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New Episode 7 Rumor: Antagonists - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


There is a new set of rumors going around about what kind of baddies we might be seeing in Episode 7. As you can read here, there is a new set of rumors that we will be seeing both Mandalorians and Sith Witches stir up a great deal of trouble.

It has also been rumored that Lupita Nyong'o, Adam Driver and David Oyelowo are playing a trio of Jedi Hunters.

This would be a nice break in terms of Sith vs Jedi and Empire vs Rebels we saw in Episodes 1-6. What is everyone's thoughts on the possible inclusion of the Mandos and Witches on the big screen?

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Witches of Dathomir possibly??


If I had to guess, that would be it. The Nightsisters showed up in the Clone Wars series, which is still part of the canon, so that is where I would figure they would pull it from.


Either that, or the Six Sisters of Echani.


Sounds like it has potential, though I’m personally more inclined towards the Sith Witches. Saying that the Mandalorians might be in the movie would be like saying Thrawn and Mara Jade would show up. It gets our attention and gets many fanboys and fangirls all warm and tingly inside.

I will say this much. If they are going outside the normal Sith vs. Jedi approach that we have seen, they are taking a bigger risk than I thought. Episode 7 will really have to set the stage for 8 and 9 in the way that episode 4 did for 5 and 6, but episode 1 did not do for 2 and 3.


This fangirl would die happy to see Thrawn on the big screen.
Mara Jade would have to be played by somebody other than Scarlet Johansen (sp?) who is the action gal of the week.

But they CAN feel free to surprise and amaze me, too.


Keira Knightley possibly?


I’m not really believing any SW7 rumor I read just because so much is up in the air and Disney is being super tight lipped about it. The one “rumor” that I AM excited about is the more general belief that the Rebels TV show is going to tie into 7 through characters or themes or something. Integration between the films and TV is awesome. Otherwise…not sure what to believe until we start getting character names/synopsis.


I really don’t see how Rebels will work into episode 7 when rebels is set between 3 and 4 and episode 7 is set 30 years after 6.


Looking at the timeframe lots of options are out…IF the EU is utilized but again it doesn’t have to be…a good idea would be the Vong but I feel that is too big of a budget and storyline stretch.


I don’t think budget is the Vong concern as much as a lot of people think that storyline is silly. It’s also the stereotype of EU bloatedness, which means I would imagine they’ll never touch it. They’ve already brought Chewie back.

I doubt they’ll ever utilize full Legends storylines. More likely they’ll take characters and planets here and there.


If a character is in his or her 20s during Rebels, they’d be late-50s/early 60s during the new trilogy. And if they’re an alien that may well be their early years still. They could tie things in east.


Depends when they start the series too. if they start at 20 BBY, or the end of the ROTS, then when they get to episode IV ANH, that is 20 years. ANH to ROTJ is 5 years, Episode VII is set 30 years after ROTJ or 35 ABY. That;s about 35-55 years of space between ROTS and Episode VII

and looking at the trailer, most of the main characters are human, hence making them by the time Ep VII hits 55-75 years old, so around Luke-Leia’s age or older than Han.

Still doesn’t make it feasible. They should just start the Yuuzhan Vong war since it is in EU at around 35 ABY when it starts.


I’ll be quitting Star Wars forever if they do a YV movie. Uggh.


More speculation about Jedi Hunters etc.


There was some earlier rumour mill stuff about a dude getting fired from the set for leaking an image of a woman who looked surprisingly like a Dathomiri Nightsister, which made me super sad. Between them and the Vong… I think I’d have to defect to Star Trek or something equally shameful… maybe Babylon 5.


First off, i would like to see some mandalorian stuff. After the little Legends Debacle, The clone wars and rebels is all the proof we have have the our favorite warriors are still cannon.
that said, i wouldnt trust any claimed leaks too much. Remember what lenghts Lucas went to with E.S.B. and the vader reveal?


Whilst this may be an old topic, and i am informed that the last reply was 212 days ago, i am eager to share my thoughts.
As a big fan of the Old Republic Era, i am beyond excited to hear even the possibility that Mandalorians could star in the new film. As for “Sith Witches”, those acquainted with the Night Sisters of Dathomir shall know that Sith Witches are anything but lame. Their impressive feats of the force and mastery of illusion prove them as formidable foes.

I am eager to see what developments occur as we draw ever closer to the official release