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Noghri Lore, The Tale of The Three Brothers



A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away….
Deep in the galaxy’s Outer Rim there was a planet named Honoghr. Untouched and unknown to the rest of the galaxy, Honoghr hid many secrets along its single globe spanning continent. One of those secrets was found by Honoghr’s inhabitants, the Noghri. So enemce was this secret that it left the Noghri in awe and led them to dub the soil it encompassed as the forbidden land, Mount’ Kroda. Through the ages Mount’ Kroda produced many myths and legends that withstood the test of time, this is one of those tales…
Across the vast land of Honoghr there stood a Noghri clan’s great hall, held up by the great tusks of giant beasts and covered in the pelt of various prey. The rementents of an enchanting smell of roasted meat escaped the hall along with the cheery voices of those within. But as the light in the sky neared the horizon the hoarse voice of the clan elder hushed the room.
“Gather around young ones. I believe it’s time for me to tell a tale.”
Rek’quim the Noghri elder of clan Nogrizen sat himself in his usual spot, in front of the center flame inside his clan’s great hall. The bustling clan, full bellied from an after hunt roast, quieted to Rek’quim’s soft words. Surrounding the flame numerous clansmen gathered close to listen to the wise Nog and his tales of old. Closest to the flame were the clan’s youngest, the most excited listeners Rek’quim could ever ask for. But that was to be expected as today’s tale was the very backbone of Noghri heritage and to some, it was the reason behind the fierce warrior that was Noghri.
“Quite spirited everyone is. Could it be that your blood is still rushing from the hunt or is it that you’ve overheard my choice of tale? Regardless of the reason, as the great light in the sky vanishes and the vast darkness takes hold, the valuable time in between is the only time to tell this tale. Are you ready?”
All that could be heard through the great hall was the flicker of the flames. Not a single Nog would dare disturb the silence of the first minutes of the sacred dusk, but their sharpened eyes never left Rek’quim.
“Then let us get started…”
And thus was the beginning of Rek’quim’s tale, one that every Nog knew to heart. Passed on by word of mouth and twisted to nothing but an old legend, a campfire story with Noghri principles intertwined. No one knew of what truly transpired all those years ago, if it really did in fact happen. Regardless of that, not a single Nog dared to interrupt Rek’quim’s tale of the First Twilight.

P.S. (this is one of my recent works with the goal being to increase the content (in the fan fiction department) on the Noghri and add more substance to the species as a whole. I’ve left the same story on Reddit under the same user name Verde of Greed and it can be found here https://www.reddit.com/r/StarWarsFanFiction/comments/608al5/noghri_lore_the_tale_of_the_three_brothers/)