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Need some advice


Howdy all, since coming back I’ve been contemplating a fresh start character wise and wanted to get some opinions and maybe some ideas for a new character backstory. I have a basic outline in my head but there are a few things that are holding me up. I was giving real consideration to making a wookiee but I’m stuck on how he would communicate with the grunting and growling and what not and also what event could have brought him to Odan-Urr. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

On an unrelated matter I see a few of you guys have custom avatars, they look very cool by the way. How would one go about getting one of those?


The communication wouldn’t be too hard to do, make it clear on occasion that he’s speaking wookie eg:

Jaysun chimed in to the conversation, grunting away in the Wookie dialect. “We need to make a decision, enemy forces will be on us soon.”

It’s not ideal but it works.

For the back story you could follow the classic slave turned Sith story, being a Wookie and their history with the Empire it would make sense. Say he was taken to Odan-Urr as a slave but when he killed his master using the force he was noticed by the brotherhood.

As for the custom avatars, just go to your administration page and on the right under dossier there should be a button ‘Request Avatar’.

Btw welcome back, i’m glad to see another aussie on here :smiley:


New Tython actually has a Wookiee village on the planet, formed from the families and friends of our Wookiee military unit The Chosen - themselves escaped slaves. Also, we take in Force sensitives from all over the world and Galaxy - you’d easily be able to join up if you showed such potential. :slight_smile:


As far as i recall, Lambow has a translator of some sort attached to his harness, or something. Either way it translates to basic when he speaks. You could go that route.

Avatars are most often either found on the internet (for which you need permission from the author), or commissioned from various artists. many of our members have commissioned Talcobanon and Jedi-Art-Trick from devinatart to do their images. Check them out.