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[November Pilot] Contract 059: Adam Bolera - Security, B-Class


Commissioner’s Office, Antei Contract Bureau Offices
Dungeon, Arcona Citadel, Estle City
Selen, Dajorra System
1002 Hours

Celevon chugged the mug of caf and lit a cigarette, making a disgusted face. “How anyone can smoke those things is beyond me,” he muttered, glaring at the still-smouldering cigarra in his ashtray. “I can’t get the thrice damned taste out of my mouth-”

He abruptly cut off his own monologue, sensing a slightly more familiar presence at the door of his office. “Bolera! Get your or’dinii ass in here and stop hovering!”

The former Jedi frowned at the Prelate as he stepped into the office. “I don’t know the language, but the intonation alone tells me that it wasn’t complimentary.”

“Bright one, are you? I called you a moron. Nevermind that,” Celevon cut off the Leader of Apex Brigade with a chopping motion. “What are you doing here so late?”

“I didn’t have an appoi-”

“No excuses! Next time it happens, your assignment will involve a hospital visit. And not in a fun way. Got me?” Without awaiting a response, Celevon flung a datapad at the Dark Jedi Knight.

Mission: Security, B-Class
Target: Zradi Ha’eed, 32 Year Old Zelosian Female
Specifics: Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to protect this woman for the duration of her stay within Arconan space. The Zelosian is well known for attracting trouble, whether it be from her ‘harmless pranks’ or causing chaos by flirting with random people and convincing them to fight over her for her amusement.

“Do you have any other infor-”

“NO! I don’t want any of your damned sweetrolls or cabbages. Now, get out! Out, I say!” the Prelate growled, glaring at the Knight as he shooed the younger male from his Office.

After the door slammed behind him, Adam Bolera blinked. “Need to warn people that he’s becoming more unhinged than usual,” he muttered, walking off to accomplish the task set to him.


Contract Status: Defaulted

~ This contract has timed-out. For reactivation, please contact the ACB Staff with your stated request.