New Member and Character Introductions

Hello all you new Plagueians out there! Welcome to the Dark Jedi Brotherhood and Clan Plagueis!

The reason this post is here is to help you get comfortable with the Discourse, and to help you make your first post here. What I would suggest doing is maybe introduce yourself and your character a bit, along with what brought you to the club. Or even how you found the Dark Jedi Brotherhood. Just hit Reply :grin:

I’ll give a little introduction of my own here:

In RL: I’m a female in my late 20’s, who loves to work with my hands. I love doing beadwork, incorporating seed beads, semi precious stones, and metal into my pieces. I also love to carve, draw (both traditionally and digitally), scrapbook, travel, and many other misc things. I was introduced to the DJB by a friend in college and he became my mentor/Master here within the Brotherhood. I loved Star Wars, and it wasn’t hard for my friend to convince me to join. I think the hardest part for me was figuring out a name for my character :blush: Took me about an hour or so, going through names and spellings before finally deciding on Tahiri Kahn Drakon (and yes I love Star Trek too).
In charater: I’m Overseer Tahiri Kahn Drakon Night-Thorn de Morte Tarentae, a crimson skinned Togruta female who is probably one of the nicest Sith you’ll ever meet. Each of my last names, are of families I’ve become a part of over my time within the Brotherhood. I’m the Rollmaster/Overseer in Clan Plagueis. I help all the new recruits and assets get settled in. I love animals, especially my pet’s, Solan an akul, Zuska a vornskr, and Kera a varactyl. I will warn you not to mess with my family, friends or clan, or else. You don’t want to be at the recieving end of my saber and vibroswords. :stuck_out_tongue: :smirk: :smiling_imp: :wink:

I’ve also uploaded a small video on how to find, log in and create a post of your own as well. On the Main menu button it’s called the Discussion Forums. There are lots of different topics and threads, go ahead and take a look around, maybe read a few as well. Quite a few on here are for Master - Student run ons, which are super fun and help in not only the development of your character, but also how they interact with the clan and associate with other members. Discourse is a great tool for storytelling with others. It is also sometimes used in competitions, where there are teams of members who write together. :grin:

Welcome to the Brotherhood and our little Sithy corner of it. Please introduce yourself, and if you have any questions ask them here, or feel free to contact me on Telegram @tahiri_drakon

Hello, I am new to this, whole thing, I enjoy the starwars franchise, and theres alot more then I accounted for when joining, actually I didnt know about this club until last night when someone invited me to it, seemed fun so I decided to play. ive decided to play a Mandalorian Sith. Not because I’ve recently watched the show, however it was really good. But because I think it would be an amazing story to play out.

Irl im, just a normal 25yr old guy, like video games, and Larping, ever heard of Vampire the Masquerade. Well I play the MET system which is just basically Rock, paper, scissors, with traits and all that fun stuff. I’m pretty chill and calm most of the time. And well that’s really it.

IC Taaj Veg, was born a Zabark, and raised as a mandalorian foundling, after his family was slaughtered, he later found out that the force resided in him. When working on a job one day, a sith found him and almost killed him, but Taaj quickly changed the tides when he forced the sith back. After that the sith took a unnatural liking to Taaj, and train him how to use the force, as he now walks the dark side, still a foundling he wont ever forget what they did for him, he dis thoughts have almost always been dark,

And so yea that’s currently all I came up with. Lile I said before I dont know everything, nor alot about starwars or the history, but that’s what I got. Thank you.