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New Player Introduction


My name is Nick irl, im a 38 yr old sound engineer/and recording studio operator/owner from eastern washington. When it comes to star wars, the expanded universe is where my heart is, in particular Zahn and Stackpole. I used to play SWTOR heavily, both of them, but the 1st specifically, so my basis in understanding the Sith in relation to here is from that, and Expanded Universe as well as what my mind has soaked up from wookiepedia and the Dark Brotherhood wiki/exams.

I have extensive experience in RPGs, mostly DnD, World of Darkness, Cthulu, etc… but i prefer to write my ideas out vs LARPing, thoughts and descriptors are a must imo. I am glad to finally have time to put into playing on here and being a part of the community. I tend to play very dark, macabre characters, and my current character I am working on Myrkal is a Star Wars modified version of my consistent character in all the RPGs I’ve gotten into.

Thanks for your time,


Great to have you in Plagueis, Nick! Please feel free to jump onto our clan Telegram or email me and other leadership to get you more involved!



Welome Sir! Great to have a sound guy around, may have to pick your brain to seee if I can get any better at Audacity. Look forward to seeinng your works!