New Player Introduction: Rhias Nova

Hello my name is Astrid and I’m a 27 year old 3D Creative in New Zealand. I love Star Wars and Star Wars PC games and thought I’d try joining in some writing. I like to write here and there but mostly wrote for Star Trek sims, this will be the first I have ventured into writing for Star Wars.

I like pretty much all geeky or nerdy things, my guilty pleasure is Godzilla. I envision my character to be similar to Selene from the Underworld films but a Twi’lek version and a very mean streak. This place is really cool looking and make me really excited to be here. I really want to play and hope I can get stuck in to the story with you all soon.

Thank you,
Astrid a.k.a. Rhias Nova

Welcome Rhias. Very Glad to have you in the DB :slight_smile: