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[November Pilot] Contract 056: Turel Sorenn - Undercover, C-Class


Commissioner’s Office, Antei Contract Bureau Offices
Dungeon, Arcona Citadel, Estle City
Selen, Dajorra System
0840 Hours

The Onderonian ran his fingers through his long ebony locks, staring up at the ceiling. Almost absently, the Prelate wondered how the floors and ceilings were so smooth when the Citadel had essentially been carved from the foot of the mountain.

Jade had grown annoyed by the silence that her Master enjoyed when not blaring his ‘obnoxiously loud noise’, and had haughtily stalked off to the shooting range. It was how she referred to the music he liked. It showed the Mandalorian’s lack of taste.

Celevon barely moved his head as he sensed a familiar figure moving at a steady pace towards his Office. He sighed to himself as he leaned forward in his chair, lighting a cigarette.

‘I can but hope my members haven’t been annoying the others in Qel-Droma yet again…’

The moment the figure with the crew cut came into view, the Shadicar spoke up. “What have they done now?”

Turel’s head cocked to the side. “I’m presuming that you’re referring to Arête… as far as I’m aware, they have done nothing worth mentioning. If they have, I don’t want to know. I’m here for a mission, actually.”

“Anything in particular?” Celevon asked, glancing over the most prominent contracts that had recently come across his desk.

“You know me. Pick something you think would suit my tastes,” the Aedile replied without a moment of thought.

“Very well, then. How familiar are you with the criminal underworld?”

“I grew up on Nar Shaddaa…”

“Then I guess you will be heading back home. Here,” the Onderonian drawled with a small smirk, tossing a datapad to his immediate superior.

Mission: Undercover, C-Class
Target: The Somulus Gang
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to infiltrate and take down this organization from within. This group is involved in everything from drugs to bribing government officials, organized murder and everything in between. Use whatever means you deem necessary, so long as you maintain your cover. Be sure to give no indication that you are a trained Force-User or your affiliation with the Shadow Clan.
Suspected Resistance: Heavy. The members of this gang will not hesitate to shiv you if they think you are planning to upset their lifestyle. However, so long as you maintain your cover, I doubt you will have excessive issues with them beyond the usual that comes with the competition for the best spots in their overall hierarchy.

“Any suggestions on how to get in?” Sorenn asked, wondering how much the Commander of Arête knew about the situation there.

“I, personally, would suggest targeting a rival gang establishment. They frequent a club known simply as The Pit. What better way than to gain attention than earning money in a club where you fight for your very life? And, if you should rebuff this rival’s attempts to get you to join them, I’m certain the members of Somulus will provide a better offer,” Celevon explained, a smirk curving his lips.

“Anything else?”

“Yes. The rival gang goes by the name, ‘Black Blades’. Good hunting.”


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has timed out. Should the member wish to reactivate the contract, please contact the ACB Staff with your stated request.