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[November Pilot] Contract 048: Nikola Valtiere - Piloting, C-Class


Commissioner’s Office, Antei Contract Bureau Offices
Dungeon, Arcona Citadel, Estle City
Selen, Dajorra System
0800 Hours

Steam rose from the full mug of dark liquid clasped within the hands of the Obelisk. Celevon took a long draw from the scalding brew, inhaling deeply of the scent as he lowered the ceramic mug.

“I swear we’re likely to find you mainlining caf at some point,” Sight remarked scornfully, tossing a packet of cigarettes to his co-worker.

“You shouldn’t make fun of addictions. ‘Tis not nice,” the Qel-Droman muttered, his voice going from the normal smooth baritone to an odd bass that was lacking a discernable accent.

“Still having problems with that?” the Krath questioned, a curious expression on his face as Celevon drew one of the cylinders from the pack and lit it in a deft motion.

“That’s the only real problem when creating a Deep-Cover Alias. You tend to lose a part of yourself and start becoming the other person,” Celevon replied, his tones lightly muffled as he exhaled a plume of smoke.

“You’re the only person I’ve seen who has that issue.”

“I’m hardly normal, by an measure,” the Onderonian retorted with a small grin. A knock on the door interrupted the next statement as the Rollmaster swiftly returned to his desk. “Come in!”

“Nice to see you, Edraven. Nortorshin,” the Qel-Droman Quaestor nodded to both men in turn. “I need a mission. Preferably piloting and a little more difficult than last time.”

“Have a seat, Nikola,” Celevon said, waving towards the chair in front of his desk. Within moments, he began sifting through the datapads on his desk.

“Mind if I have a smoke whilst I wait?” The Sith questioned, only to shake his head as the Obelisk arched an eyebrow, pointedly taking a drag off of his cigarette. “Nevermind…”

Celevon found the datapad he was searching for as Valtiere lit his cigarillo.

Mission: Piloting, C-Class
Target: Unidentified Vessel, named Trinity
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to commandeer this vessel and set it to where it will crash-land. The objective is to leave as few survivors as possible. It is suggested that you sabotage the hyperdrive generator, which is already an unstable prototype, to where it explodes not long after impact.
Suspected Resistance: Heavy. It is suggested that you slip a strong sedative into the food and drink, unless you would prefer to be getting attacked during every step of your mission.

“This is seriously all you have on the vessel?” the Sith queried around his cigarillo, taking a long drag.

“I’m told the ship’s name should be more than enough. Good hunting,”


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has timed-out. For reactivation, the member should email the ACB Staff with their request.