled his head back as he noticed a flash of red in the corner of his vision, the blaster bolt missing him harmlessly and impacting against one of the droids behind him, spitting pieces of burnt metallic shards into one of the clones nearby.

“Concentrate on the heavy-gunners!” Ordered the Aedile, using a unit-wide comm channel to relay his command. “They’ll chew the droids to pieces!”

Lifting his EE-3 carbine rifle, the former Mando Cabur fired a few rounds into a hostile assault droid, scorching the targeting sensors with a well-placed shot. Blaster fire from some of the troopers behind him brought the droid to the ground where Kalon stabbed into it with his lightsaber, disabling it for good.

Not so much as stopping this time, the Mandalorian Warrior continued to fire at the enemies around him with his blaster rifle, cutting them up with his saber if they dared get close enough. To his right he spotted another battle droid being taken down by hostile gunners and as a response shifted his carbine fire into the area with the greatest concentration of defending forces.

“I think I’m going to run out of bad guys.” Grumbled the Templar, watching as several of his blaster rounds impacted against the unprotected bodies of the defenders, causing a couple to crumple painfully to the ground.


Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

A cold, powerful rush of emptiness rushed through the body of the young Protector. He had sworn his loyalty to Clan Naga Sadow after being saved by his master, Maelous Ascarend and he finally had the chance to prove this loyalty. He had the opportunity to show he belonged with this sophisticated group of warriors, almost as if they were family. Rhaegon never felt this way with his own family as they shunned the Force-sensitive as soon as they became knowledgeable of his condition.

“For Sadow!” the Journeyman heard echoing across his peers. The voices of his commanding officers rained down behind him like a coming storm and suddenly his emptiness turned into a sense of pride. Shirai, the Quaestor of House Shar Dakhan, whose voice roared loudly with confidence and Jeric Cyrin, the master of Rhaegon’s own master, who better to put morale in the heart of a Sadow warrior as young as Rhaegon.

“FOR SADOW!” he roared back from the front. The assault on the front gate shocked the Organization but the mad men stood with dark vigor. For an instant, they watched as the team of Dark Jedi rushed at them with the fury of a stampede, clearly the chants that ran through them had taken affect. Rhaegon gripped the hilt of his armory saber so viciously that his hands began to blister from the heat running through it.

Rhaegon’s crimson blade burned through the chest of his first opponent, directly through his heart. He took possibly his only opportunity for rest at this point, and took a deep breath of relief, knowing that there were many enemies between himself and the front gate still. He gazed upon it for a brief moment as he felt the moist sweat began to formulate upon his scalp.

“Hostiles opening fire, take cover!” he heard one of his allies yell.

The sweat that was forming shot away faster than a TIE Fighter, using Rhaegon’s silver locks of hair as propellers. He dropped hard on the rocky surface and rolled across to a nearby boulder for protection. Blaster shots chipped off parts of the boulder while Rhaegon cradled to make himself a smaller target.

Rhaegon stepped from behind his nearly shattered cover and began deflecting the lasers back towards the Organization members, who took up their own cover in return. The Protector turned right just in time to get an incredible glimpse of brotherhood as the members of his team took steps forward to face down their own hostiles.

“I guess there’s more fun to be had.” He lightly chuckled after a brief sigh. He starting running over to his comrades to aid them in the remainder of their intense battle


Warlord Dropship One

Inos 7 “Rockpile”

Inos Orbit

Orian System

Battlelord Jeric and Battlemaster Shirai led the group of Dark Jedi led the frontal assault. No need for intricate planning, they would do what he was best at. Annihilation. They were met with a hail of blaster fire when they attacked the front gates of the Organizations main base. Shirai’s newly crafted blade was in his hands ready to add on to its new kill count. The Battlemaster charged forward first and jumped immediately into the fray.

Jeric at his side he was batting aside blaster fire with his fiery red blade. The Organization had untested warriors at their heels. They were not ready to battle an army already victorious against the One Sith. The defense turrets turned to shoot them down before they made it to the front gates. But that was when Locke and his squad came down for a run.

Two proton torpedoes ran through the sky, they diverted and both hit the two turrets mounted on top of the front gates. There was a large explosion as the turrets were dismantled and a loud round of yells from the Sadowan Dark Jedi.

Shirai moved forward with the aid of the Force almost like a blur. The guards swarming through the gates had been scattered by the explosion and the Dark Jedi were ripping them apart for breaking formation. His lightsaber Dragonsfang sprang to life and he cut down two men who tried to raise their guns to shoot him.

But he was to fast and with a single swipe of his blade they were both decapitated. He looked to his left and another enemy fell from a saber being thrown into him, separating his body in half. And to his right he could see Kalons unit being led to their position.

“Alright boys. Lets make a way for Kalon to get through to us!” He was met with a roar of approval.
Shirai’s Dark Jedi lined up next to him with Jeric beside him weaving a wall of impenetrable defense from blaster fire. Slowly they began to ascend up past the gates pushing the Organizations forces back.

Suddenly one of them got smart and tossed a sticky grenade. The Quaestor saw this and immediately countered by Force pushing it back towards him. The grenade flew back and surprisingly got stuck to his shoulder.

He screamed and shrugged as his comrades looked to see what was the problem. Then he exploded sending many of his appendages flying everywhere. And also killing many of the last of the Organization guards. The gates was were there’s with minimal loss of Dark Jedi life.

“Advance! Take the courtyard!” Jeric bellowed jogging forward with Shirai at his heels.

The Battlemaster hung back to send a message to both Aedile Locke and Aedile Kalon on the comlink. “We are breaking through the main gates but we still need reinforcements. I’d rather not lose too many of our Jedi.”

Kalon instantly replied back saying, “On route to your position right away.”

Locke chimed in quickly, “You’ve got eyes in sky. Help is here.”

“Good to hear. Shirai out.”

But there was something in the facility that Shirai was interested in. As soon as they got in. He would do some investigation himself.


Unknown Location

Teu grimaced slightly as she looked at the many readout screens that occupied the wall in front of her. The room was basked in a blue hue as she sorted through the tons of data that she had recovered from the Organisation. It flowed quickly as her fingers pecked at the keys in front of her. Her eyes flicked to a couple of key monitors watching various points of the battle as best she could from various vantages.

Her hands itched to take part in the carnage that was going on this very moment however she knew what she did was just as important. They wanted all the information they could get.


Teu turned and glanced at a second bank of monitors, normally she had three or four aides assisting with the data collection to allow her to look through it later. But she had temporarily dismissed them and reassigned them to the other part of the intelligence facility. They were now decoding pieces of information as it came through their system.

Her eyes swept the information, pulling out a piece of flimsiplast she wrote down short hand notes. It was encrypted but not in their usual manner of encryption. She copied all the relevant pieces onto a datachip and would work on it when time allowed.

Right now she needed to continue breaking through the Organisations mainframe…finding every little piece of information she could on each of the key players. She remembered her first encounter with them…she blew up half an island…and now had a steel rod in her leg to prove it as well.


Server Farms, Secured Levels
Organization Facility
Inos 7 “Rockpile”, Inos Orbit

“DATA SECURE - ENACTING GHOST PROTOCOL,” the message appeared briefly on the woman’s datapad before vanishing into the ether of the holonet. Her associate was safe now, or at least as safe as he could be deep undercover with these monsters. She knew the man was resourceful, the Loremaster wouldn’t have dared assign him to such a mission if he didn’t have the skill or moxie for the job, but it still concerned her that the man could potentially be harmed or killed in the line of duty. The woman struck a couple more keys on the interface before her as she continued to play cat and mouse with not one, but two separate entities within this installations network. She had been fighting as hard and quickly as she could against the Organization’s slicers and engineers to maintain the data-flows connecting to the Organization’s main network. At the same time she had been supplying Quaestor Teu’s agents with alternate routes and backdoors into the network, though she had been quick to eliminate any trace back to herself as she continued to try and secure local information for the Loremaster, information that the agents outside could not. It was this secondary thing, her primary objective, that created a second cat on the prowl for her.

The Loremaster had been specific in his orders, she was to assist the agents of Lady Teu however possible, but direct all highly sensitive information back to SHADOW for analysis without the agents of Ragnos receiving it. At first glance it would appear as though the Son of Sadow were challenging his allies, but he had clarified once she asked the obvious question. The Disciples of Ragnos could more beneficially aid the Clan if they had precise information they could utilize and immediately put to work, the Loremaster would ensure the agents of SHADOW could collect, analyse, and distribute the information for their purposes as swiftly as possible. He had become skilled at this work as an information agent, though it had been at a cost of becoming more reclusive and often times considered a threat to the Clan, despite his work to aid them. He had a habit of manipulating them to avoid civilian casualties or even protect the innocent, it made life more difficult for his Clanmates, but it made him happy. She smirked slightly as she considered the fact that the Jedi still allied himself so closely with a band of sociopaths, but it did keep Orian in line and the Clan happy, for the most part at least.

She secured a few more tidbits of information, things which made chills run down her spine as she worked in the darkness of the server farms, and flagged possible locations within Orian which they would need to investigate; the Loremaster’s other sleeper agents would have to confirm if the Organization actually operated out of any of these facilities though, she was certain. The heavy sound of boots running down the hall caught her attention as she swiftly keyed in a few more codes before implementing her last tool, the code awakening on the network as she yanked her slicing tool from the terminal and spun about to hide herself within the shadowy corners of the room. Her heart was beating heavy in her chest as she waited, she needed to identify how many individuals were searching the nearby clusters of servers, seeking out the rogue on their network. Suddenly the door shunted open and a man came bursting into the room, now was her chance. Quietly slipping past him through the door she started down the hall as quickly and silently as possible, sticking to the shadows and darkness of the server farm until she ended up away from any discernible sound of activity aside from the hum of electronics. Now, it was time to put on a show.

Shrieking at the top of her lungs, the woman started to run down the corridor, back towards the men she had just heard as she was sobbing with a look of terror on her face. The soldiers quickly came out of the server clusters, looking towards the screaming woman with weapons raised as she nearly collapsed in front of them, “Please, please…I got separated from the others, I don’t want to die, please, help me get out of here.”

Crocodile tears ran down her face, smearing her makeup as she trembled and looked about for whatever the men perceived had been chasing her. She had put on a good show, enough that the men’s commander order two of them to make sure she got to the waiting transports as quickly as possible. He recognized her as one of their chief researchers and knew that the Councillors would want her safely secured. It was assurance for her as she smiled weakly, knowing inside that she’d live another day to serve the Loremaster and get her findings to him.

Transit Corridors, Organization Facility
Inos Seven “Rockpile”, Inos Orbit

Methyas moved silently through the facility as klaxons sounded and lights flashed red. He could feel conflict around him, the emotions of those embroiled in the fighting flowing to him as thick as mud through the Force. He could feel it, weighing down on him as he focused and steeled himself against the growing sense of dread. All emotions, however toxic or precious, would aid him in whatever the Organization had waiting for him this time.

His mind ran through the dossiers, the projects, every last bit of information he had managed to collect in his time fighting them and since he had placed his agents in their fold. His earliest point of contact was Refuge, simply brutes hopped up on stims, steroids, and stock full of cybernetics. The toughest of these men were more than a match for even the Equites of Naga Sadow. Then, there was the Voice of Justice on Aeotheran, a band of misfits mostly except for their leader. Deliverance had been an irritating nuisance, her unnatural resistance to the Force made her increasingly more difficult as they had closed in on her. A chill ran up the Jedi’s spine as the last he had heard was that her decapitated head had been reclaimed from Naga Sadow and had been directed somewhere deep within the Organization. Of course, the only concern Methyas really had was what would happen if they someone managed to pair Deliverance’s resistance with the regenerative powers of the creature known as Firak.

While Methyas had never encountered the beast himself, he had read the reports on both sides, it was not a creature to be taken lightly. Within this facility though, he had no idea what projects they had been working on, his agents would give him that information later; he hoped, or else he would have to procure it from Teu’s agents to more quickly refine it for them. The Jedi’s musings however stopped as his mind suddenly noticed something…off.

His Force-given sight washed over his surroundings, giving him clarity that others could not. He could feel the energies, the life of those searching the corridors nearby despite not truly seeing them. But what was just down the hall was…nothing.

Methyas cocked his head slightly as he puzzled over what it could be. It was unlikely to be a Vong but he couldn’t rule it out in any case. It wouldn’t be the oddest thing he had encountered amongst the Organization, but he suspected something more sinister. Focusing deeply, Methyas reached out to touch the soldiers nearby that his mind could reach. The Jedi’s arts moved quickly, making the men believe they needed to reinforce the upper levels where the fighting was more fierce. It was an entirely plausible request, so much so that he could hear a commander amongst them quickly issuing the order over his radio to other members of his team before the heavy footfalls started away from him. Methyas would have afforded himself a sigh of relief if it weren’t for the fact that the strange anomaly still stood in the hallway down from him, just outside of a direct line of sight. It was as he was trying to discern what the source of the anomaly was when the chill ran down his spine with the gruff voice rising up from the center of it, “Nice trick, Jedi. But you’ll find it’s not very effective on me.”

With his cover was now blown, the Jedi quickly moved out into the corridor to reveal himself as he spoke, “I assumed as much, it was more a matter of ‘what’ you were rather than if I could convince you not to fight me.”

The man stepped out, a rather large void in the Force in Methyas’ sight. Despite this the Force flowed around the void of this hulking beast of a man, the outline of his frame making it apparent that he was extremely muscular and modified in ways the Jedi could only imagine. He could feel a faint whisper of the Force within the beast, but could not touch it, most likely some sort of cybernetic enhancement, but what was causing the Force resistance?

“Ysalmiri?” Methyas queried as the man simply cracked his knuckles before him, obviously trying to intimidate the Miraluka.

“No, no. That would require too much work, caring for such a fragile little thing isn’t my style.”

“Of course not, and I would doubt Vong given your grasp and proficiency of Basic. No, you sound more like a Corellian.”

“Very good, Jedi. Though, I know enough of you to know you aren’t going to enjoy a dance with me very much,” the man started towards Methyas shockingly fast, his body moving at an unnerving and unnatural speed with the aid of his enhancements.

Methyas’ lightsaber leapt to his hand and activated in an instant, the typically non-aggressive Jedi immediately enhancing his movements with the Force as he sidestepped the equivalent of a charging Bantha and lashed out with his blade at the man’s exposed side. The blade hissed and snapped at the surface of the man’s clothing, an armourweave, before the man spun about with a balled fist and slammed it into the Miraluka’s stomach. Methyas lurched forward gasping for air before he found himself thrown violently down the wall where he tumbled across the floor for a few moments before coming to a stop several meters from the man who laughed heartily, “So our enemies send you to infiltrate us, a frail little Force wielder. Oh my, this will be great when I present your broken body to your comrades and my masters.”

Methyas’ arm shook weakly as he tried to lift himself from the floor, the air almost burning as it found its way back to his lungs. His eyebrows furrowed as he almost wheezed out his question, “How?”

“I’m sorry, couldn’t hear you. But I suspect you’re wondering how…well, there’s stims, enhancements, and well,” the Man paused, a sinister grin crossing his face as he thought of the last part, “Gene splicing can be a great thing. Make a Clone more loyal, change a beastie to suit your needs, or perhaps give a living being a resistance to its predator. You were close with the Ysalamri guess, very close, but you see…we had more than just lizards to go on to provide ourselves with a baseline, I’m sure you’d remember her.”

Methyas managed to rise to his feet quickly, his mind racing as he considered his options in seconds while he flourished his blade again, “You can gloat as you like, but you’re not invincible. Your pride will be your downfall, and I will triumph over you and your masters.”

The Jedi’s words caused the man to snort aloud as he laughed merrily once more, “Really? You still think you can win? I am our next step, the natural evolution against your kind. The Organization just accelerated the process. Your friends won’t be here in time to save you, and by the time they do get this deep into the facility…well, lets just say I’m not alone.”

Methyas grit his teeth firmly as his grip tightened on his saber, this brute would be a quite a challenge for someone like Kalon, Shirai, or Jeric who specialized in combat, but not impossible. For himself, someone who relied so heavily on the Force, it would be a monumental challenge, but he had been in worse before and wasn’t about to be bested. Methyas breathed deep, focusing himself deeply inside the Force as he felt it flow through his body in an instant, almost immersing himself within the flow of the energies around him. He would bring the might of the Force down upon this beast as simply as you squashed a bug beneath your boot, he had done it before with Yuuzhan Vong, he was certain to do it again here.


Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

Maelous maneuvered his platform through the landscape as the surrounding devastation rushed by in a blur; the occasional fire or glow of blaster fire the only distinguishing feature. The Sith Warrior watched as Jade strafed her speeder to the left to avoid a burnt out transporter.

Macron’s voice hissed through the commlink in his helmet, “Ignore the ground troops. We do not have time to engage, we have to reinforce Shirai and Jeric at the main front.”

“The Calvary will arrive shortly,” quipped Dragoon.

The Krath laughed, “You sound eager, Knight. You did well with him, Master.”

The Sith Warrior didn’t speak, the Tuk’ata kept his mind occupied. They knew what was coming and their blood lust fueled his own through the mental connection as their voices filled his mind.

Blood. Maim. Flesh. Death

It was less like a voice and more like imagery. The spray of blood on the ground as claws and teeth ripped skin and muscle away from the bone.

He shook the image from his mind, It comes, he thought as the beasts stirred. Maelous pushed on the throttle causing the repulsor engine to scream as he accelerated ahead. The Warrior could have sworn he heard the madman’s laughter over the rushing wind as they rocketed toward the Organizations main base.

Organizations Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

The Adept opened up the general communication frequency, “Jeric, Shirai, reinforcements have arrived.”

Macron and his apprentices began to locate positions to dismount, but Maelous had other plans.

Feed. Crush. Bone.

The Tuk’ata raged in his mind as he pushed the throttle as far as it would go.

Hunger. Rend.

Their collective minds echoed in his own as he aimed the platform toward a barricade.

Leap, His own mental voice was calm as he and the creatures pushed themselves off the vehicle.

The assault platform crashed into the duracrete wall sending debris and bodies flying through the air.

The beasts landed around him as he stood and activated the crimson blade of his lightsaber.

Chaos erupted around them as a feral command was issued to his Sith Hound companions, KILL!


Outskirts of the main forces

Armored boots crushed a torched skull as The Horseman of War trudged across the battlefield. His team was making remarkable progress. The area behind him appeard as a demilitarised zone, but he knew that the real fight was yet to come. His forces were only handling the lackies, but by defeating an army a general must surrender. They would surrender only to find no quarter and no mercy.

“Sir!” an ARC trooper started as he ran up to Roxas, who only turned to see what the man wanted “The enemy is in full retreat, I think they have something up their sleeve.”

“Let’s hope” The iron-like voice echoed from the Mandalorian’s vocoder “The weaklings are annoying me, I know they have stronger forces…” he was silent for a moment in though and then continued “They are trying to wear us down and use up our ammo. Call in a supply drop and a bombing run a head of us to decimate their ranks.”

“I doubt they have time for that Sir…” The trooper started, but could tell by the silence that he should have just done as told.

The Horseman spoke sternly “Look, I don’t want to be hunting these bastards for the rest of my life. I have things I’d like to do. We have been charged with bringing peace to the system and we will. Now, you have your orders; follow them.”

“Sir? One more question, WHy are we on the outskirts of the real fighting? Wouldn’t it be better for us to be in the mix?”

The Mandalorian replied “No, we have the most important job that could be given for this battle. We have to kill everyone trying to flee from the battle. We cannot let anyone escape, so they can’t return for revenge.”

“Understood.” Finally the trooper headed out to follow his orders. Roxas then dictated orders to the rest as he scanned the area ahead through his T-shaped visor.

I expected more of them to be trying to escape, they have to be planning something…or are they really that overwhelmed by us? He thought while planning out his next move.


Main Combat/Front Gate
Organization’s Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile
Inos Orbit
Orian System

“For SADOW!” The cry resounded across the battlefield from many lips, vocoders, and speaking organs as the Dark Jedi entered a battle-meld. Even the Force-sensitive Tu’kata joined the meld, adding their own ancient beast-like darkness to the gnawing fray. The Sith Hounds had jumped the gate side wall when Maelous crashed the air-skiff into it, and he had followed them.

The former Jensaarai found himself immediately beset upon by two hulking meat-sacks that may have once been human. They were 3 meters tall, had several arms each, and masses of grated muscle and thick bone jutted from their forms. Each throbbing pile of gristle was encased in strapped-on armor fashioned from strange ceramics. The glint of a repulsor-shield that would stop blaster fire flickered around them. Their synapses and cells were lubricated with hyper stimulants, and their several hearts pumped vigorously with hyper-oxygenated blood. “Rrrrraaaaagh!” screamed one of the drooling hulks as it swung a mighty two-handed greatsword-style vibroblade at Maelous.

He swept his own lightsaber up to block and sever the offending weapon- and it was stopped. The great-sword vibroblade nearly drove him to his knees as the hulk had prodigious strength. The alloys of the strange vibroblade resisted the lightsaber, although it was slowly cutting by millimeters into the ceramic-metal alloy. “I’ll be damned,” grunted the armored Sith Warrior as he boosted his own form with the Force, rolled to the side, and deftly dodged the return swing. “They may have lightsaber-resistant weapons,” Maelous canted across his short-range helm comlink.

Not far away Caelian and Jeric had made their way to the front gate, and it had been blown to shreds with baradium explosives. Kalon and his droids had joined them at the gate. Many super battle droids squatted or hunched behind rubble on the other side, their repeating blasters and missile launchers pounding away at any defenders that showed their forms above. Smaller power droids shuffled back and forth between them, each recharging the droid’s power cells as they hammered away at the defenders. Occasionally one or two would be blown to bits by the return fire.

Caelian (formerly known as Shirai) spoke up. “Maelous is over the top. Let’s bring in the Mechu-deru droids, and go ourselves.” The Quaestor counted the remaining forces and checked in on his datapad to see the statistics.”

“I’m bringing up the Mech-derus,” Kalon shouted over the din of combat. “Here they come!”

Four evil-looking thick skeletal droids with a silver and black pattern on their hides stepped out from behind the piles of debris. Their glowing red eyes flashed as they stomped quickly towards the gate area. The enemy blasters reached out and caressed them with small arms fire, and it did nothing at all. The YVH Mechu-deru droids carried heavy sniper rifles and calmly shot dead several of the rim defenders with robotic precision as the targets presented themselves. When they closed within melee range they dropped the rifles and their clawed talons ignited with plasma fire. They proceed to rip flesh and bones to smoking pieces and still the blaster fire peeled off them, or was absorbed by the Mechu-deru plating.

Jeric replied quickly. “Agreed. Never seen them in actual combat before- nifty. And we have reinforcements,” the Sith Battlelord stated as he ducked behind a pile of rubble to dodge a heavy repeater that was soon silenced by an actinic blast of a baradium rocket.

“Indeed you do. I can get us all over that wall to join Maelous,” chuckled Macron as he dropped the speederbike on the ground. “The droids have never been used before, and I decided it was time to use them. Methyas…” the Elder closed his eyes and breathed deep. “Is already inside. A treasure held in a box cannot be truly appreciated for it’s beauty, you know?” The Adept giggled. He whispered within his helm and triggered the relay comchannel. “Malik, we are on the move and about to penetrate their perimeter.” Beside him Jade kept a cool demeanor and

Dragoon chomped at the bit for more death and glory. “No time for chit-chat. It’s dying time.”

Rhaegon dashed up to the main group with bated breath. “I’m here to help and fight!”

Outskirts of the main forces
Organization’s Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

Two ships ripped from the rocky bluff several hundred meters ahead of Roxas. One was an XJ- X wing, strangely similar to the ones the Clan used except for the garish paint. The second was a Theta class shuttle. They rocketed into the atmosphere quickly, stabbing for the clear orbit above. One of the Clan’s TIE Defenders spun hard and accelerated to trail them on their six-o’clock position.

“Looks like they stole an XJ,” Roxas mused as he dropped the electrobinocs. “One of the Clan Defenders is on them, and that means it’s a Dark Jedi pilot most likely. Can’t tell who from this distance and the comchat is intense.”

“Copy that sir,” replied the ARC trooper as his other two commanders stood with Roxas near a mass of rocks and ice. “We’ve got no other… wait.” The trooper touched his helm. “Wait. Nosir, I was incorrect. We have movement six hundred meters to the south. It appears… that a hidden escape burrow has opened. Recon Trooper Fifty-Seven has them in his binocs. Escapees, sir. About fourteen of them, with armored meat-heads, and what appears to be heavy weapons. One of them looks to be a brainy type. What are your orders?”

The Mandalorian was pleased. “Excellent. We intercept and eliminate. Our orders stand. No one gets away today. No one. we will kill them all, every last one.”

Behind the Front Gate
Organization’s Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

The dropship smashed hard into the rear area of the courtyard. The crippled ship had landed hard, and obviously not under power. None of the defenders paid it any attention and assumed anyone inside was dead. Inside, Sebaz used the Force to control the pain of the crash and to give himself enough energy to stand and begin to move. He quickly took packs from his medkit and placed them on the most serious lacerations. Most of the droids and personnel were dead. their corpses laid akimbo around the dropship’s wreck site. “Sebaz, I am counting on you to deliver the virus to their internal system,” echoed Quaestor Teu’s voice from his comlink. “The Clan is counting on you.”


Behind the Front Gate
Organization’s Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System
As if installing the proto-virus wasn’t hard enough. Sebaz knew that something bad would happen he just didn’t know that it would be this bad. He applied the med kit packets on the worst of his lacerations which was mostly on his right shoulder.
Great, now if I come into trouble, I’m going to have to fight with my left.
“Hey Sebaz, you ok?” asked Jeric over com. “We saw your dropship go down. Nice landing. You alright in there?”
“Uh, I’ll manage. As for the rest of team on here, I can’t really say much. I’ll try and see if I can access this server room Teu was talking about. What better way to ice the cake then to take over the entire infrastructure. Anyway, good luck out there. Sebaz out.”
Now his injuries really hurt. The wind was picking up and the breeze flew by his cuts, making them burn to an extreme he never felt before. He found some med kit gauzes and covered up.
Great, I’m hurt and now when someone sees me they’ll know I’m hurt.
Sebaz finally found strength to stand up and walked around. He found his chain of Coloris a couple feet away from him. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to use it much if he ran into security guards or anyone who had the urge to kill the invaders. He wrapped his chain around his arm and picked up a one handed pistol from one of his fallen comrades. The energy cells were more than three fourths full, so he knew it could last till his mission was over.
Sebaz stood by the exit door, waiting for it to open as he pushed the release button.
Push… Push… Push… What is with this thing? Why you no work???
Suddenly, he had an idea. Not the best of ideas to do when you’re injured, but he’d done it once, so why not? Ever since he force blasted his way out of the main room of the facility, he felt an urge to do it again. Now he saw his chance. He gathered the Force energy from around him, and launched it at the exit door, which wasn’t really a door, more like a ramp that didn’t want to open.
The Force blast knocked the door over, and in the process it squashed two enemy soldiers that had come to investigate the crash.
Some luck, I thought this place was empty.
He made his way outside and passed by the now almost lifeless forms. He gazed down to look at them and saw that they had cyber chips and sever mutations all over there body. The armor looked thick and impenetrable, and some guy had over six arms.
“Hey, anyone outside fighting, have you seen enemy soldiers with six arms and weird mutations. Also with cyber chips in their faces? Man, this is freaky stuff.”
“Yah, the majority of them are out here fighting us, be careful! Most are equipped with weapons that can with stand lightsaber blades. I don’t know how powerful that chain of yours is, but be careful. The best place to kill them is either between the eyes, or the back. Jeric out!”
Great, now they can resist lightsabers. Gees, what next force abilities?
He looked back up and glanced at a map of the schematics of the facility. He looked around and saw that most of the doors were open. It appeared and looked that no one had been here for a few good solid days. Either that or Teu managed to disable their power, which caused the lock mechanisms of the doors to unlock.
Sebaz made his way down an outdoor corridor. He soon saw signs that pointed him into specific directions. Armory, Hangar, Lab, Server room! That’s what he needed. He saw that the arrow pointed to a somewhat rectangular building with vents on top and the sides. He could feel heat coming from that direction. And where there’s heat, there’s usually a fire or the exhaust of a server room.
He managed to find an entrance to the building, and saw that it was locked with a code. Attached to the console he saw was multiple wires. His subconscious wanted to rant about it, but the other half of his mind went
Great, wires… And with wires you usually find explosives. And explosives go boom boom. And when you go boom boom you die!
Enough already let’s see what we can do here, said a different subconscious of his mind. Now he that this would be much more difficult if his brain went hay wire. He thought it could be because of the crash, but then again it could be because of something else.
“Sebaz, I sent the code for the server room. Thanks to that proto-virus you installed, you get a free access code. Here you go. Have fun!” said Teu.
A notification popped up on his holopad. He pressed his holopad against the console to have the code be uploaded. Within a few seconds the code was accepted and a small click was heard as the door to the server room went wide open. He entered the room to see that it was freezing. He’d been into other server rooms, but none clearly as cold as this one. Icicles were forming against racks that held the modules up, and ice covered the floor.
Who sprayed water in here? And why is it so cold? Why did I ever even agree to this?? Never mind let’s just get this over with.
“Teu, what am I looking for? Any special module or port?”
“Find a cyber-chip port, the same one that you use on the holopad. Use the connecting device that I gave you and find a port that will fit the connector. Once you connect leave the rest to me. The virus will take time to upload. You may have to hold off for a couple minutes, I suggest healing up. Hang tight.” Said Teu over com. Sebaz fiddled around trying to find the port which would fit the cord. He eventually found something that worked and let the virus upload. The screen said it would take about 10 minutes to upload, install, and run for Teu to get access of the whole system.
With about 8 minutes to go, Sebaz heard someone try to come inside the server room. He managed to barricade himself inside, but the man on the other side of the door seemed impatient to open the door.
“Oh no. Someone get a team down here to the server room! Someone may be inside and hacking our systems. ASAP move move!” said the unknown figure.
Great, now what? Am I going to see more six armed men or something? Why did I ever agree to this?
Thinking fast knowing that once the figures opened the door that he’d be screwed, he came up with the worst thing he could say.
“Uh yah. Hey it’s George. Yah, listen the reason why the server room is barricaded is because I’m taking down the servers and no one can know I’m here. Please don’t interfere. I have orders to shoot anyone who interrupts. Please don’t make me shoot you.”
They’re never going to buy that. What’s wrong with you?? Not only did you just fail, but you just got yourself killed. Great, start the funeral procession because you are screwed!
Surprisingly enough, they fell for it.
“Oh right. Sorry I forgot. I’ll let you too it. Hurry up the ships in the hangar and ready to leave.” Said the man.
“Thanks don’t wait for me though. You go yourselves. Take care.” Said Sebaz as he looked back as his holopad. 3 minutes were left.
“Hey, whosever in charge of fleeing people and such, expect a couple ships coming out of there hangar. They’re going to leave in a couple minutes so expect them.”
“Thanks kid. We’ll take care of it from here.” Said a voice Sebaz had never heard before. At least they knew what was going to happen.
Beep…Beep…Beep… Virus uploaded.
“Alright Teu, you should be in. Anything else?”
“No you’re fine. Now get out of there. I’ll open the vents so that you can escape and go topside. Do you want to be extracted or meet up with the other at the front gate?” asked Teu as Sebaz started to pack up.
“Uh… Hm… Do you guys need help at the front gate?” asked Sebaz over com.
“No we should be fine, but if you want to help that’s fine. Just be well equipped, these enemies of ours pack a punch.” Said Jeric as explosions and blaster fire was heard in the background. “Actually, we’re fine for right now. Get out of here kid. I doubt that crash didn’t leave you unharmed. Heal up so we can find a use for you. Jeric out.”
“All right, Teu where and when?” asked Sebaz.
“Ugh… I can’t really send anyone there to get you. Everyone is occupied. I doubt you want to go out into battle and rendezvous with someone there. Ugh… crap I didn’t think this far.” Said Teu
Great… First crashing and now I find to find my own way out… what next, a ship in a hangar just waiting for me? Wait… That’s it!
“Teu I think I just solved my dilemma. Wait a couple minutes. I’ll see what I can do. Sebaz out.”
Sebaz made his way out of the server room and saw the signs that pointed to where every little thing was. Hangar. That’s what he needed.
Let’s see the presents you guys left me.
Suddenly as Sebaz made his way out of the server room, his injuries began to burn since he didn’t get much medical attention besides the med kit packs and gauzes.
Where’s a medic when you need one?
Just as Sebaz thought that, he spotted several dead people with med kits in their hands.
Hope you don’t mind that I use this.
Sebaz treated himself while jogging to the hangar.
Sebaz made his way inside the hangar. He suspected that someone would still be left inside, but to his discovery the hangar was empty. All the ships that were left behind were a beaten up X-wing and a weird looking ship with the middle open and weird looking flaps at the sides. They looked like they could open straight up. What was this ship? Sebaz knew he had seen one before. It really intrigued him as the ship was coated in a dark black with one narrow strip of red metallic paint down the right side. It had an astromech droid opening on the left side, but with no droid inside. Sebaz jumped up onto the ship and opened the cockpit to see the ignition key was in there. Another pleasant surprise was that the ship was fueled, but the energy cells used to power the blasters were empty.
Great, an escape method but no sort of defense… just my day.
Intrigued with finding out how to start the ship, a huge crash was heard throughout the hangar. Shelves containing supplies for ships started to fall down and liter the floor. Sebaz stood and pulled out his pistol.
“Who’s there? Show yourselves! I’m not afraid to shoot!” Said Sebaz as he kept his pistol up while making his way to where the sound originated from.
He made his way there while clearing the rubble using the Force. What he found was something he did not expect. An astromech droid laid on its side pinned under the wreckage. Sebaz made his way over there, the astromech droid frantic and nervous over what would happen to him.
“Hey buddy. It’s ok. Don’t worry I’m not going to hurt you.” Sebaz said in a calm tone as he approached the droid.
Woooooo. The astromech droid was calm at the presence that Sebaz did not want to hurt him. He moved slightly forward, and let Sebaz touch his dome head with his hand.
“Come on bud, let’s get out of here.” Sebaz entered the cockpit. He looked around controls, but didn’t know how to turn the fighter on. All he saw was the full and energy cell gauges. “Hey, you do know how to turn on this fighter. Yes?”
Beep blo do. The astromech droid made itself onto the starfighter and entered into the specially made socket. Sebaz heard a few cranks from somewhere inside the ship and within a couple seconds, the starfighter began to whir. The cockpit closed and Sebaz navigated the fighter to the hangar doors. They were closed.
“Hey Teu, please tell me that you have access to the hangar doors.”
“Since you’re the one that infiltrated the system and was able to give me complete access of the system, you get this one for free.” Said Teu as the hangar doors swung wide open.
Ye. Now to get out of here.
Sebaz began to climb into space toward the massive star fleet. Things then took a turn for the worst.
“Incoming Jedi Interceptor. Halt! Identify yourself!” said a TIE fighter pilot as he chased after Sebaz.
“Let him go he’s one of ours. Escort him to a ship. He’s badly injured.” Said Teu over coms.
“Right away.” Said the TIE fighter pilot.
Thank the Force that Teu intercepted him.
The TIE fighter disengaged his lock. Two other TIE fighters escorted Sebaz to the main ship. Once Sebaz reached the safety of the home fleet, the TIE fighters changed course and headed back to where they were needed.
“Uh, Teu. I don’t know how to land this thing.” Said Sebaz, still under trained in the art of landing any type of ship.
“Don’t worry, I’ll bring her in” said Teu. Sebaz felt a jolt as Teu took over control of the fighter. She managed to land the ship in a hangar. Sebaz was beyond relief as the fighter stopped moving and stood still. He undid his safety restraints. Blood started to rush again from his wounds. He was still new to the Force healing, and the med kits didn’t do much to keep his injuries under check.
Sebaz managed to barely get out of the cockpit. He found his way to the floor as the newly formed astromech droid disengaged from the fighter. Sebaz saw Team Asis from his mission of installing the proto virus earlier that day. Many of the men recognized who he was and went over to congratulate him on the success of his mission.
Sebaz smiled as he saw that his old team was ok. The men got to him, just as Sebaz passed out from the massive amounts of blood lost. The last thing he remembers hearing is the word, Medic.


Outskirts of the main forces
Organization’s Main Base
Inos Moon 7 “Rockpile”
Inos Orbit
Orian System

It took no time for Roxas and his troops to cut off the escapees’ route out of the combat zone. His binocs scanned the area only a hundred meters ahead of him. He eyed the enemy equipment and called it out and gave orders to the troopers with him.
“A2-80’s and thermal dets. on the troops, the so called ‘brainy one’ appears to be a FOXTROT UNIFORM. Leave him to me. half of you come around to the rear and take their flank, after the rest of us engage them. Do not damage the tunnel. After the fun we’re gonna use it to catch the rest of hte cowards off guard.”
“Sir, we outnumber them. Why not just attack from the front?” One of the ARC troopers asked in an attempt to understand the Mandalorian’s plan.
Roxas passed the binocs to one of the troopers as he spoke "This way, we have a greater chance of injuring the FOXTROT. Just make sure the surprise team has slug throwers and everything should go smoothly."
They did as he commanded and split up. He waited until getting a conformation that the flanking team was in position before giving the go ahead for the attack. His jets fired launching him directly infront of the group of escapees.
“Going somewhere?” Roxas retorted with a smart tone as he landed. His men all attacked simultaneously. The attack may have been perfect, but the enemy still put up a fight. Hinting that they must have been some form of special forces.
“You’re men are good, but are you?” The Sith prodded.
Roxas didn’t speak, he let his lightsaber do the talkng by it’s howl when he ignited it and it’s growl when he took up a stance not uncommon to one as adapt in Shii-Cho as he was. The Mandalorianstood between the Sith and his escape, which meant he had to eather go through or around him. He was fleeing because he wasn’t as powerful as his allies; although, he held a prestigous position.
A bribe! he thought to himself before shouting "Look I have credits! I can…"
He was quickly cut off as the Horseman’s vocoder produced speech “I have a job to do. You can attempt to run, but I haven’t met anyone faster than me.”
Great, now I have to listen to a bluff, as if he is really that fast.
Roxas realised the man thought it was a bluff, but he didn’t care. The Force flowed through his body and he was upon his enemy in an instant. The look of surprise on the face of the Sith, let Horseman know that he was underestimated. Fenrir came around in a tight sweep and it was barely blocked as the man’s Force reflexes ignited his own saber and moved it into position. The Sith slid on his feet . He’s not just fast, but extremely strong. What the hell is he?! Roxas pressed the attack, not giving the man a chance to counter or attempt to run.
The Clone troopers had gained the upper hand against the troops that were with the Sith and were thinning out their numbers quickly. It wouldn’t be long and their fight would be over. It was strange that this Sith was so weak, but looked as if he held a position in the Organization.
The ARC troopers finished off the enemy soldiers and then surrounded Roxas and the Sith. Their weapons were leveled and steady, but they were mainly watching the Mandalorian. The Sith was able to get in a swing, but it was a mistake as the Horseman slashed the hilt of the man’s lightsaber destroying his every hope of escape. The mand knew he couldn’t fight such an opponent, so he raised his hands and called out "I surrender!"
Roxas stepped toward the man his lightsaber still ignited. The Sith quivered in fear believing his life was now over, but the Mandalorian reared his fast back and released it to knock the man unconscious with one solid punch.
He opened a comm channel to the Consul Malik, “This is War, I’ve captured a high value target and taken control of the enemy escape route. It’s only a matter of time now and the day is ours.”


Now Closed by the CNS Summit- To Be Continued in Phase II: Aeotheran Assault