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Name Question



My name is Ocheron. Recently joined the brotherhood. As I attempted to create my character name I was informed that Rhan was not an acceptable name due to ‘Han’ being spelled out. Understandably, I know why this was banned from being included, but I was curious if it could be lifted so that my character could be named properly.

I would like to develop my character correctly and have him name as I envisioned and hope that doesn’t interfere with the rules and guidelines set forth by the higher powers of the Dark Brotherhood. I thank you for your time and patience in reading this and hope you consider my request.

Thank you,


First off, welcome to the DB Ocheron, secondly I think this is something our Seneschal @JamesEntar might be able to address, or our Master at Arms @AabsduDupar.

I’d suggest emailing Aabsdu at aabsdu@gmail.com and discussing the name with him, there may be other reasons why it was being flagged, but its probably just a mixup.


Hey @Ocheron,

As @KeirdaghCantor, said, welcome to the Brotherhood!

I apologise for the join form name filter being fairly strict - I will have a look at that soon to make sure it only considers full words rather than names that contain canon names or titles (such as your preferred name Rhan, but also names such as Johann, Kendarth, Aleia, and others, which under the current filter would all be rejected).

Using Rhan as a name is perfectly fine, and not against the rules at all. You should be able to change your name by going to your administration menu on the main site, and requesting a name change from there. These name changes are manually reviewed and approved by the Master at Arms and his staff, and are not subjected to the automated name filter.

Please let me know if you have any other questions.


@Ocheron, I just made an update to the code that handles the name validations. It will allow for names like yours to work. Once @JamesEntar has a chance to review and deploy it to the site, you should be good to go.