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New Alliances - A Shadow Guard/Grey Wolf Competition


A runon competition where both groups will work together in a common
goal to clean up the remaining undead creatures that are remaining on
Judecca. There may be a couple of hiccups along the way and both groups
will work to overcome any obstacles. An initial post will be made on
January the first on the Discourse and then you will proceed from there.
You can’t make two posts in a row. Each post has to be a minimum of 250

Grading: Grading will be based on a traditional grading rubric used for ACC
battles and normal fiction competitions. Post count and quality will be
taken into consideration.

If you wish to make a post before someone else moves the story please post a reply saying Saved. Doing this will mean no one else can post until you have posted your message. Please don’t take longer than 24 hours if you are saving the spot. This allows everyone to get their posts in.

Now without further ado.

Dusk - Planet Judecca
City of Ohmen

It was a rainy evening and the members of Shadow Guard were taking cover inside of what used to be some sort of bar or restaurant that had been destroyed. The campaign, to stop the Empire’s enemies from resurrecting the “Old Gods”, had come at a high price. Buildings and cities all over the Cocytus system had been destroyed in the ensuing chaos. Finally Scholae Palatinae had been able to push back, and defeat, it’s enemies. Delak stood underneath a part of the roof that still stood, listening to the sound of the rain drops bouncing off of the metal roof slats. The rain calmed his already weary mind. It had been days since he had had a good nights rest. The undead never slept so neither would he or his men until they were dispatched. The force would need to sustain them for as long as it could. News, it seemed, would never come from the palace. News of any outside help that might be showing up to aid in the clean up of these undead freaks. It had been hours since Delak’s last communication with the Emperor, yet still there was nothing to be heard. The men were getting restless with the amount of undead surrounding them. They were attracted to noise and light, this is why his men were hiding in the broken down building. They were biding their time. There was a beep at Delak’s wrist communicator.

“It’s about time,” Delak thought to himself. “This is Warrior Delak responding.”

“Warrior Krennel, this is your Emperor. We have made contact with a passing group of the Gray Knights from Tarentum. Battle Team Greywolf is inbound to the system as we speak. They will soon make planetfall and meet you at the Starport. You and your men need to move and get there soon. More details will be given when they arrive. Xen out.” Xen finished as he shut off his line.

“Greywolf? From Tarentum? Well this could get interesting.” Delak said quietly.

Just then Delak heard a commotion coming from outside. He hadn’t noticed it originally but the beep from his communicator had been enough to gather unwanted attention. The undead were upon them.


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Kyo was sat in meditation to help fight off his urges, they had been sitting there for what seemed an eternity in almost complete silence. Delak had forbidden him from smoking and had confiscated his tobacco prior to them taking refuge in the ruins, as temptation would have been too much for the young Knight. The sound of raindrops plinking in puddles were normally a calming sensation for him, however the knowledge of what horrors stalked the night shook him to the core. The rain fell down constantly, like an endless bucket of water being poured down from the clouds, masking any sense of time.

Kyo’s eyes opened slightly at the sound of the wrist communicator, it’s beep piercing through the silence in the room. Finally, some orders. He listened carefully to every syllable of the conversation; between Emperor Xen and Delak, until the transmission ended.

Kyo’s eyes widened at the commotion outside, his gaze darted across the room and locked onto Commander Delak’s. Hesitantly he whispered across to him.

“Sir” Kyo asked with much apprehension in his voice.

Delak’s stern look and nod were all Kyo needed to confirm the enemy were near. There wasn’t a single look of fear about the commanders demeanor that he could pick up on, definitely concern but no fear. This calmed his nerves, swallowing to clear his throat Kyo continued to whisper.

“Do we have a plan of action to reach the star port sir? Also what of these Grey Wolves, Clan Tarentum. Can we trust them to do what is necessary?”


Character sheet for this run on https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/members/14299/character_sheet

Blackhawk was aboard his ship looking through diagnostics when the message arrived. Noticing that the message itself came from what appeared to be the headquarters of clan Scholae Palpatine, he turned to his commanding officer, who gave a nod to take it. With that, he accepted the communication, and surprisingly found an image of the emperor.

“Greetings Grey Wolf battle team. As you may know, I am the emperor of clan Scholae Palpatine. Unfortunately however, this is not a social call. The Shadow Guard finds themselves in a situation. They were originally sent to dispose of those who would attempt to raise the old gods. Successful, they were, but not before a hoard of undead was released and swarmed upon them. They currently find themselves unable to fight the swarm and have contacted me to send help. You are the only team close enough to Judecca to help then before they are overwhelmed. I would greatly appreciate your help in this matter so please, assist us”

At that point, the transmission terminated. " Are we to help them?" the clawdite asked. " Yes, send a message to the Shadow Guard. Tell them we are coming to help." Following orders, Blackhawk sent the message, and ordered the crew to prepare for takeoff. Soon enough, the Wolf was in hyperspace, and the docked gunship ready to go. Once that happened, Blackhawk decided to go catch up on some sleep when he had time.

In his sleep he experienced a vision. Or maybe it was just a dream? He couldn’t tell. Whatever it was, it seemed bleak. The vision showed his team in a dark place, with very little lighting. Foggy and musty, the entire team appeared existed an a hoard of strange, humanoid creatures were upon them. The entire team appeared to be preparing for what most thought maybe the final battle. “Well if we ate to die, we shall go down fighting!” shouted one. At that all charged into battle. Blackhawk woke in a pool of sweat, breathing hard, the vision fresh on his mind. And the only thing he was able to think about.


D’Cota replayed the message from the Emperor over again for the 5th time as he sat in the cockpit of the Grey Wolf. One of the co-pilots nudged him, and D’Cota got the hint and turned off the holovid.

Zombies…? Zombies!? He thought to himself. This is going to be GREAT. This was a whole new challenge for him and he embraced it wholeheartedly. The Wolf was preparing to land, and soon the action could begin.

Suddenly, the flurry of stars infront of him settled, and there they were, sitting above the planet Judecca.
D’Cota plugged in the coordinates to the city of Ohmen. They were to meet the members of the Shadow Guard who were currently fighting off the remaining undead that had attacked their capital city. As they descended upon the mountainous metropolis, D’Cota could feel something wrong. It wasn’t death he sensed. It was something much, much different. Buildings that were hundreds of meters high were just husks of their old selves. No longer majestically standing out of the rocky terrain, the city looked like it had been purged of life, yet not quite dead.

“Wolf to ground control. Repeat, Wolf to ground control. Requesting permission to land, do you copy?” D’Cota stared at the transmitter, awaiting his clearance to land. There was no reply, as only dead air came from the radios below. Something tells me we aren’t alone…

“Will someone get word to Blackhawk?” D’Cota said to a crew member. “I’m about to take this bird down and I’m not convinced we are alone here. We are gonna need a landing party to help secure the dock just in case.”

The Grey Wolf cruised smoothly into the dock, which was a hollowed cavity carved into the side of rocky cliff face. The whoosh of the hydraulics as the Wolf landed got the butterflies in D’Cota’s stomach to start fluttering. It was time to get to work. D’Cota stood up and looked out the window of the cockpit. There they were, slowly dragging along towards the Grey Wolf. The sound of the ship landing must have attracted their attention.

D’Cota grinned as he saw them walking towards the ship. Well, I guess we know how to lure them in now don’t we?

“I hope someone told Blackhawk to ready that landing party. We are going to need it.” D’Cota said as he picked up his vibroblade and began to walk towards the shuttle doors.


Caesar looked at his data pad, “Dam Zombies they are over taken the Planet”. He looked at Lev and shouted “What the hell do we do”. Lev gave no answer.
“Crap come on Guys we have to get these damn things”.
Caesar called the battle team Shadow Guard from Clan Scholae Palatinae!!!

“Delak where and what do you what us to strike we have answered your call, we are overwhelmed, God Dam what have you got us into”.

The data pad lit into life and Caesar and his team heard a good familiar voice.”Delak here! ok guys you are in the right place just keep on going”.

“Fine!! Delak give me something”

“Lev put in a course for 34 56 45 right in the middle of this crap”.

“Delak I hope you are going to cover us, I don’t want any crap you kill us I am after you”.
Delak replied “Caesar I will not let you down”.
“I hope not Delak if you do!!!”
The Battle Team leader looked at Black hawk and Dcota, and said in a commanding voice “Black hawk you are weapons expert and landing party leader how does things look”.
“D’cota my Student you are Pilot and on board weapons expert, tell me we have an escape plan and the time to blow these Zombies up”.
The Grey Wolf team heard the familiar voice of Delak once again “Caesar you are in the right place bud, put your shields up and Shadow Guard will guide you in to the right place to meet up”.


At being summoned, Blackhawk quickly gathered his weapons and armour before making his way to the bridge, this time in the former of a zabrak. Him appearing in any for other than his true for with his armour on told the entire team that this was serious as it was rare that he appeared as anything but clawdite let alone with his armour. “Ready weapons” he told a crew member. Surveying the area from the bridge he turned to Caesar. “Ground assault doesn’t look good yet” he told the human. “I would recommend staying on the ship and using our on board weapons to clear an area before we land” he continued. With a whir the shields activated and targeting systems prepared. “Someone should get on the turrents” he informed the crew. The large, seemingly never ending crowd of zombies below disturbed him. “Maybe we should dispatch a probe” the clawdite said. “Something tells me that there’s still something else out there”. As many zombies as there were, Blackhawk half wondered how the Shadow Guard had survived till now and where they were sheltered. It wasn’t long until the cruiser was firing turbo lasers and concussion misiles at the ground, obliterating zombie hordes and leaving scorched shells in the wake. “Leave at least one of them in tact, alive if possible.” he ordered. “We may want to study it later”. After few minutes, there was a clear area in which the ship could land. “If we’re going to land now would be the time to do it.” Blackhawk said readying his weapons to deal with any of the undead that had somehow managed to survive the barrage of weapons fire that had cleared the area. Lower the docking ramp" with that, Blackhawk defended the ramp, the rest of the team following, various weapons from vibroblades to lightsabers to blasters ready. Luckily there were no undead denizens waiting for them, and soon enough they were making there way towards the Shadow Guard’s last known position.


The crumbling ramparts of Memorial Square were manned by the solemn and somber warriors of Shadow Guard, a myopic assortment of Sith, soldiers, and a few mercenaries all struggling to remain cohesive and effective under the endless assault of the walking corpses. Beyond this pitiful bastion of supply wagons, boxes, hovercraft, and furniture were a few citizens and a handful of Stormtroopers and Imperial Fleet Troopers who found themselves at the wrong place at the wrong time.

They had held out for days. The team was bait, and they knew it. While the rest of the clan and the formidable military assets were busy evacuating citizens and equipment, forming layers and layers of envelopment to systematically exterminate the zombie threat, Shadow bled. The bleeding was not to end shortly.

Delak looked up from the portable monitor and the clumsy communications relay that had been assembled to announce reinforcements were en route directly from Tarentum. “Boss, no need…look east. That is air to ground artillery firing and the blasts are getting closer. They can’t land that ship, but they damn sure are clearing a path” stated Commander Fenn. Chrome nodded in agreement, and tightened his grip on the firing handle of the mobile infantry turret. The defensive unit was nearly depleted, the swath of zombie limbs erected a ghastly rampart.

And in the distance, a landing ramp lowered and several shapes emerged guns blazing and lightsabers igniting in near unison. The rapacity and ferocity of the combatants was a welcome blessing to the beleaguered and demoralized Palatineans. The lead warrior cleared the rampart, leading his forces forward as Shadow Guard fired with renewed vigor and defended their makeshift walls. The warrior, clad in armor, announced “True to our word, Grey Wolf has arrived.”


Levathan walked up to the armored member of Grey Wolf and smacked the back of his helmet, causing him to turn in anger, which quickly evaporated as he saw his commanding officer.

“Enough blustering, get back out there and help with the sweep.”
With a salute he ran off.

Turning back to Fenn, Lev appraised the human, and then looked beyond to worn and tired members of Shadow Guard. They had taken a beating; there was no doubt of that, he could feel how tired they were without even needing his Force senses. How they lasted this long with this few losses was a testament to their skill and training, Lev had gained a new respect for Shadow Guard. However in this state, against undead, this won’t do…

Fenn was getting weary in front of the tall Arkanian, who was staring at him and his team with a blank expression as the slaughter of undead raged on behind him. He was about to say something when the Grey Jedi’s features softened, petted him on the shoulder and walked off talking into a comm.

“Grey Wolf this is the XO. Make a slow pass around and over the square, turn anything that isn’t broadcasting Grey Wolf ID into dust then hold position above my beacon. Provide over watch and covering fire. Also drop med packs, stim packs, field rations and blaster charge packs.”

Cutting off the comm and activating its beacon he tossed it back to the Human and shouted “resupply incoming!” to Fenn, and ran off to rejoin the sweep. The Tarentae knew undead, even with bombardment they’d have to dead check everything. The Krath couldn’t wait to get his hands on one and probe its secrets.


The Arkanian sergeant wasted no time in returning to the fray as a small showering of crates began pummeling the area around the makeshift redoubt. Delak was quick to assess the emerging battlespace and ordered the few soldiers and support staffs to once again provide covering fire as Sith ran forth to bring back the badly needed supplies. The concept of warm MREs for their empty stomaches and bacta for their wounded bodies would do wonders for morale.

The normally draconian Chrome spoke up, “We might be able to pull this out after all. To think, we almost called in danger close and nearly got us all blasted sky high.”

Fenn nodded in appreciating the dynamically changing realities of battle. From a tactical level fresh Sith warriors from Clan Tarentum and their air support would be critical…for a time. Indeed, the undead continued to surge forward but with a diminishing swell. The crests of their endless waves were ebbing.

“Delak, with any luck Grey Wolf can clear us a perimeter to go on the offensive now that we aren’t cornered with knives to our throats. All indications from Dr. Rei is that these things would surge to us if they could, so their elimination may indicate all readily mobile undead have been terminated. However…”

Fenn was cut off. The air support rattled dangerously close as the Grey Wolf members on ground let up a roaring cheer. The stragglers were picked off within minutes. Levathan and Blackhawk returned with the rest of the squad who had made landfall.

“Continue, commander?” coaxed Chrome.

“Sergeant…if these undead were the ones able to attack us that appears to leave two scenarios. Either they have all been eradicated…or the surviving targets are ones trapped, unable to reach us, or have evolved to a higher level of cognitive ability.”

All parties looked at the commander and appraised his response. Levathan was the first to speak, “So either we came all this way and our job is done…or we have to go house to house in Ohmen City rooting out potentially sophisticated and thinking undead?”

Silence followed as the leadership considered the next phase of operations.


“Master Caesar, we definitely have the speed to get out of here, but I’m afraid a large-scale bombing may be too costly. The undead have seemingly retreated into the inner parts of the city. The buildings are all too densely packed. We would do more damage than the undead could.” D’Cota could tell by the look on his mentors face that he didn’t appreciate the news.

“Make sure the spaceport is clear.” Caesar ordered, as he walked away.

D’Cota nodded as he walked away from the LZ and towards the bay doors of the seemingly abandoned spaceport. Some of the walls were blasted out, no doubt from desperation as the port guards were overwhelmed by the undead attackers. D’Cota continued to walk along, observing the blood and debris that littered the hallway. He could see a doorway coming up on his right. This is as good a place to start as any, D’Cota thought to himself. The door didn’t open as he approached. The motion sensors must be damaged. He waved his hand towards the door. The force flowing from his fingertips ushered the door to the left side, sliding it open.

“Goodness, this place is a mess…” D’Cota muttered as he walked among the rubble. This place had been thoroughly torn apart. His eyes brought him to the far corner of the room. Underneath a fallen shelf he could see something poking out. As he walked toward the shelf he raised his arm upwards, lifting the shelf and placing it back upright against the wall. Just as he suspected, the body of a dead Rodian was beneath the rubble. Poor soul…

Just then a sound of static broke the silence in the room. D’Cota James snapped his head to the left. The static broke out again, and D’Cota made his way to the relay terminal. A quick look over was all he needed to tell the terminal was in bad shape. He tinkered around with it trying to find a way to get some small hint of a signal, when finally a voice was heard over the grainy feed.

“Help us… We have surv… Dusty Dune Tavern… Pl…” The transmission cut out.

“Frack!” D’Cota exclaimed, as he continued to tinker with the wiring.

“Look out for… Smar-…” The transmission was interrupted again, this time with a fiery pop. D’Cota knew he had lost it for good. He needed to report his findings to Caesar as quickly as he could. Removing the transmitter from the terminal, he uploaded the last bit of the message to take to his superiors.


The rays of sunlight mixed with the darkness of the clouds, tumbling and scratching into one another to cause a bellow to stir between them. A flash of violet energy left their friction as their civil war intensified between them, a clash of the old and new coming together. Where the clouds of the sea met with the mist of Ohmen, it became a glorious sight to behold for any who cared. As the daylight faded out and set the broken city into dusk, the Quarren stood on a broken monument and assessed the situation from a height. His cerulean eyes saw the fearless Shadow Guard taking on the grunt work by storming their numbers, with their heads in the right place and their aim precise. Grey Wolf had the valour and courage to match this covert team of Palatinaeans, as it meant the balance was met. Their forces had found a footing in this terrible aftermath, as hordes of the undead fungi reserved their movements deep underground and inside civilian buildings. It certainly wouldn’t be easy to do their job, any means necessary. Qor smiled, this is what he hoped for.

As an icy wind swept by him while the rains poured against his bark-coloured cloak and cowl, the Quarren held his hands neatly behind his back and rested his strong foot onto the broken head of Angelo Dante’s statue. Something the local enforcement mustered up before he disappeared into the shadows, the symbol was clear enough for the teams to understand. If order and justice were to be achieved, vengeance on the Pacre Datship must be priority. A clash of lightning bolts above Qor’s head lit the immediate area in a violet aura, as the low thunder rolled across the misty alleys and caused confusion to the undead. He noticed their heads cocked up in displeasure, whether it was because of the sound or lack of sunshine remained to be seen. But one thing was for sure, the sound startled them. It gave the Quarren an idea. A sharp buzz and multiple beeps caused Qor to lift his wrist and tap his holocommunicator.

“Skald here, speak up.”

“Sire, a squadron of members from Tarentum have arrived. Delak and Chrome are rendezvousing with them now. Do you wish to brief them and lay the plans?”

“Negatory Lieutenant, that wouldn’t give them any leadership experience. But I will need my dear Akumu for something special. It appears i’ve found a weakness to exploit. Our missing puzzle piece is going to ignite the senses in a clash of thunder and blood.”

“Uh…Aye sir. I’ll deliver the message to Knight Akumu directly, that is if the fungus don’t eat me first.”

“Follow the ARC troopers, Lieutenant and you’ll survive. Qor out.”

The Quarren leapt from what remained of the fallen Angelo and looked back up one last time. With a heavy expression, he sighed.

“We will deliver freedom back to these people, sir. You have my word. I owe it to your son.” Qor saluted once, then put his brown hood up and sprinted into the thickening mist and rain.


(New character sheet that I will be using for the remainder of this runon https://www.darkjedibrotherhood.com/character_sheets/3839)
Blackhawk was surrounded. He had been off clearing the area. Something seemed off to him. Something out of place, a building where there should be rubble, it just didn’t seem right to him. He had decided to check it out and went in, a vibroblade in each hand. Nothing seemed off at first glance, but it was still disturbing.
Then he heard it someone was breathing. The rodian came out of the shadows his breath raspy, “Please… help me,” he pleaded. “What, what is it?” Blackhawk asked. “Something… upstairs.” “What?” “I don’t. I don’t know” the Rodian replied clearly recovering. Drawing a blaster he said “I’ll help as much as I can,” he said. "Fine, let’s go.“
Heading up the stairs was relatively uneventful, a couple zombies easily decapitated. But at the top of the stairs, he sensed it. Something powerful.
“Well well well” said a deep voice. “You are the one trespassing on my domain.” “Who are you?” Blackhawk inquired. “Who I am is unimportant. You won’t live long enough” the voice replied. “Quite frankly, I’m surprised that a brute like you even made it this far, zabrak” the voice continued. Shifting back to his true form, he said " I’m no zabrak, and I’m defiantly not a brute.” With that Blackhawk readied himself. "There is no need for that,’ the voice declared. “You will die soon.” “For some reason I doubt that very much,” Blackhawk replied. With that, he cast force lightning towards his opponent, but before it made contact, before it could even connect, before he could even see his enemy, both he and the Rodian were lifted into the air, and thrown. They were thrown so hard they went through the wall, and strait out, into open air, and down. They hit the ground hard. Blackhawk somehow managed to survive the fall with not much more than some scrapes, brushes, and a bad headache. The Rodian hadn’t been so lucky. He was dead. But Blackhawk didn’t have time to think about that now. The horde desended upon him instantly. And they were coming for him. This was bad.
There was no way to run from this, nowhere to hide, and alone, this was a losing battle. “A little help here, maybe on the form of artillery!” Blackhawk shouted over the comlink on his wrist. At that moment, they were on him, and he began a dance of death, zombie parts flying everywhere as they were severed from the bodies of the undead. He could only hope help got to him in time.


On his way to meet his superiors, a thought came across D’Cota’s mind. Why not just handle this alone? The initiative would surely be warmly welcomed by his higher-ups, and he wont have to share the glory with a squad of troops. He headed toward the doors of the Grey Wolf. Grabbing some extra gear, and a beacon in case of an emergency, D’Cota headed out on his search for this Tavern. Hey, maybe he would even have the opportunity to grab a correlian ale.

D’Cota hadn’t made it far from the camp when he felt a disturbance in the force. He could feel the loss of a life nearby, and it wasn’t one of these undead creatures. He quickened his pace and made his way towards this disturbance. As he approached his communicator buzzed. Blackhawk was requesting assistance. Perhaps he was involved somehow. Just as he turned the corner his saw Blackhawk himself, fighting off a group of zombies. D’Cota rushed into battle, drawing his blade and joining his fellow Grey Wolf in combat. The two of them sliced at the horde of zombies from either side. Slowly but surely their numbers began to thin, and D’Cota noticed the dead rodian.

“Zombies get him?” D’Cota shouted over to Blackhawk.

“Unfortunately not,” the Clawdite responded. “We may have a bigger problem than these brainless meatbags.”

As the last of the undead swarm was cut down, D’Cota approached Blackhawk. The Clawdite’s weapons were still drawn and he stared up at a hole in the building that stood above them. Strangely enough, it was the only building still standing tall on the block. The rest had crumbled from the destruction of the undead, and what seemed to be small bombings.

“I can’t stay much longer, Blackhawk. I’ve got an important task to handle. What’s this ‘bigger problem’ that you’re talking about? Let’s hurry up and handle it so I can get going.” D’Cota was starting to get anxious. What if those survivors died before he reached them? He’d have nothing to show for his renegade side mission.

“He’s powerful D’Cota. We are going to need a plan.” Blackhawk had a serious tone in his voice. D’Cota could tell that this shouldn’t be taken lightly.

“Very well, Blackhawk. What have you got up your sleeve?”


Ohmen City

The storm continued to rage harder and harder as the
undead skulked around the city. Their moans were almost not able to be heard
through the loud thunder clashes that were smashing through the sky as lighting
hit the ground. Ma’l Rivrwsh stood in the shadows of a dark alleyway, even
darker in this storm. He was watching the men and women of Shadow Guard and
Grey Wolf Battle teams. He knew that at least some of them had been responsible
for the downfall of the Pacre Datship leadership council. He was the sole
remaining member of that leadership caste. He had managed to keep a portion of
the rituals which had brought the undead to life going. At least in some small
part. The undead were limited to an area within two miles of his area because
of the amulet he carried with him. It was a mobile version of the ritual that
he had found deep in the Rakata Temple before the humanoid robot had been
destroyed. He wanted revenge, and he would get his revenge if it was the last
thing he did.

Meanwhile in the Alliance’s Camp.

Delak Krennel stood in front of his men and the
members from Grey Wolf who has made the dangerous trek from the landing strip.

“The situation is tense, to say the least. We haven’t
been able to determine why the undead continue to rise up from the ground but
they are. We have been at this for days and the end seems to be nowhere in
sight. We need to get this figured out and quickly before we slip up due to
exhaustion. We need to…” Delak was interrupted by a faint beep from a
communicator. It was Blackhawk contacting Ceasar.

“Ceaser, Blackhawk here. I have some troubling news to
report. I have made contact with someone not of Scholae’s forces. He was a man in
a black robe. He was powerful in the force. I tried to fry him with my
lightning but he lifted me up off the ground and threw me away like a rag doll.
I will be meeting up with you all shortly. Blackhawk out.” With that the
communicator went silent.

“So the undead must be coming to life because of this
force user. He might be someone left over from the Pacre Datship who was hiding
his power in the force. So whatever he is doing in Ohmen is causing the undead
to rise up. We need to find him immediately. We will split into teams and
search the area. One Shadow Guard with One Grey Wolf. Watch your backs and we
will get through this Im certain.” Delak finished.


“We need a distraction,” Blackhawk decided. “I don’t think taking him directly will be possible, but if we’re get to him without being seen, then maybe we can capture him.”
“It might work” D’Cota replied. “But how do we avoid being seen?”
" I was thinking an illusion combined with a mind trick, which we would both have to attempt simultaneously, may allow us to get in and stun him without much of a fight." Blackhawk speculated “failing that however, the only option left that I can think of is using using blackness, then taking him on alone” he continued.
“What if that doesn’t work?” D’Cota asked. “It seems you don’t intend to kill him.” Blackhawk’s reply was exactly what the human had expected. “If your asking weather or not I’ll be able to kill him should it become a requirement, the answer is yes I am prepared to kill him, but only if his capture proves impossible. He is of little good if he’s dead.” “Okay Blackhawk where is he?” D’Cota asked. " Second floor," Blackhawk told him. "Shall we?"
With that, they headed around the door, alert for more zombies. As before there was nothing other than a cold chill down their spines. No zombies attacked. No major tells indicating a trap. Just an empty, abandoned road and one building still standing. At the door, nothing was waiting. The hallway was unoccupied, the rubble unmoved. The journey up the stairs was uneventful. But this time, at the top of the stairs, Blackhawk drew his electrostaff and looked to D’Cota. Nodding, he closed his eyes stretching out his hand. Blackhawk reached into his mind, telepathically feeding imaged of the room as he remembered them.
“You survived?” the deep voice spoke. Blackhawk concentrated on a mind thick, hoping to maintain the illusion long enough to get close. As he entered the room, the illusion seemed to be working, and within a minute, Blackhawk was poised to bring his staff down and arrest him.


City Apartment Building

Blackhawk moved in with his staff ready to arrest who
he thought was the mastermind behind the trouble in Ohmen. As he went to strike
he could hear a barely audible chuckle come from the cloaked figure. He rushed
over and pulled the hood off of the man’s head only to find an old man, clearly
out of his mind from dehydration, standing there laughing to himself.

“He said he had a surprise for you when you arrived.”
The old man said with another delirious laugh.

Blackhawk could hear a little beep, beep, beep, and it
kept getting faster and faster. “A bomb!” Darkhawk thought to himself quickly. “Get
back D’Cota! Bomb!” He yelled loudly. Both of the men jumped quickly out the
nearest window aiming for a clean landing on the ground below. Within seconds
the second story windows were lit up like fireworks with flames and smoke
coming out of every window.

“That was close.” D’Cota stated.

“I can’t believe he deceived me like this. Let’s get
back to the group.” Darkhawk said hurriedly.

City Destroyed Bar


Delak and Ceasar stood at the head of the group. They
had been discussing what to do about the remaining menace in the city. Everyone
turned when they heard an explosion in a different section of the city. The
flames briefly raised into the air but were quickly drowned out by the rain

“What was that?” Delak inquired.

“No idea.”Ceasar said. “Althesus, take Cruise with you
and check it out. Report back in as soon as possible.”

“It will be done.”Althesus and Cruise said in unison.

Delak and the rest of the group decided to focus on
the mission at hand, finding out what was going on. They had discovered that
the undead issue was based around a man who was in Ohmen, and he was also force
sensitive. This gave Delak an idea. Through the force many things could be
seen, the future, the past, old enemies right around the corner. His meditation
helped him to center himself for the search at hand. He stretched out through
the force and could feel a very strong presence very near to their camp.

“Zagro, we have company. The one we are looking for is
right outside our camp. Have the group spread out in twos and search the
surrounding allies away from here. He is in the alley behind us and he is mine.”Delak

The Alliance members moved out in flanking directions
while Ceasar and Delak took a more direct route to their enemy. They leapt over
the tops of the debris that remained of the building they were camped in. They
made it into the alley and found the man they were looking for.

“Greetings filth. I am Ma’l Rivrwsh. I am your end.
You have destroyed the Pacre Datship and you must now pay.”

“Fat chance of that you piece of Bantha Fodder. Your
time has come to an end. We are the harbingers of your doom. There will be no
trial for you. Time to die little man.” Delak taunted.

“Let’s take him Krennel.” Ceasar added quickly.

The Sith Warrior and Grey Jedi unclipped their
lightsabers from their belts and ignited them. The other man did the same. The
two circled the one and the dance began. Delak lunged for Ma’l and missed with
his first attack while Ceasar came in from behind. The Pacre member jumped high
in the air and landed with a flip behind Ceasar kicking him in the back
knocking him forward onto the ground. Delak took the opportunity to jump over
his allies back and kicked the man in the midsection sending him briefly
backwards. He lashed out with his saber with a hurricane of strikes. He kept
pushing the man backwards while Ceasar regained himself and joined the battle.
They pushed the remaining Pacre member backwards into a debris pile and he
tripped on a broken piece of building. He landed hard on the slab of duracrete
and hit his head. He stirred and slowly picked his head just in time for Delak
to sever the man’s hand from its place on his body. Ceasar held his saber up to
the man’s face keeping him in place.

“Your entire order has destroyed so much in this city,
most importantly the servants of the Empire. For that I have judged you with
the power I have been given by the Emperor. You will die.” Delak stated with

“The Pacre Datship will always survive. You will nev…”
He was cut short as Delak severed the man’s head from his body.

Delak watched the man slump to the ground and he
noticed a glare from his neck before he turned to leave. The gem was glowing
brighter and brighter. Feeling that this was most likely the cause of the
undead he shattered the gem with his boot. It was over. For now. The Empire
would live to see another day.