New Player Introduction!

Hi! I’m Ash, I’m 27 and I’m an artist. I make my own jewelry as well as weaving and other fiber art (that was my major!) I’m excited to be here

I used to be into SW when I was a kid and I’ve only recently returned to it after realizing I’m an adult and can enjoy it on my own terms. I’m currently working on Oisin, my first character. I plan on introducing a second! Thank you for having me, and I hope everyone’s having a good day!

Hi and welcome Ash!

Oisin seems like he’ll be a fun character. I’ve seen you already exploring the Shadow Academy a bit and doing well there, too. Sounds like you’re having fun. There’s a great community here to get connected with.

I love that you do fiber art! What kinds of things do you make? I wouldn’t call myself an artist, but I raised sheep up until a few months ago and learned to make felted soap and dryer balls with their wool - which definitely included some Star Wars designs. And in the last Great Jedi War, I made a needle-felted Porg creation as part of a competition that turned out pretty cute. :slight_smile:

Glad to have you here! Definitely reach out if you have any questions about anything.

ohhh my gosh you raised sheep??? that’s the dream!
lately I’ve actually been doing more jewelry making and bead work, surprisingly. Unfortunately between now and when I made this post my brain has wandered and made a different character I wanna play with…oopsie! it’s all good though. thank you so much for reaching out though! I’d love to see the porg you made :slight_smile:

Hey everyone. My name is Maggie. I was introduced to this forum by a friend, and I am looking forward to developing my character and chatting with other Star Wars fans.