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New Star Wars Print Releases This Week! - Dark Jedi Brotherhood


Hey Folks,

It's been a little bit since we caught you up on the goings on of the Universe around us, and there are really only two big stories this week when it comes to Star Wars print... the release of the newest canon novel Heir to the Jedi and the release of the first in a mini-series of comics centring around Princess Leia.

For those of you unfamiliar with the author Kevin Hearne, he's a fantasy author of some note, and writer of one of my favourite fantasy universes around in the Iron Druid Chronicles (go check it out when you have time). His writing style as you can see from the excerpt is styled first person, and has always reminded me somewhat of Jim Butcher. This novel has been released to stores... TODAY. I've personally got it marinating on my kindle and waiting to go, so hopefully I'll have some time to read this tonight.

Next up is the release Marvel's third comic book series, this one centring around Princess Leia Organa "between the events of Star Wars: Episode IV A New Hope and Star Wars: Episode V The Empire Strikes Back. The series address how Leia deals with the destruction of her home planet, as she tries to find survivors of the attack that are scattered across the galaxy." Now, full disclosure, I am generally not a comic book aficionado, I have always enjoyed the stories but just never dug deeply into them... so far though, I have been greatly enjoying Marvel's renewed offerings of Star Wars and Darth Vader. The art style from what I have seen in Princess Leia may be a bit distracting at times, but I have been enjoying the writing and the interconnected storylines a lot lately, so we'll hopefully see Leia be the third home-run for Marvel's return to the Star Wars universe.

Happy reading this week everyone!

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I didn’t hear about Heir to the Jedi but Princess Leia should be waiting for me at the comic book shop. Now to spring for the cash.


Discourse comments is love, Discourse comments is life.


As to the topic at hand, I’ve still got to read Tarkin, but will surely be picking up Heir ASAP.

Comics I’m likely going to have to buy in bulk from somewhere, or hope they are collated quickly, cause it’s still near impossible to get them in NZ.


Star Wars? First Person? And written by a real author (no offense to all those people who raped the EU). I’m definitely going to check out Heir.


I’m about 25% of the way through Heir to the Jedi, and I’m enjoying it thus far. Hearne’s doing a good job with Luke from what I can see, touching on the farmboy sent off into space and all that. It’s an interesting balance he’s striking, and I have enjoyed how he’s dealing with the whole Luke/Leia thing… you know, since this is between ANH and ESB and we know there’s still some weird infirmary kissing to come…

Anyways, as I said, still early days but I’m pleased with the book.